Welcome back High Schoolers! The cat's outta the bag and almost everyone knows the ethics teacher's secret, and let's just say it's making everyone extremely unhappy. Join Ekun, Taleena and I as we recap episode 13 and can I just say . . . it was a doozy. 

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Parents? We don't need no stinkin' parents!

Woo Hyun has finally found his mother and let's say . . . he's a little disappointed. Okay, he's a lot disappointed but can we blame him? He says he doesn't need parents, but is it a front? Does knowing Mommy Dearest's struggle make you sympathize with her a little more or do you share in Woo Hyun's disappointment? 

Ekun: I was proud of Woo Hyun, but clearly it is a front. Who wouldn’t want their mom to want them? 

Taleena: Honestly, Woo Hyun, Sung Yeol and Mom are all frickin’ birds of an uncommunicative feather. Mom only makes her life harder by waiting for her secret to be outed rather than come clean.

Aunnie: Man . . . I did not want to feel bad for this woman. And I still don't . . . well, I kind of don't feel bad for her except on a base level, as a woman, it would be heartbreaking to find out your child wants nothing to do with you. 

Ekun: She is dead to me--and no, I have not one ounce of sympathy for self-inflicted pain. I will never ever be able to deal with her.

Taleena: Woo Hyun and Sung Yeol both want the other to have a mother’s love and are pushing Mom at each other. They both want Seul Bi and that fight is spilling out into the matriarchal angst.

 Aunnie: And poor, unknowing Peach Dad is stuck trying to fix a bridge he doesn't even know is burning into ashes . . .

Peach Dad! Here he comes to save the day! Maybe . . . ? 

With big secrets comes big respon--well, you know. The only person who isn't up to date on the goings-on is Peach Dad and boy, did he try his hardest to make all things better with his winning smile. Too bad a set of pearly whites doesn't rectify the many things going wrong; it's about time he finds out who he's in bed with . . . literally!

Ekun: I honestly appreciated that PD does not know anything, and was able to speak from a place of ignorance. He is able to be the voice of reason and impartiality with everyone else involved that are caught up in their own feelings. 

Taleena: Peach Dad - telling it like it is. You know what, all that angst would be lessened at 1000% if they would just pull up their panties and tell Peach Dad the truth. I think Peach Dad has the fortitude to deal with real life messiness . . . 

Aunnie: I'm sorry but he needs to know. I mean, he needed to know like . . . yesterday . . . because this whole situation is nothing more than 3 counts of Betrayal of Peach Dad's Trust. 

Ekun: Imagine how crushed and idiotic he will feel once he knows the truth? My heart is a little reluctant and scared to face him once he knows.

Taleena: If Peach Dad knew the truth, he’d deal with the stupid misunderstandings by making them all talk it out over rice and seaweed soup after luring them to the restaurant under false pretenses.

Aunnie: Peach Dad has no idea what he's married himself into however, I think it's a great sign that he already considers Woo Hyun a son and feels paternal instincts towards him. That will go a long way into securing forgiveness for all once the truth comes out. Now, if we could just get him to fix the problems at the school!

Supporting Characters are people too . . . even if they're absent

We saw some side characters again this episode we haven’t seen the last few weeks; Ms. Hiccupy-Nurse is back, Cupid Angel made an appearance and he even brought up the subject of our missing Mr. Forever Alone. And Sunbae . . . 

Ekun: Cupid Angel really had some valid points about forcing adult expectations on kids; but no matter where you are from, or how you look at it, Seul Bi and Woo Hyun should not be living together.

Taleena: I know Cupid Angel is just trying to smooth the way for Seul Bi and Woo Hyun but he is wrong here. Kids do need parental supervision. He is right to admonish them for automatically assuming the worst behavior from the two, but I see the school board’s point. 

Aunnie: From the outside looking in, I'm totally on the side of the school board. It's completely unacceptable to leave two parent-less students living 1) on their own and 2) with each other without supervision. BUT knowing Woo Hyun and Seul Bi, I'm totally okay with them being on their own because this is kdramaland and never ever goes wrong in Kdramala--wait . . . 

Taleena: As for Sunbae, I see he is still doing his level best to get Seul Bi back on the side of the angels by outting her powers. OR possibly triggering the “Seul Bi’s black book comes back when Woo Hyun or Sung Yeol dies” clause of her Angel contract. Yes Aunnie, I am totally pulling that out of thin air!

Aunnie: Haha, only time will tell if you're correct, Ms. Big Book of Theories. I swear, you need to hook up with the Hong Sisters. Taleena Hong . . . it has a ring to it. As far as Sunbae is concerned, if I were going to type of my responses to his role in this episode, it would look like "@&$^ !#&@*#&$^! ^#&#*@!" because he is only making matters harder or Seul Bi. Well, that and the fact that this episode proved he certainly doesn't feel brotherly love for Seul Bi. 

Ekun: Seeing Sunbae was the greatest moment of this episode… It really brought tears to my eyes.

Aunnie: I hate that I love him . . . The only thing I hate to love more is the pairing the writer's are doing for our Nerdy Best Friend and Ms. Mafia. 

"Hit me instead"  . . . Said no one ever . . . 

Life as a high schooler isn't what it's cracked up to be, is it? It's a dog-eat-dog world and Ye Na and Jae Suk are determined to be on top which leaves Ki Soo, Byung Wook and Young Eun floundering somewhere under the "Lost & Found" column of our list of protagonists. 

Ekun: Ki Soo is adorable! I need Young Eun to open her eyes, swallow her pride, and allow him to be her friend and help her. That is all he wants to to do--what is wrong with that?!

 Taleena: Former Thugette just can’t believe that anyone would like her for her. Ki Soo is sweet but really, inviting a tough girl to punch him? Bad relationship precedent dude.

Aunnie: <facepalm> *Looks up to type response* <Facepalms again> Ki Soo, I just don't know about you. I love this kid. He's a trusty sidekick to everyone who wants/needs him. Speaking of trusty sidekicks, I'm glad that Bully #2 and #3 are finally wising up about the destructiveness of Jae Suk!

Taleena: Both Thugs now have girls they can’t talk to, leaving Jae Suk to be mean and spiteful all by himself. Thug #2’s dad’s advice is awesome - “Pay respects at funerals”, “Don’t turn down free food”. I demand more Thug Dad Advice!

Aunnie: Careful what you wish for, something tells me we're going to see more of Thug #1's Dad and no one wants that . . . 

Ekun: Jae Suk! Are you doing all these meddlesome things to distract yourself from your own pain? Who am I kidding, of course you are! But goodness gracious it is annoying. I am glad that the other 2 are starting to get a life or at least are annoyed enough to tell Jae Suk to bugger off.

Aunnie: Ekun, as much as you're done with Mommy Dearest, that's about how much I'm done with Jae Suk. I really . . . I really need him to wise up or get expelled, I really couldn't care less which one happens first. I appreciate Thug #2 & #3 more and more each episode even if it means the breaking up of their long-lasting friendship. Kind of like what's happening with Sung Yeol and Woo Hyun, actually . . . 

Best Friends . . . Forever?

Speaking of friendships turning sour . . . what's in store for Woo Hyun and Sung Yeol? Although they stand at opposite ends of each other, what are the chances that Woo Hyun will get to experience the future he'd pictured for himself? Or will Sung Yeol constantly be reminded of the things he thinks he’s lost (Seul Bi/Mommy Dearest)? That is, of course, if he doesn't make a habit of standing on the ledges of rooftops. 

Taleena: Sung Yeol. *sigh* That was stupid, kid. Even if you believed Woo Hyun's latest “You’re dead to me” ultimatum an episode ago, it was still stupid. Even if you believed Woo Hyun’s “I had big college/military/soju plans all written out in purple sparkle pen in "My Big Book of Hopes and Dreams" and you ruined it FOREVAH!” speech from two minutes ago, that was still stupid.

Ekun: I was mad at him for standing on that ledge . . . I don’t like stupid ultimatums for attention, my anger was inflicted more than sympathy at that time. But before that, I wanted to say "Give him his space!" Why is it that everyone wants people to be okay with life altering situations only after 2 seconds of processing?

Aunnie: The last few minutes of this episode was literally spent with me pacing around my apartment, reading the subtitles from the corner of my eye and on the verge of yelling at everyone in the scene. And just as things were about to get real, Mommy Dearest pulled Sung Yeol off the ledge and reality hit me . . . if she'd actually pulled him off the ledge like the scene depicted, I'm pretty sure Sung Yeol would have two broken tibias and suddenly . . . the scene wasn't so painful. Imagine that . . . Sung Yeol, stay off rooftops. In fact, don't even step on a bench!

And that brings this week's episode of High School Love On to a close. Will Sung Yeol or Mommy Dearest find the nerve to tell Peach Dad the truth or will he be forced to find out on his own? How will the school handle the problem of Woo Hyun and Seul Bi living together? And what are the chances that everything that happened on the rooftop was witnessed by a 3rd party? I guess we'll have to wait until the next episode to find out! 

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