Welcome to this week's High Schooler’s Club debrief on High School Love On! While we are excited with every new episode (like the young lady below), we're also in turmoil because the show is only once a week! Aunnie, Taleena, and I discuss the ins and outs of this week’s episode. Check it!

*3 Complicated Guys and One Cheerful “Girl”… Not Enough to Go Around*:

Woo Hyun, Sung Yeol, and Sunbae Grim Reaper seems to all be getting involved or catching feelings for our leading lady Seul Bi—while she is just trying to get a peek at choco abs (we are not judging you… ever.), go to school, and work as a part timer.

Ekun: I am questioning Grim Reaper Sunbae… What is he doing? I really want to believe his does not love Seul Bi, but he is making that impossible. I think Woo Hyun has an issue with girls in general at this moment, and it has everything to do with his mother. And while I find myself agreeing with Sung Yeol here and there, I still do not really care for him—he is such a downer (but I liked him more than last week)!

Aunnie: Sunbae’s face is all...over-thinky...whenever Seul Bi is around. This man is totally going to be a third-lead syndrome! Is that even a thing? It shouldn’t be. I can’t even handle the second leads! It won’t save him in the end-- it never does. Sung Yeol? I get that he’s got a crappy past and he’s just a terribly unhappy little boy. But he did begin to show signs of kindness towards the end of the episode, it really is Woo Hyun I’m cheering for because although life has dealt him a crappy hand, he seems to be pulling through it just fine.

Taleena: Okay, I'm calling Woo Hyun as the one who gets the girl. Shall we count the ways? 1) He is the one insulting the girl 2) He pulled her out of the way of oncoming traffic 3) He gave her a piggy back ride 4) She was perv-ing on him in the shower! Sung Yeol and Sunbae are not even on her boy-dar. Poor Sunbae! I love you already! I'd love Sung Yeol too but he is being a horse's hind end.

*Momma Drama: Real Mom MIA, Stepmom Get’s a “No”, Woo Hyun’s Mom= Sung Yeol’s Stepmom?*:

Sung Yeol has to deal with 2 WTF moms and his stepmom might be Woo Hyun’s birth mom!

Ekun: I hate that it seems that both of the mothers in Sung Yeol’s life are a disappointment. I could really be on board with Stepmom if she wasn't a fake *Censored*. What does a kid have to do to get some genuine love and affection? *Censored*! If I was not convinced last week, I am certainly of the mind that Sung Yeol’s Stepmom is Woo Hyun’s real mom, but why doesn’t she know her own kid?

Aunnie: I don’t know whether to hate Mrs. Stepmom or feel bad for her. I hated some of the things she did in this episode. Why do the mom’s in this show think it’s okay to go around slapping students? Later on, she seemed to genuinely try to be on good terms with Sung Yeol--not to mention, it looks like his real mommy is purposely staying away for, as yet, unknown reasons. I felt it last week and definitely confirmed it this week, Mrs. Stepmom is Woo Hyun’s real mother but I, too, am curious as to why she didn’t recognize him. I wonder if Woo Hyun’s grandma will have to come to school and that’s how they’ll realize who each other are.

Taleena: Kdrama families are either massively screwed up or so cute it is unbelievable. The only exception I can think of are the families in Monstar. Oh Monstar! You were the perfect high school romance drama! I don't hate stepmom Aunnie. She seems to be persevering in trying circumstances. I get the feeling that Sung Yeol's biological mom is so chalk full of drama that it wore his Dad to a nubbin.

*New School: Cheeky girls, Punk boys, New bromance!*:

The girls are hilarious, the boys are infuriating, and Sung Yeol and Woo Hyun might be starting a bromance...

Ekun: The best thing about Woo Hyun moving to a new school is seeing how unbelievable the children in this school are! I love the girl who winks and blows kisses (I would do the same thing), I am not a fan of the boys who feel like establishing their masculinity and dominance through bullying, and I am head over heels for bromances! I will take a bromance over romance everyday of the week! Keep it up Woo Hyun and Sung Yeol!

Aunnie: No way would two girls just get up and be all PDA in front of the whole class. I love that Woo Hyun blatantly isn’t at all affected by their terribly misplaced affection. I see 2014 Dramafever Awards Bromance of the Year Nominees in Woo Hyun and Sung Yeol, however, I wish I didn’t because Sung Yeol is going to fall for Seul Bi and they aren’t destined to be. I can already see Woo Hyun having an effect on Sung Yeol and making him a better person. *crosses fingers* I hope it stays that way!

Taleena: Oh dear! Woo Hyun certainly has a pretty good idea of how to deal with the boys' insecurities and the girls' fawning. The prescription to both is mild mannered indifference. I cannot wait for Woo Hyun to cash in his second punch. I have a feeling it will be over Seul Bi. How about you?

*In Other News: Is Halmonni sick, What’s the deal with the necklaces, Seul Bi still has powers, and Woo Hyun horrid flashback*:

Other things outside of school, work, and Grim Reaping take place in this episode as well.

Ekun: I am going to be really sad if Woo Hyun’s gram (Halmonni) dies in this show. Woo Hyun is already troubled enough with all the abandonment issues from his parents, this could be the nail in the coffin (not that she can help it). I am really concerned with this flashback of Woo Hyun drowning. Hopefully Sung Yeol or Seul Bi will come to his rescue! I also wonder if this has something to do with the disappearance of his mother...

Aunnie: Oh...grandma is sick...well damn...It wouldn’t be a true Kdrama unless someone was dying of cancer. I predict someone will have amnesia later on as well. Personally, I’m rather glad there are meaningful necklaces in the show--makes it easier and faster to prove theories--memorable jewelry for the win! Speaking of theories, Seul Bi having her powers--this is a pretty cool twist except I see this coming back to mean something later on in the series…and not in a good way. I wonder if she uses her powers--as a human--if they’ll kill her and she’ll go to heaven? Oh...what if Sunbae has to reap her? *mind travels to many different tragic possibilities* It’s only the second episode, Aunnie...chill..

Taleena: I am going to look on the bright side and say Granny Kong is taking pills for her knees, Seul Bi's powers will cause her to collapse into a kiss (as swoons so often end up), jewelry will be significant in a happy way, Woo Hyun's drowning will result in mouth to mouth - if you know what I mean! On a random tangent - I love, love, love the gym teacher. It takes considerable courage for someone to wear those swim shorts, much less with a nice close up shot of your groin on television wearing them.

*Final Note*

Though we were left with such a horrible cliffhanger, we will return next week with more debriefing on HS Love On. What about you out there, are you enjoying the show so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Until next week, deuces! Let's go together Grim Reaper Sunbae... Wait... I can stay alive right?!

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