Welcome back to  High School Love On, where the secrets are starting to burst forth like soda pop and mentos, bubbles from a bubble wand, and clowns from a tiny car. Wait..that metaphor is starting to go wrong. Join Ekun, Aunnie and Taleena to discuss episode 12.

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The Case of the Glowy Tattoo

First rule of angel tattoos...don’t talk about angel tattoos.

Ekun: I find myself not really understanding why the emblem glows when people get near it or she feels threatened. I thought it was supposed to go off only when there were suspicious people around… Did I read it wrong last week? Either way, something seems off with her wrist going “off” every time Sung Yeol is around.

Aunnie: Before we get to Taleena’s Big Book of Theories for this episode, I just want to say one thing. Seul Bi needs to invest in a damn wrist bracelet, blame it on carpal tunnel and for the love of God stop letting that thing shine out in the open! Wear long sleeves, I don’t care what you have to do but if your love, which defies angel-dom, rests upon no one finding out about this mark, you need to hide it better, Seul Bi!

Taleena: Let’s recap what we know about the Seul Bi’s Sparkle Dash tattoo: 1) She’s got to keep it hidden for a year (And she’s at one day. Epic Job) 2) When someone is suspicious of her it shines. (So almost everyone she knows. Nice!) 3) It sparkles when people are close. (Close to what? Finding out her secret? But it seems super sparkly just because Sung Yeol looked at her.) Theory Time! What if it sparkles when she is emotionally close to people who do not yet know her secret? This would explain why it lit up like a search light just because Sung Yeol got a little cosy in the closet with her. Because otherwise anytime she was with Woo Hyun she would by more glitzy than Jem and the Holograms.

And You Get a Beating! and You Get a Beating!

Beatings, they are not just for the bullied anymore.

Aunnie: There seemed to be way more fighting in this episode than before. And it’s all across the board, the only person not getting beat up is technically Seul Bi, but even her femininity almost didn’t save her. The “Bully of Reason” is starting to grown on me, he seems to be the only bully showing any kind of morality. Well . . . besides the guy who wanted to push Seul Bi down the stairs again in the hopes of her using her magical powers. Taleena: Honestly, Woo Hyun is getting a little punchy over nothing this episode and Sung Yeol

Taleena: 'Tis the season for fights. What got me was that Woo Hyun felt the need to dole them out to Sung Yeol too. Dude, really? He sat there and talked to Seul Bi and for that you punched him? Not cool. You knew Jae Suk set them up to look bad, but they were just talking and you knew it.  And Sung Yeol seemed to be having a major drama queen moment: "I feel horrible so I'll make everyone I know punch me. Yay me!" 

Ekun: I love how everyone chalks it up to puberty… Been there and done that, and that is still no excuse. Just when I thought the bullies were getting a brain, trying to live their own lives, and ditch Jae Suk; this whole fiasco blows up about Jae Suk being “alpha” blah, blah, blah. Though, I did like when that one stopped him and said no girls and children.

I Like You, I Just Don’t Like Like You.

Seul Bi is saying it, no one acts like they believe her

Taleena: I'm convinced it's because Woo Hyun never passed her the note that says "Do you like me? Check Yes or No."  Woo Hyun you need to realize that Seul Bi will talk to people other than you. In park, locked in a supply closet, in a restaurant - if your relationship is so tenuous that you can't stand to see her talk to someone else - when you know she gave up everything to be with you - it's time to reevaluate how you regulate emotion.

Ekun: This whole thing with Sung Yeol has upset me! I hate when a show tries to paint the SL in a negative light (and make them seem crazy) so that everyone can stay pro main couple. Well I am saying “booooooo” to the main couple (in the nicest way possible) and pro Sung Yeol! I want him to be ok, I want him to transfer, I want his “Yoko Ono” stepmom to disappear (and I mean that disappear in so many ways). I was totally fine with Seul Bi saying “I don’t like you like that” until she asked him not to transfer. It’s selfish even if she is not trying to be. Let him move on… Let him go… So he really can be your friend.

Aunnie: Have I mentioned that my heart aches for Sung Yeol? I keep whispering “Just stawp” every scene where he shows those woefully sad eyes at Seul Bi but I’m rather upset with Seul Bi. How can she just sit back and let Woo Hyun be ridiculously rude to Sung Yeol after claiming to be his friend? But I guess this is where “puberty” comes into play. So tough being a boy.

Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bombra Ann

Or be careful when revealing a deep dark secret

Ekun: I was rather pleased with how Sung Yeol handled the situation… I certainly thought he would be “sittin up in his room” Like Brandy, plotting how he was going to lay all that *censored* bare! And even still, mom is a sorry somebody. I can’t help but think if she would have told Peach Dad earlier, and moved Woo Hyun in earlier like Ms. Gong suggested, things wouldn’t have gotten this bad. Feelings would have been hurt, but not because of outright manipulation and deception, but because of the reality of the matter-- it sucks! And there is no way to get around that.

Aunnie: Yes! I mean . . . Actually, I was almost sure Sung Yeol was gonna bust their #&%! all over that dinner table but I was relieved he didn’t because that would mean he’d sunk to a whole new level of low. The fact that Woo Hyun heard it out of his mother’s own mouth--albeit, not directly to him--makes me much more comfortable about this secret being brought to light.

Taleena: Well last week I was guessing that Sung Yeol would be all angsty with mom rather than Woo Hyun and I am glad to see I was right. I also thought he might just lay the cards out on the dinner table. A tiny sneaking part of me wanted him to.  Just stop hoopin' about it and just lay it out there.  Not to stir up trouble just to get it dealt with.  Mom has got a lot of 'splainin' to do.

Secondary Characters Are People Too!

That Supply Closet is Really Getting a Workout this Week

Ekun: Ki Soo! I love that kid. I need him and Young Eun to get together stat! I hate that Sung Yeol is always thinking she is guilty when she really is just trying to get a life these days. And seriously, cutie thug #1 (the tallest and cute one) I need to him to get with hot dog girl. If this show was up to me, everyone but Sung Yeol, Seul Bi, and Woo Hyun would be linked up with someone at the end! So… the rest of the teachers just fell off the face of the earth? Ok. Thanks for giving us a heads up show (total sarcasm).

Taleena: Thug #1 is not terribly bright sometimes, and all of them just need to make a break from their ring leaders already. Am I the only one who thought that Woo Hyun not wanting to hurt his robots' feelings was funny?  Why would a school need teacher Ekun?  That's just crazy talk. 

Aunnie: As much as I have started to really like Mr. Divorcee, I’m kind curious as to what the heck is going on with the rest of the teachers! I’m a little miffed that Mommy Dearest had the audacity to tell Sung Yeol that “It’s enough that you and I are hurt” as if that’s going to make him feel better about being lied too and betrayed. Besides Woo Hyun,I feel bad for Peach Dad because when he finds out, he’ll be the same. 

What do you think Drama Fans? How will Woo Hyun take the news? What is the secret to Seul Bi's Sparkle Dash tattoo? Let us know in the comments.