Oh.my.Heirs. Just rip my heart out and stomp on it, why don’t cha? My feels about Episodes 7 and 8 are of the all-caps variety, you know what I mean? A.k.a., THE PONYTAIL SCENE. THE CAFETERIA. THE CLOSET/ROOFTOP!!! GAHH!!!!! Thank goodness, we have Indigo from Between wor(L)ds to help us make sense of what happened. My brain is only coming up with pure gibberish, it's that shocked.

More than anything, these past two episodes made my heart bleed for Tan, poor guy! All he wants is to be loved, yet everyone turns him away!

I know, Eun Sang, but I still feel for him!

I get that Won is afraid that Tan will usurp his place and power (which I think the writers are setting up to actually happen, what with the company not doing well and all), but my goodness, he’s so mean to his little brother! Tan reaches out for love and hugs and follows Won around like a little puppy, and Won cold-heartedly pushes him away. single tear!

To be fair, I’d run away from anyone wearing that fuzzy pink cardigan.

THEN! We find out why Young Do hates Tan! Gasp – big reveal!! Young Do’s dad cheated on his mom and as a result, has an illegitimate child. Which is exactly what Tan is to Won! So Young Do is taking out all of his anger at his father on Tan!!! That is so NOT what I was expecting, and the metaphors and layers of it all make me use a lot of exclamation points. (Sorry about that.) Hating on your friend for being illegitimate is a bit of a strange way to react to the news of your father’s own illegitimate child, but at least this is a fresh take on what tears friendships apart. It’s usually girls, girls, AND girls. Although, sadly, someone once again hates Tan because he was born. :( Oh, and a girl is coming between them as well. Friendship angst!

But they both look super cute with their sippy cups! Be friends again!

Do we even need to talk about Tan’s father?

Didn’t think so.

From the depths of his despair, Tan reaches towards the one person who he thinks might like him, Eun Sang. Speaking of reaching, OMG THE PONYTAIL!!!

I might have put my own hair up in a pony tail and swished it around after this scene...maybe...

My heart was in my throat during that one. Tan luuuuuurves herrrrrr!!!!! Minor hiccup to their relationship, besides the fact that Tan is engaged, comes when Madame Han threatens to kick Eun Sang and her mom to the curb if Eun Sang gets with Tan. What are they ever to do? Get together obviously.

How can you deny that face???

And some unexpected feels this week – 1) I actually felt sorry for...Rachel? She was forced into the engagement as much as Tan was, and she’s trying to make the best of it. 2) Bo Na has turned out to be all sorts of awesome! Keeping Eun Sang’s secret, her affectionate sparring with Chan Young, and swearing in English? Baller. And 3) I finally noticed Hyo Shin, and whew!


P.S. Psst! Young Do! I don’t think frightening a girl is the best way to win her heart, fyi. But I still love you, and thanks for toning down the pink lipstick. :)

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