Welcome back to the Heirs Drama Club! This week, O.C. Koala from A Koala’s Playground (hello, Koala!) will be joining Kayla and me in discussing Episodes 3 and 4, which were doozies, giving us more questions than answers and plenty to chat about.

He looks truly frightened at the thought.

First off, maybe it’s due to my tee-nine-y brain or something, but I’m still struggling to keep all of the characters straight! Thank goodness these episodes focused mainly on the Kim family, Eun Sang and her mom, and Rachel – I sorta/kinda know how all those guys are intertwined. But then a random tutor and her student get some screen time? Had we seen them before? These tertiary characters, I swear. And for realsies, Bo Na could never show up again, and I wouldn’t mind. I don’t love her, and I don’t love to hate her – she’s just…there. Annoyingly so. Hyo Shin, on the other hand - well, I wouldn’t say no to seeing this face a little bit more:

Or the hair. I'm a sucker for good hair.

Secondly, I don’t know about you, but I had a good chuckle over the fact that we are only 4 episodes in and already our OTP has been thrown into 3 situations in which they are sleeping under the same roof. Three!! Nbd that the last roof happens to be so large that you could live in the same house as a person and not seem them for days. Mind blown.

Turn around, bright-eyes!

Finally, let’s examine our leading ladies a little bit more, shall we? We already adore Eun Sang for all the reasons listed in this fantastic post about her being a role model, but her status as the bomb-dot-com was clinched when she dropped this line after NOT watching Tan change his shirt:

If only you had listened to the multitude of viewers screaming “Turn around!”

Then, we have Rachel, who early on was established as the series’ resident rhymes-with-snitch. She’s cruel to Eun Sang, simultaneously clings to and pushes away Tan, and used to get it on with Won? Snap! Rachel seems to only care for numero uno, and I can imagine she’s going to do all sorts of revengeful and despicable things to achieve her goals. Also, she’s incredibly pretty and supposedly a genius. If that’s not enough for you to love to hate her, what about this:

I generally only pack two trunks of clothes when I travel for 3 to 5 days, but to each, their own.

I was wondering where Rachel got her stunning personality from when her mommy-dearest dropped this line on us:

Oh, yeah – that’s where our sweet sunshine came from.

Last but not least, the second wife and the mistress, who delivered on last week’s promise to be at each other's throats constantly. This week found them fighting like 13-year-olds in a middle school hallway. Bless them.

Oh no, she didn't! Like, OMG!

So questions to ponder on - did you catch all the new love triangles? (I think I counted 4.) Why do you think Won hates Tan so much? How is the chairman able to dish out such zingers when the man can barely breathe?

And, to end, our obligatory Tan shot:

...highly unlikely.

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