Hello everyone! I am an Indigo from Between Wor(L)ds and this is my first time joining Dramafever's Drama Club. I'm really glad to be here and meet all of you. But enough about me, because we are all here to discuss this week’s episodes of The Heirs.

First of all, I am glad to report that Eun Sang FINALLY gets herself a school uniform. Of course, she first gets all upset with her mom for buying it, but I’m like "Honey, you’ll never escape the stares at school without a proper camouflage."

Even so, the uniform doesn’t help much at this point as both Tan and Young Do keep dragging her at the centre of attention. I understand that Tan wants to protect Eun Sang from Young Do, but I almost wish he’d leave her alone like she asks him to because things are getting really complicated for her. I mean, Rachel already hates her guts, Young Do won't stop messing with her, Chairman has his eye on her, Madam Han is starting to get suspicious, and everyone at school is gossiping. I'm beginning to wonder, is Tan really worth all that?

On the other hand, however, Tan can be really cute. Pulling her by the ponytail like a little boy...

...and resting his head on her shoulder when she’s not looking. Oh Tan, you cheeky!

And at the end of episode 7, he finally confesses. An episode later, he sneaks in a kiss as well. I guess he's not kidding around anymore.

Meanwhile, Won is still mean to Tan and that makes me sad. Why can’t you guys make up already? I want bromance, is that too much to ask?

At one point, the bromance aaaalmost happens when Tan hugs Won mid-sentence saying that he won’t fight with him.

But, of course, Won is just as icy as ever and leaves. Man, can’t you see you’re breaking your little brother’s and, more importantly, my heart?

Won ain’t much warmer to his girlfriend either.

Though now that he’s got competition, he’s gonna have to do something about it. Hyun Joo is pretty much the only person he's got left, I doubt that Won wants to lose her just like that.

Maybe the guys should both just take off their shirts and fist-fight. Excuse me while I let my imagination run wild for a moment.

And then we get to Young Do, who apparently...

...is still an ass. At this rate, he’s going to have to grovel A LOT later on to redeem himself. However, this time when he’s bullying the Joon Young kid again, Tan actually steps in. Tan apologizes to the kid for bullying him in the past and then...

...he punches Young Do in the face! Awesome. I mean, I’m against using violence to fight violence but Young Do clearly deserved it.

We do get some insight how their big feud started. Basically, younger Tan had seen younger Young Do in a humiliating situation of some sort (my guess is that it had something to do with Young Do’s jerkface father). But when Tan tried to comfort him by sharing the secret of his mom being a mistress, Young Do, feeling upset, had only awful things to say to his friend.

But we can all guess where Young Do's assy behaviour really comes from.

Seriously, dude? You’re chocking your own son just so you could teach him a lesson on how unfair the world is? You don't deserve to be a father.

Anyways, Young Do keeps looking for Eun Sang's company to cure his loneliness. We even see him being a little bit nicer to her for a moment there. One might go as far as starting to think that Young Do has feelings too (*GASP*). But before we get to that point, Young Do's back to his bullying ways again.

I do sense he's slowly starting to sincerely like Eun Sang. So hopefully he'll be a little more human next week. Though, probably not much.

By the way, what happened to Myung Soo’s hair? I want his good hair back!

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