Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s Heirs Drama Club! Erica and I are super excited to have Mary of Kdrama Laws writing with us!

I’ll be honest, episode 9 left me…bored. How could an episode that begins with a dramatic rooftop kiss leave me bored? I do not know, but all I really remember from that episode is that Myung Soo wore this...

Oh Myung Soo, have you been getting into Kim Tan’s closet?

Also, Eun San declared her love but we’re knee deep in that part of the Kdrama where they talk in circles about things for like 6 episodes so prepare yourself for at least 3 more weeks of I like you/but we can’t be together/but I like you/but we can’t be together/etc. from Tan and Eun Sang.

And that’s about all I got from 9. I normally watch the Heirs episodes as soon as they’re available and I couldn’t force myself to watch episode 10 until Friday afternoon. I had lost all my Heirs mojo, you know?

And then! 10 was awesome. Tension! Drama! Paintballing! I loved every second of it.

My favorite part of the whole episode, though, was this sweet moment between Hee Nam and Madame Han.

These two women need each other. Madame Han has been marginalized due to her status as Chairman Kim’s mistress and the family’s dirty little secret. Similarly, as a mute woman living at the poverty line, Hee Nam is virtually invisible to society. They’re both lonely, worried about their children, and in need of a friend. This scene warmed my cold heart! Next episode let’s see some friendship bracelets!!

Also, can we talk about the paintball scene?!? Dramatic deaths! Boyfriend against girlfriend! Sacrifice! Revenge! It was hilarious!

Seriously, just going back for screen shots had me in stitches. These kids need to go paintballing way more often. They’re always acting like little adults, comparing stock prices and talking about their empires; they need more chances to be stupid high schoolers.

Um cutest ever.

Rachel also pulled a very interesting card this episode.

I thought for a half-second that maybe she really was letting Tan go but the next scene made it very clear that she has other plans. I am starting to feel really sorry for Rachel. She got engaged absurdly young as part of a business arrangement by her mother and she was probably like, “Well, at least I’ve known him for a while and he’s decent looking. This could work.” And then he’s been nothing but a royal jerkface to her. She’s smart, beautiful and wealthy- she (and her mother, now that I’m thinking about it) deserve WAY better in the spouse department. I’m hoping Esther Lee trades up and Rachel gets a chance to NOT be engaged as a high schooler.

Can't wait for next week!

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