On Thursday night Erica and I were talking and we were like, “We don’t even know what to write for these two episodes because our brains can only think in terms of exclamation points right now.” And also SO MUCH CAPS LOCK.

I have finally gathered my brain from its puddle on the floor and assembled a few coherent thoughts. I am super proud of Tan’s growth over the past 8 episodes. He started off so irresponsible and selfish and he’s coming around in a big way. By the end of episode 7 I wanted to give him a huge round of applause.

He has graduated from lurking! He got brave and put some sneaky moves on Eun Sang.

And then Tan got brave again and hugged his icy brother.

I want to hate on the fuzzy pink cardigan but mostly it makes me want to snuggle him so I’ll leave that one alone.

And then Tan got even MORE brave and punched Vampire Young Do!

I may have cheered at this part. He really deserved that.



And then episode eight. EPISODE EIGHT PEOPLE.

THE CLOSET SCENE. HOLY CRAP TENSION. Well played, Heirs, well played. I'll watch that one on repeat.

My brain is sort of short-circuiting from this whole episode. KDramas are usually so much stingier with their romance and then this entire episode was full of great romantic moments.

And, I hate to say it, but Vampire Young Do had some redeeming moments this week. I still mostly dislike him because he’s a giant jerkface, but when he pulled the mistress card on his dad and winked at Rachel I was like, “YOU…are maybe not so bad?”

Also he seems to legitimately like Eun Sang and I can’t fault the guy for having honest feelings. He can't be with her though, obviously, so I am still seriously hoping for a Chuck/Blair relationship between him and Rachel.


And one more still from the closet scene. Because, you know.

Hoo boy.

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