Welcome back to High School- Love On. After a week off we are excited to talk about missing jewelry, love triangles, and bullies, bullies everywhere! Join Aunnie, Ekun and I as we discuss the latest episode, right after we sneak away behind a giant purse.

Saga of the Necklace

There's NO WAY he'll possibly regret that!

Aunnie: The necklace at the bottom of the pool plot point truly resembled To The Beautiful You however, I was glad that Sung Yeol was blissfully unaware that the necklace truly belonged to Woo Hyun and not Seul Bi--though, I doubt it'll be long before he realizes the truth. I actually shrieked in surprise (surprised even me because I don't think that's ever happened before) when Seul Bi got dumped with water and dropped the necklace in the gutter. Which brings me to my next question; Third Lead Syndrome or not, why didn't Sunbae use his powers instead to retrieve the necklace rather than watching Seul Bi struggle and tire herself out trying to use her powers to get it? Shame on you TLS. Shame.On.You.

Ekun: Honestly, I am kind of annoyed by this necklace portion of the show. I feel like this story is really cute and already has a lot going on with characters, plots, etc. I am just not into how much weight it actually holds in the story thus far. And since it has everything to do with Woo Hyun's mother, it pisses me off even more.

Taleena: Aunnie, if she used her powers to get it, how did she end up smelling like a sewer? Would it have been that difficult to get something like a coat hanger to fish it out of there? These young Grim Reapers should really learn to work smarter, not harder! As for why Sunbae didn't use his powers, it's because he was too busy suffering nobly under the Burden of Unrequited Love. That takes a lot out of a man dontchya know.

Bullies Be Like....

Mean Girls Better Repent

Aunnie: I was singing Seul Bi's praises with how she handled the bully in the middle of class but then she just sat there and took the bullying in gym and I just wanted to beat the girls up on Seul Bi's behalf. She's such a tiny, cute little thing, who could possibly pick on someone like that and not feel guilty? Evil Bullies...they'll get their comeuppance! Watching them slink out of the coffee shop kind of made up for the earlier scene however.

Ekun: I honestly don't get bullies. Period. The girls that had me chuckling 2 weeks ago made me want to pull out their hair this week! I thought they were going to be harmless airheads, but they are by all means worst than the boys. Not to mention we had a father bullying his daughter for money--bbbbbboooooooooo! Woo Hyun is my all time favorite when dealing with the bullies, he is not going to be tossed around but he is not initiating anything either.

Taleena: Seul Bi - you began so strong biting your way to respect, only to crumple before Mean Girls who obviously can't complete a chest pass in basketball. That kind of weak show would have had my high school PE teacher run us in passing and dribbling skills for an hour straight. Mean Girls? You lack subtlety. Honestly, dodge ball is where unleash your inner Harpy! Then you can pass it off as part of the game. This way? You show your evil side to the cute boy who is there to drag her off by her wrist. Also, why is it that cute boys always catch you having a conversation with a tree? Happens to me all the time!

Ooooh.... Love Triangle? Parallelogram? Rhombus?

If you like Pina Coladas....

Aunnie: I have long since resigned myself to the fact that nearly every drama has a love triangle and that I will forever be tortured by the SLS but this drama is testing my limits because Sung Yeol isn't nearly as broody/mean as I assumed he'd be from the first episode and that makes him being the SLS even harder but then to add Sunbae? Poor girl has guardian angels up the wha-zoo and she doesn't even realize it.

Ekun: This is so enjoyable! If it wasn't for the thing that Seul Bi said about feeling something from Woo Hyun when he passed through her (while she was still a reaper), this could really have question marks in my eyes of who she needs to pick! Sung Yeol has made leaps and bounds this last episode (it is not my SLS talking)... He actually liked the girl first; and if there was no Woo Hyun, this could actually work. But they give a Go Min Nam/Kang Shin Woo You're Beautiful kind of vibe, right? I cry every time I see Grim Reaper Sunbae. In the words of Mayer Hawthorne, "It just ain't gonna work out". The only person who has not hitched a ride on the love train is Woo Hyun-- I like that for so many reasons. 1) He is just living his life. 2) Even though she is around, he has other things going on. 3) I really think he has a psychological breakdown with girls because of his mother.

Taleena: I have got to disagree with you Ekun about Woo Hyun not liking Seul Bi. He is in denial mode but displaying all the classic signs: he's saying stupid things to her, saving her from bullies, worries when she is gone, ticked at Sung Yeol for liking her, and buying her a giant shiny Brand to Remain Nameless cell phone. All we need now if for him to hold his hand out in pouring rain with a longing look on his face. Speaking of longing looks: Sunbae Grim Reaper, I'm pulling for you, I really am, but tragic gazes from far away do not a heroine win. You will never make my list of Second Leads who should have gotten the girl with that sort of inaction. You don't even merit a cute nickname like Umbrella! At least with Umbrella she is wearing matching outfit and buying him a gift with his own money. In the Love Derby you are so far behind the front runners, I am not sure you can catch up!

Mom Meet Boy, Boy Meet Mom

Wearing the same colors? Both buying tofu? Must be related!

Aunnie: More like Mom See Boy, Mom Run Away. Much like Just You, I think I'm going to have an issue with this mother no matter what her story is. I don't see how a mother could leave her child and just completely move on with her life--despite her longingly staring at her Necklace of Shame, I think marrying another man and attempting to make good with his son while avoiding your own constitutes the phrase "moving on with her life" and gains her the Evil Mother title for this drama.

Ekun: I don't care about Woo Hyun's mom. I don't think that there is every a legitimate reason to leave your child behind. Especially since she is remarried with stepson that is the same age as the kid she bounced on! I think I am really going to hate it once Woo Hyun finds out that one of his teachers is his mom.

Taleena: I am fully waiting for some improbable story about car crashes, amnesia, lingering comas, or her young child ripped from her arms by gangsters to absolve the mother of abandonment. Sometimes they do take the straightforward tack of saying, "Yeah I was a horrible selfish person, please forgive me.", but it is almost always improbable - which is why I love it! Give me the most crazy pants set of extenuating circumstances as you can please, then I can hoot like an owl with impunity.

Supporting Actors Are People Too!

Did they just insert a cat meow sound bite?! I love you drama.

Aunnie: First off, when Yoon Fabien walked on screen, I was overjoyed. Although he only plays supporting roles, I liked him in I Miss You and I hope he gets more roles in the future. The . . . random guy who appears out of nowhere and always seems to be . . . questionable, he's funny and entertaining to watch so I hope we see more of him and this weird . . . quirks later on in the series (my theory is that he's also a guardian angel that turned human). And the nurse is a little creepy to me. I get that she's looking for love but to tell a student that he is "your type" as well as telling him he's handsome is a little too far over the lines of decency--please let Sunbae fall in love with her instead, let's turn this rhombus into a perfectly angled triangle!

Ekun: So Halmoni really is sick! I need her to get well ASAP! Why are the teachers at this school so hilarious?! The school nurse flirting with Woo Hyun almost made me fall off my chair! You can't flirt with students like that... It's not a good look. You know, I wonder if Sung Yeol's dad knows about his new wife's child-- I mean, like does he know he exist? That can make for an interesting conversation over coffee.

Taleena: I continue to have acres of affection for the Homeroom teacher. *hopeful voice* "I need vitamins." Love. I Miss You! I knew I knew Fabien from somewhere! Frankly though, he was swallowed up in big characters of I Miss You. Park Yoo Chun and Yoo Seung Ho were so riveting in that as rivals that his grace note of a performance barely registered. Poor girl working in the hot dog restaurant with the giant mailbox! (Wait, what? Is that how they thing an American Coney Joint is decorated in Korea? Big mail boxes? You could fit the Ark of the Covenant in that thing.) Pestered by the Mean Girls, looking bad in front of the New Cute Boy, having your dad shake you down for your paycheck, turning him in to the police - you have got your own little K Drama going on don't you?

Well Drama Fans what do you think? Will the Mean Girls get their comeuppance? Do You care about Woo Hyun's mom? Who's the odds on favorite for the Romantic Hero Sweepstakes? Tell us in the comments!

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