Kayla: Another great week of Heirs!! I felt like these two episodes gave us lots to chew on, so this week I want to talk about our predictions. Taking what we know so far about the characters and our experience with the whole genre, what are some plot points you think might be coming up?

Grace: I completely agree with you, Kayla! Episodes 5 and 6 developed certain aspects of the characters that I wasn’t quite prepared for at this juncture in the series. For me, what keeps running through my mind especially is the fact that Tan’s father is creating another situation with Tan and Eun Sang that he did with Won and Hyun Joo. The control-freak that he is, he keeps close tabs on his sons. OK, let’s just call it what it is...the man spies on his sons. -.- From what I can see, he was quite effective in reminding Hyun Joo of her place--or rather, the lack thereof--in Won’s life. It’s going to be interesting to see how Eun Sang responds to his methods. She and Hyun Joo are different yet similar. Won and Tan are different yet similar. Whether the brothers unconsciously mirror each other will be worth noting as we inch towards the halfway mark.

Kayla: Everytime I see sickly little Chairman Kim I think to myself, “That dude is on his way OUT.” I suspect that they’re going to kill him off at some point which will obviously leave the family and Jeguk Group in a bit of an uproar. His death would force Won to face his issues with Tan since the company (not to mention a whole lot of cash) would be up in the air after the death of their father. His death would also force Tan to do some growing up and take on the responsibility that his life in California was sorely lacking.

Grace: Tan desperately needs a mentor/father figure. Obviously, his biological father isn’t getting the job done. My suspicion is that Secretary Yoon is going to step into that role soon, creating more interactions between Tan and Chan Young. I just feel bad for Won. At least Tan has his mother, Secretary Yoon, and a few friends; Won has no one. No mother. No secretary. No close friends. All he’s got is Hyun Joo, who won’t openly date him because his father has clearly done a number on her. Hmmm...can you tell that I have a soft spot for Won? ;)

Erica: Oh, there is definitely a budding mentor-mentee relationship between Secretary Yoon and Tan, which neglected Tan desperately needs. As for Won, I have to wonder if at one point, not too long after Won’s mother passed, either he reached out to Ji Suk or she reached out to him, only for the other to reject him or her. The hatred between those two is palpable! That sort of malice doesn’t come from mere mutual disdain. Something definitely happened there…

Kayla: Oh I hope Secretary Yoon steps up for Tan! I love that idea.

Erica: The question that I keep turning over and over in my mind is this - what came between Tan and Young Do? How did they go from bullying buddies to mortal enemies? Methinks there was a betrayal of some sort, but I can’t figure out what. He keeps threatening to reveal Tan as an illegitimate child, but that doesn’t seem like the cause of their animosity.

Grace: I wonder about that, too. Despite Young Do's intensity and meanness at times, I sense underlying hurt behind his barbs to Tan. I don't want to think that Young Do is shallow enough to reject Tan just because he learned that his best friend is illegitimate. There is definitely more behind their ruined friendship. Hmmm...why do I feel as though this might be a repeat of School 2013? Anyone else think the same?

Kayla: I half wonder if Young Do simply felt abandoned. There have been hints that Young Do and Tan worked together to create the toxic environment within the school. They probably spent years scheming and bullying together before Tan left for California. Fifteen is a hard age no matter who you are and having your best friend slash partner in crime move away can be rough.

Grace: One last comment from me: Is it just me or does Rachel have better chemistry with Young Do and even Won (possibility of Rachel getting together with him since he takes her to see his mother when he has NEVER EVER allowed anyone to share this with him) than she does with Tan?

Erica: Agreed! I foresee Rachel and Won having some sort of romantic entanglement, whether it’s lasting or brief, I’m not sure. But they do seem suited for either other.

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