Hello DramaFever fans! Is everyone ready for the cute and playful drama that is High School-Love On? What's not to love about a guardian angel suddenly becoming human? Or said guardian angel falling for her human assignment? Well Taleena, Ekun and I will be making up the devilishly funny trio for this drama club! Are you ready? Us too! Stick with us and we'll make sure this drama is even better than it is already promising to be! Without further ado, let's get talking about High School-Love On Episode 1. . .

Let's introduce the main players for this drama. First up, is our female lead: let's meet Lee Seul Bi . . .

Guardian Angel Extraordinaire and sometimes Grim Reaper; she isn't particularly fond of her job and would much rather watch Korean dramas all day (So would we, Lee Seul Bi!) but when her "Book of Death" begins to act up and she saves "her" human from certain death, she is somehow transformed into a human herself and let's just say none of her Korean Dramas has prepared her for how hard it is to be human . . . and a high school student!

Taleena: Guardian Angel or grim reaper? Holy Smokes. If she is a grim reaper this drama got a thousand percent more interesting to me. Reapers gotta reap, otherwise bad things happen. Also, dropping her book because a cute boy ran through you? Does not bode well.

Aunnie: Wait! She's also a grim reaper? Isn't she a little young to be in the reaping business? Or a guardian angel for that matter? And those heels need to come off, this poor girl is going to break her ankle saving her human!

Ekun: Seul Bi is the only female character that I liked in this first hour, maybe it has something to with her not being human (technically). She does the same things that I do--work, vandalizing cars, and watching Kdramas (it is a tough decision --to watch more episode or go to work isn’t Seul Bi?)

Luckily for her, she has her own "guardian angel" in the form of her boss. He has no name other than "Sunbae" at the moment but it's pretty clear he's fond of her and offers to help her figure out what happened. He silently keeps watch over her to make sure she stays out of trouble but there may be some things he can't help her with such as how to use chopsticks, the do's and dont's of society and possibly falling in love with two boys!

Taleena: Angel’s Boss! Ooh I like him already. I am already cheering for the Grim reaper boss. He is very cute in a buttoned up kind of way and he's got a some mojo happening. I like how he is looking out for her as best he can while still Grim Reapering.

Aunnie: Oh, me thinks her boss favors her. I like that he's protective of her and watches over her while she's adjusting to life as a human. Buuuut he's got a bit of a . . . how should I say this . . . SLS-air about him. I just hope a In Need of Romance 3 thing doesn't happen here where the boss falls for the subordinate. *Crosses Fingers*

Ekun: Sunbae Guardian Angel . . . Why are you the character we saw so little of and the one I want to see all the time!? I promise it has nothing to do with the fact that I find you attractive . . . I think. I find him intriguing because it seems like he loves Seul Bi, but that is not supposed to happen with grim reapers/guardian angels. Are you concerned because she is your hoobae or for other reasons?

Boy in Question #1: Woo Hyun. He's moody, well liked by the girls and otherwise prefers his life to be uncomplicated and simple however, he seems to care a little more about the goings-on around him more than his counter-part, that is--Sung Yeol, who we'll meet in a little bit.

Woo Hyun resides with his grandmother, a tteokbokki restaurant owner; his father lives in America and his mother is absolutely not up for discussion--however I have my suspicions about her. He doesn't seem too concerned about the world around him which is probably why he has a guardian angel to begin with!

Taleena: Sung Yeol is curiously not at all concerned with someone wiping out in front of him? Yeesh! An intersection of three lives? One uncaring, unknowing of his danger, the other sees disaster coming but is unable to to change his fate, the third strategically saving them both! I see your metaphors there Drama writers.

Aunnie: What the hell . . . what a rude little boy . . . I agree Taleena, he was totally cool with this kid biffing it right in front of him and then he smashed his onion! I'm thinking there is some bad blood between these two . . . Either way, I was hoping Woo Hyun would throw the onion at Sung Yeol!

Ekun: Woo Hyun has an attitude and I love that. He is a smart, diligent, young chap who lives his life with his own convictions. I hate that everyone is out to get him and that he seems so tragic. He does too many “wrist grabs” and barking orders at Seul Bi, but he is all the same a concerned, thoughtful, emotional teen.

Which brings us to Boy in Question #2: Sung Yeol. He is equally moody and lives his life with a devil-may-care attitude that immediately affronted us in the Drama Club. Unfortunately, he also seems to fulfill the role of second male lead--or otherwise known as the dreaded SLS ("Second Lead Syndrome").

He's got his own problems such as hating his step-mother almost as much as she hates him! His father, the cop, is completely unaware of the depth of the hatred between these two and seems to know Woo Hyun. Not a lot seems certain about him just yet but one thing sure is--Sung Yeol is instantly protective of Lee Seul Bi *sigh* Here we go SLS . . .

Taleena: She’s a K drama heroine, a stuffed animal is as important as at least one pair of kickin’ shoes in her “get a boyfriend” arsenal. Take your dump scavenged stuffed animal and run! Run to get ramen. I foresee many longing looks and heavy sighs directed at that stuffed . . . what is that thing? An angel? A dollop of whip cream? A mushroom? An albino, mutant child? Why, Kdramas, do you always get weird, unrecognizable things as cuddly, stuffed creatures?

Aunnie: I'm not gonna lie, I'd have a seriously hard time eating with some mopey person staring at me too. I also love the look on his face when these two are "introduced". Not only does she stare at him while he's eating but then mooches off his umbrella, I'd probably be like "What in the blazes . . . " too! I almost hoped he'd leave her in the rain because now I like him and I know he's the SLS. . . *sigh* However, my theory is that his stepmother is actually Woo Hyun's mom . . .

Ekun: Sung Yeol . . . You have already disappointed Ekun-Noona! I have the biggest case of SLS (second lead syndrome) and I don’t like you kid, what is going on? He has a different type of attitude from Woon Hyun, his attitude is a mood killer! When he looked blankly at Woo Hyun who wiped out on his bike, then stepped on his onion . . . Outrageous! I do not understand all that is going on with his family, and I can be fine with him not liking his stepmom, but I need his “mood killing” to hault!

. . . Let's see, you've got your guardian angel, your guardian angel's guardian angel, first male lead, doomed second male lead...*ticks off fingers*, I guess the only things left is bratty teenage drama queen and bratty teenage drama queen's mom--also known as the b*tchy mom. Well you're in luck, High School Love On viewers because this drama has both!

This is Kim Jin Young and her B*tchy mother . . .

Taleena: 11 minutes in and a B*tchy mom appears already hooray!

Aunnie: Whoa, mama. You can't be slapping students like that! And how embarrassing for your daughter!

Ekun: I found several characters annoying but Jin Young-Eomma was the worst. Her logic is so twisted that every time she spoke, my brain would take an unneeded vakay!

Thanks to B*tchy mom, Kim Jin Young decides to take matters into her own hands and winds up on top of the school building with the intention of swan driving straight onto her mother's car! She also seems to be the only girl who has caught Woo Hyun's attention but when he heads to the roof to save her from herself, his life changes dramatically! In his attempt to pull Jin Young off the ledge of the roof, he ends spiraling down towards the car himself but, of course, Lee Seul Bi can't have that on her Guardian Angel Resume and she saves him from imminent death.

Taleena: Giant light shield? That is some good Guardian Angeling, especially considering that her book went all cuckoo and NO ONE died. I have a bad feeling she is human because he is alive.

Aunnie: Ooh . . . close call there girlie! I wonder if any of this was caught on camera . . . knowing Korea's preference for having CCTV on every corner, I wouldn't be surprised if this scene came back to bite later on.

Ekun: Dear Jin Young, I can’t with you or your crazy mother. Sincerely, Ekun-Eonni.

And if there is one thing watching Kdramas have ever taught us, its that when the sky grows dark and the guardian angel-slash-grim reaper drops her "Book of Death", it's never a good sign!

Taleena: You are part of a Kdrama now sweet thing, it’s enough to make anyone nervous. We all know what kind of terrible things happen to people in K dramas. You never drop the book, and you never cross the streams when wearing an unlicensed, nuclear accelerator on you back.

Aunnie: I may not know much about being a guardian angel or a grim reaper but I do not one thing, if the book looks like it's having a seizure--nothing good will follow and dropping the book is never a good sign . . .

Ekun: Show, I think I might like you. Even though I strongly believe this is the high School version of City of Angels (i.e. Nicholas Cage), it is cute and funny. We have quite the journey ahead of us, and I cannot always be optimistic about you, but I am going to give it a try!

However, Seul Bi has a lot to learn about being human . . .

That about sums up the beginning of High School Love On and we all agree that this drama has some serious potential. So what do you think of the beginning? Has it drawn you in or are you still waiting to see the appeal? Will Seul Bi be able to adjust to life as a human? Are you as curious as we are to find out why Woo Hyun's mother is persona non grata? How is it that Sung Yeol's father knows Woo Hyun and quite possible the most important question . . . what exactly happened to turn Lee Seul Bi into a human . . . and why? Please leave comments about what stood out the most to you and we'll definitely take it into consideration for the rest of the drama!

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