WHERE are we going to go now that Tan has thrown the “Do I like you?” line out there?? Let’s find out!

I felt like the two themes for this episode were “Horror” and “Love.” Tan and Eun Sang took turns being creepy and talking about horror movies OR they were throwing all kinds of romance at us.

I get the feeling that Tan is not used to having the object of his affection ignore his advances. He stared all meaningfully at her in a darkened theater and declared his love and she’s like, “Oh hey, something shiny…”

And, like any normal girl with common sense who has a guy she barely knows declaring his feelings (after creepily asking after her kidneys all night), she tries to leave. Whereupon, he steals her suitcase.

And then he gets even sketchier by hiding her suitcase in HIS BEDROOM and, when she makes a move to retrieve it, he declares he’s going to take a shower.

During this part I was like, “RUN, EUN SANG. THIS IS HOW HORROR MOVIES START.” Which is funny now that I’ve seen the rest of the episode.

I busted out laughing at that line. If the writers were going for "romantic" they kind of missed the mark.

Then there was this amazingly gorgeous scene where Eun Sang gets Stockholm Syndrome and starts to fall in love with her captor.

I want to go to there. Preferably with a be-suited Lee Min Ho.

Joking aside, the scene with his brother was fantastic and heart-breaking. When he said, "I got taller!" I almost cried. He reminds me of a kicked puppy just trying to get love and approval. So now I'm dying to know what happened between them and why Tan got exiled to California!

And THEN! Car accident! Tables turning! Eun Sang's turn to be creepy!

Turns out she’s got a pretty good knowledge of American horror movies, which makes it all the more confusing why she didn’t get a cab for herself back when Tan was acting like he might want to wear her skin.

Then we went back to love.

(Was I squealing at my screen during this section? Yes, yes I was. I watched it twice. Can't help myself.)

And then back to horror.

And then back to love.

And then to that blurry line between love and horror as he watched her sleep.

I have emotional whiplash.

I think that she's coming around a tiny bit though! She got to see him all vulnerable in the scene with his brother and then he went into City Hunter protector mode when they got in the accident. I am getting dangerously close to that part of the KDrama where I spent almost every episode yelling, "Just LOVE him!!" at my screen.

As for episode 4, almost every thought I had could be summed up into:

"Won! Looking GOOD!"

Unfortunately, it appears that someone in the wardrobe department decided this would be a good day to play a joke on Lee Min Ho.

Mostly I'm worried that they will ever force this upon you again. Thank you for your reassurances, Tan. You are better than this.

The preview for next week has me all anxious. California was kind of like a little ocean-scented bubble for Tan and Eun Sang. Sending them to school in Korea seems more like throwing them in a shark tank!

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