Infidelity! Never-ending lurking! Questionable sartorial choices! These things and more came to us in Episodes 5 and 6 this week. And what a week it was! By the end of episode 6, Eun Sang has started Jeguk High, Tan and Young Do are fighting over her, and with each other in general, and Eun Sang has to hide the fact that she’s dirt-poor and living in a closet in Tan’s mansion. Also, apparently, she’s narcoleptic? (I kid, I kid.)

One student, confused as to why she's all entangled with the cream of Jeguk High's crop, asks Eun Sang:

Screwed – that’s who she is.

Other than Eun Sang’s less-than-desirable situation, episodes 5 and 6 taught us more about the fellas of Heirs (maybe because the previous two focused on the women? Or is this all in my head?). First off – the Chairman.

Sees son for first time in 3 years; greets him with "okay."

This man is unflappable! His son comes home from his American exile, and the chairman’s just like, whatevs. He finds out his servant’s daughter is sleeping in a closet in his house - ‘ight, let’s send her to our incredibly expensive school. His sons hate him; eh...goes with being a father. But to be on the safe side, let me send a PI to follow them. Such an enigma! Seriously, what was up with sending Eun Sang to Jeguk High? Is that to send her abroad and ensure she never gets with Tan? I think the photographs of the two together made him nervous. Hmm...But he secured a place in my heart by closing the board meeting with a comment about his employees going to the red-light district:

Oh, prostitution jokes!

The oldest Kim boy is Won, who so far seems to be the strong and incredibly silent type. As well as the type who hates his brother, his father, his step-mom, his dad’s mistress, and maybe even his girlfriend? To sum, he doesn’t seem all that happy, but good gracious, his cheekbones! Look at them!


The other Kim boy is Tan, or He-Who-Wears-Terrible-Sweaters-and-Necklaces.

Ew. Go back to the baseball tees!

He still has his California tan, but I’m not sure all that Vitamin D did him any good – homeboy is as moody as all get out. Admittedly, he has every right to be grumpykins, what with an arranged engagement, his brother hating him, his dad not even caring he was gone for years. I obvs love Tan, but the constant lurking is just weeeeeeeird. I mean, he went for days before telling Eun Sang he lived in the same house! Instead, he'd hide behind wine bottles and listen to her phone calls. Then, when he finally did say something, it was all “I’m creepin’ behind you” *breathes loudly thru open mouth* At least he’s honest about it and makes jokes about it.


Furthermore, he hasn’t gone back to his bullying ways, which is good, unless Young Do is involved…

Speaking of which, I think I love Young Do. He is the worst - the absolute worst! The man is evil incarnate, and he does it so well! The snarky comments, the sardonic eyebrows, and the incessant threatening are all so wonderfully terrible that I can’t help but love him. And it’s not a “love to hate” thing, but a “I want to play tonsil hockey with you” thing. Maybe I like that he’s upfront about his interest Eun Sang, as warped as it is, and upfront about his evilness (see, threatening his step-mom). He’s just a bad boy who needs a good girl like Eun Sang to reform him, as we all know is something that can happen in real life (I kid, I kid).

I'd date him - neon pink lipstick and all.

Right now the love triangle among Eun Sang, Young Do, and Tan is so perfectly poised – I cannot wait to see what dramatics ensue! Assuming, of course, that Eun Sang doesn’t sleep through it all:

Who could sleep around these hotties?!?! Not me! Until next week!

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