Wait a second...Episode 10 ends with this intensely charged scene of Tan and Young Do staring daggers at each other while Eun Sang is in the middle of them...haven’t at least two other episodes ended this way? Hmm...I’m on to you, Heirs writers. But the scenes get me every time, so touché.

In general, these past two episodes seemed to repeat themes/information already covered in prior episodes; almost as if the writers wanted to make sure we understood everything that was going on. Yeah, yeah, yeah - Tan and Young Do are fighting over Eun Sang, Rachel hates Eun Sang, and Won’s love life is screwed thanks to his father. These have definitely been filler episodes, which I was not expecting considering that this week started with a lengthy kiss and two physical altercations (I’m including Rachel pulling Eun Sang’s hair). The beginning of episode 9 had such promise, but it all fizzled after the initial excitement.

I think I’m just cranky with Tan because he’s doing the same thing that Jun Pyo did in Boys Over Flowers - pursuing the girl he likes even though it is ruining her life! It’s so selfish of him to obstinately pursue her even when he knows and sees how it is making her school and home life difficult. On top of that, she pushes him away, but he still follows her around! Grrrr…I got so frustrated with Jun Pyo, and the same irritation towards Tan is creeping up on me. I just know Eun Sang and her mom are going to end up homeless and jobless because of him. (Well, duh. We all knew that.)

Oooo! Tell 'em, Eun Sang!

Young Do, on the other hand, I love more and more. Partially because I’ve always had a serious case of 2nd Male Lead Syndrome (this has caused much heartache for me over the years) and partially because we glimpsed into his home life a little bit more this week. Am I alone in wanting to hold Young Do after his father slapped him for getting punched? And his face when Eun Sang rejects him!

I’ll heal your pain, Young Do!

Thank goodness, we have Chan Young and Bo Na to show us that people can actually be happy with each other. Aren’t these two so sweet together? And the paintball scene had me doubled-over with laughter because it was so wonderfully melodramatic.

Look at these cuties!

Now, I think I’m not alone in wondering what is up with the styling in Heirs. Nary an episode goes by where I haven’t exclaim “what the what!” at a character’s wardrobe/hair-do. In honor of the absurdity, let’s play “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly” with the fellas of Jeguk High:

The Good - Tan!!!!! As the character who chronically wore the worst clothes, as written about here, Tan surprised me with this stylish pullover:

Blue stripes are always a good idea, and he get bonus points for the neon elbow patches. Sadly, he loses points for that horrifying blue-leopard-print turtleneck underneath the sweater.

One step forward, two spotted steps back.

The Bad - Young Do wins this category by a mile and half; his outfits were so bad. And by bad, I mean, bad-ass! Hey-oh! Leather jacket and a plaid shirt while on a motorcycle? Parka with a fur-lined hood? And those red loafers? Homeboy is werkin’ IT!

*fans self with hand*

The Ugly - Myung Soo. Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Myung Soo by FAR had the best hair in the earlier episodes but the past two weeks? And then this!??!?!?

And you're breaking mine, Myung Soo!

I can only assume he pissed off the stylists, and this is their revenge. Bring back the fabulous hair, please!

Let’s hope next week brings us better hair and more plot!

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