Erica: I can’t breathe! Can you breathe? I can’t breathe! Ending an episode on a kiss? Heartless but I’d expect nothing less. Anyway, we saw a lot of Tan and Eun Sang these past two episodes (yay!), but what about all those tertiary characters we are finally able to remember? Some of them have truly fantastic on-screen chemistry! So, other than our OTP, what duo would you like to have some more screen time?

Indigo: I would like more of Won. Yes, it is my Choi Jin Hyuk-fascination talking here but, at the same time, I just want to know more about him. He is so focused on being grumpy 24-7 that we’ve yet to see a more gentle side of him. And nothing would make me happier than to see Won and Tan becoming closer again. The bromance is long overdue. Though, at this point, any kind of warm brotherly affection is just wishful thinking.

If only Won's heart were as fuzzy as Tan's cardigan...

Kayla: I can’t help but hope for a little more Esther Lee and Secretary Yoon. I love the one-liners he throws at her! Retribution for 20 years of getting turned down? And now she’s the one going out of her way to find his phone number and he hung up on her. Secretary Yoon is my fav.

Erica: Not to mention, that steamy kiss between the two that I wouldn't mind seeing more of. Yowza!

Indigo: Couldn’t agree more! Secretary Yoon rocks my socks off.

She's totally regretting letting him go. I mean, look at that head of hair!

Erica: I personally can’t get enough of Madame Han and Hee Nam together. Hee Nam always over-hearing Madame Han’s schemes and then blackmailing her? Hahah! And the pillow “fight”? I could not stop laughing! These two are the perfect foil for when the drama gets a bit too...well, dramatic.

Kayla: The pillow fight was awesome!! And I loved when Hee Nam started writing snarky comments and then would have to hide her notepad real quick before Madame Han could see. I love the interactions between those two!

Indigo: Yes, Madame Han and Hee Nam crack me up. They are the much needed comic relief in this show.

Never underestimate the shenanigans of the mistress and her housemaid.

Kayla: Also, I would watch a lot more of Hyo Shin with...anyone. I’m not picky. That guy is ridiculously good looking.

Erica: Amen and amen! He and Rachel were very enjoyable together. They smiled, laughed, didn't want to hit each other. The only other male-female pairing to have that kind of rapport is Bo Na and Chan Young. So maybe Hyo Shin and Rachel will be a thing?

Indigo: Hyo Shin really is too darn swoonworthy. I also loved that moment he had with Rachel, it was rather sweet and I wouldn’t mind seeing them ending up together. But for now, I’m quite interested in the love triangle that’s forming between Hyo Shin, Hyun Joo and Won. Actually, I’m hoping that maybe a little bit of jealousy is exactly what Won needs to finally come out of his icy shell.

Erica: I don’t think any of us would say no to another love triangle, right? Good thing it’s almost Wednesday!

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