Erica: We are back in Korea, people! This a sure sign that the drama in this series is about to be amped up by a million. Sneak peeks showed the characters back at the snooty high school, which is fabulous! Also, the dialogue was particularly witty in Episodes 3 and 4; I hope that continues.

Erica: Ok, was it just me, or were the past two episodes just rife with romantic cliches? What were some of your favorites? Mine in particular was the airport scene; I feel cheated if my rom-com Kdrama doesn’t have an airport scene. It’s what the people want! I’m not sure which part was better - the Tan gazing soulfully on Eun Sang while Rachel gave him the never-ending hug or Eun Sang putting Tan in his place by denying his advances in front of his fiancee. Actually, I do know, it’s Eun Sang calling out Tan’s shenanigans. I’m obviously pulling for Tan and Eun Sang to eventually get together (as we all know they will), but I will not stand for cheating! Looks like Eun Sang sticks with her morals. You go, girl!


Kayla: I was SO PROUD of her for giving him the cold shoulder in the airport! He was acting like such a jerk and she put him in his place. Bravo, Eun Sang! And I also have to admit that I don’t GET Tan and Rachel’s relationship. They certainly don’t ACT like they like each other, despite the fact that they’ve known each other for 8 years and have been engaged for one. That hug was just about the most awkward thing ever. As for the Tan/Eun Sang romance, gotta love the old “forced to share a sketchy motel room after our car breaks down” plot device. They even had matching t-shirts! Awww.

Koala: Park Shin Hye sometimes falls back on the wide-eyed innocent doe look when confronted, which is where Rachel may be saying Da Truth about a girl hanging around taken guys, but it comes off as a shrieking banshee unloading on a little innocent bunny. I appreciated Eun Sang putting Tan in his place, because Tan really needs to get a clue that even the most business of engagements doesn’t preclude the fiancee from having basic feelings of jealousy. Rachel needn’t love Tan to want him to spend time with her and not have his attention flitting to someone else. If the engagement is a job, then Tan is not doing his job. He should quit his job and take a new one that involves chasing after Eun Sang. It’s more productive that way.

Erica: Oh, don’t go making me feel sorry for Rachel! She definitely had a point about Eun Sang and Tan, but I’d rather keep on hating her. It’s much more fun that way!

Alright, Rachel - we'll give you this one. It sucks to see your man hit on another girl right IN FRONT OF YOU.

Koala: My favorite K-drama romance cliche in episodes 3-4 was the moment when Tan realized Eun Sang was in his house and power walked to go find her. The way Tan nervously paced until she responded, the way he hesitated outside the kitchen door, the way he peered inside with a combination of hope and worry. If she’s there, then she’s now the daughter of the housekeeper and no longer just the odd and intriguing girl he met in LA. I love how everything Tan does is with a mixture of anticipation and fear of rejection, except around Eun Sang. His family really did a number on him. I also thought that moment had a hilarious horror movie subtext to it, and we all know how much Eun Sang loves her horror movies. Remember that movie where a person keeps getting crank calls, and when she dials the operator she’s told the call is originating from within the her house? I enjoyed Kim Eun Sook’s subverted horror movie reference.

Erica: Haha, you two are determined to make Tan into a creeper! Which, let’s be honest - he kind of is. Forcing a stranger to stay in his house? Staring at a girl while she sleeps? Wearing such a heinous coat in the airport? Let’s hope being back in Korea purges his less-savory tendencies.


Kayla: I’m super excited to see how the upcoming school scenes play out. The preview for next week had me in a cold sweat. Those chaebol kids are INTENSE. We don’t know anything about Tan’s past with that group but his little showdown with Young Do has me worried that he used to be kind of a jerk.

Koala: I know Young Do has issues, and his daddy is an absolute bully and piece of work, but I just can’t feel any sympathy or understanding towards him. Whereas if I learned that Tan did all the same bullying behavior as Young Do back in middle school when they ruled the roost, I would forgive Tan. Is it a double standard? Maybe, but I chalk it up to Tan being a more fleshed out character at this point. Young Do is just a walking bottled-rage basket case. His chill moments with Bo Na and Myung Soo are supposed to show him being a teenager, but instead I keep thinking he’s this close to wigging out at any moment.

The face that makes children cry.

Kayla: There is potential for an awesome bromance between Young Do and Myung Soo. Their interactions have been some of my favorite so far! The the only time Young Do is vaguely likeable is when he’s bantering with his friend.

Pretty sure we all feel that way.

Erica: I'm with you, fellas - let's hope more bromance comes our way this week!

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