If episodes 1-5 were designed to prepare us for Tan’s reentry into Jeguk High and his “rightful” place in Korean society, episode 6 just blew my expectations to smithereens as his return to Korea is anything but smooth or triumphant. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that this little series just took on a whole new level of intensity and complexity!

Hi, everyone! I’m Grace (aka Snoopy’s Twinkie) from "Musings of a Twinkie," and I’m joining Kayla and Erica this week as they weigh in on the two latest episodes of Heirs.

I don’t know about you all, but episode 6 just sucker-punched me in the stomach. Here’s why:

The first five episodes lulled me into a safe sense of security and warm fuzzies. I got to watch Tan and Eun Sang find common ground in their sad quest for sibling affection as well as smile as they verbally sparred and shared some meaningful glances at each other.

Episode 5 left me smiling even more as a potential love interest was introduced for our stoic Won. Seriously, how many of you went into fangirl mode when Won walked behind Hyun Joo to put the wishbone necklace on her?

*sigh* His disgruntled question, “Why is it so difficult to give you a necklace?” just made the moment that much sweeter.

Let’s not forget Young Do’s cute moment with Eun Sang as he teases her about how he didn’t realize that he was blocking the entire road with his little bitty arms. Heh.

So I finished episode 5, thinking that the two Kim brothers have more in common with each other than just blood, giving me hope that they might be close in the future.

Whuh? A girl can dream, can’t she?

Think about it: Both guys just can’t seem to get their girls to return their feelings. Can you imagine all the commiserating the Kim brothers could have done together?

Episode 6 pretty much blasted any warm fuzzies that I had of the two brothers even remotely bonding together like this…at least not in the near future. Papa Kim surprises both sons by introducing Tan to his board as son #2…in front of Won.

Result? Won is even more determined to hate Tan, and Tan…

...poor thing. He just hurts, knowing that his big brother hates his very existence.

Then there’s Young Do. I had such hopes that he would turn out to be one of those second leads who steals the hearts of female viewers by the hundreds, thousands, and ten thousands. OK, he still may…after all, Kim Woo Bin plays Young Do, which is probably why my brain ignored the subtle and not-so-subtle signs of Young Do’s sadistic tendencies. Seriously, his lazy smile gives you the impression that he’s all bark and no bite.

*clears throat* He’s got bite.

What remains to be seen is just how viciously he can bite. If the writer was trying to set up a foil to Tan and provide him with a worthy rival, she’s certainly succeeded. *shivers* His intensity, especially in his approach towards Eun Sang, borders on the fine yet blurry line of playful and menacing.

It’s going to be interesting seeing how Young Do changes and softens for Eun Sang…!

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