Welcome back High Schoolers! A lot of things transpire this episode: Moves are made, Peach Dad is let in on the secret, and Sung Yeol is in RARE form. Join Taleena, Aunnie, and I as we discuss the happenings of this week’s latest episode.

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A Dad, A Mother, and A Son…

Peach Dad takes it a step too far, Mommy Dearest insist on continuing the lie, and Sung Yeol is left with a red cheek and anger in his chestDiscuss!

Taleena: I must defend Peach Dad! What does Peach Dad know?

Ekun: Totally agree. When someone is abusing your wife, let alone your child... It gives reason to be upset, and he really is out of the loop of why Sung Yeol and Mommy Dearest are at each other’s throats.

Aunnie: No, I still would have expected my child to explain before I slapped them. Slapping someone based off something you think you saw is not cool. What happened to getting both sides of the story?

Taleena: But his big strong son is being moody, getting into fights, and has rebuffed all attempts to bring harmony to the new family relationship. Then he walks in on said son in a physical altercation with his wife who was struggling helplessly.

Ekun: I am not saying I would slap him across the face, but I would attempt to restrain him so we could talk it out. But I am done stepmom and her constant lies.

Aunnie: I don’t know how Sung Yeol managed to keep his mouth shut about the truth in that scene, because like a petulant child, I would have outed myself and Mommy Dearest in an instant and dealt with the aftermath afterwards.

To Move or Not to Move... That is the Question?

Mommy Dearest, Sung Yeol, and the entire world want Seul Bi to move out of Woo Hyun’s place…

Aunnie: That whole plot point had me pulling out my hair. Wait, so let me get this straight. Your son, who has admitted to being in love with this girl, whom you [Mommy Dearest] WANT to leave both your “sons” alone are going to move her into your house so she can stay away from one son but be closer to the other? I did not get this AT ALL.

Ekun: Mommy Dearest blaming Seul Bi for this mess was a WTF heard around the world. I really do not understand why she would want to live under the same roof with this child. And Sung Yeol… I get the feeling this isn’t even about Seul Bi, but about Woo Hyun—but that could be me wishing for a bromance.

Taleena: Sung Yeol jumped so quickly to Seul Bi, confirms in my mind that Sung Yeol and Woo Hyun’s romantic struggle is feeding their wrestling over the Mom’s affections and vice versa. Both boys seem unable to fathom that love is not finite like pie.

Sung Yeol? Why so Petty?!

Who is in rare form this episode? Hwang Sung Yeol is! Is he justified with the chip on his shoulder?

Ekun: I totally understand being pissed, and wanting people to leave you alone, but even I had a hard time stomaching Sung Yeol’s behavior this week.

Taleena: Sung Yeol really is being a pain this episode. Dude, suck it up! Don’t be petty over Seul Bi’s stuffed blobs that she loves so much.

Aunnie: As an adult, I think it’s hard for us to understand the reasoning behind Sung Yeol’s behavior because 1) Maturity is a wonderful thing and 2) we’re outside of the situation but taking into the consideration how bumpy his life got since this woman entered his, then Seul Bi and Woo Hyun, and then to lose all of them only compounds the issue. He really is only being an adolescent who can’t handle his feels.

Ekun: I totally understand Aunnie, and because I love Sung Yeol and know he is a kid, I extend that courtesy. But he is old enough to know something just can’t work out.

Seul Bi? What is really going on?

Seul Bi says that she is friends with Sung Yeol, but her actions seem to reflect differently… Or maybe I (Ekun) am just crazy.

Aunnie: No, I think no one is taking into consideration how difficult this is for Sung Yeol. They’re expecting way too much of him (and he expects way too much from himself) and it just keeps getting harder because he hasn’t had the time to deal with one issue, let alone one after another.

Ekun: That is exactly how I feel, but Seul Bi totally has a habit of making things worse by mentioning Woo Hyun every 5 seconds. The only reason she approaches Sung Yeol to calm down is on the account of Woo Hyun. Seems kind of Shady to me…

Oh *CENSORED*!!!!!! Peach Dad Just found out!

And the last tragic piece of the puzzle is added. What a horrible way to find out.

Taleena: I feel bad for Peach Dad. The blank, staring eyes of the tragicomic puppet just made it worse. No one is trusting Dad. How hurtful that has got to be! Everyone has lied to him. Woo Hyun and Seul Bi, OK that is understandable, but his own kid?

Ekun: I don’t think Sung Yeol was lying to him. Why in the world is it his job to tell him something his wife should have told him? He is not blameless, but it really wasn’t Sug Yeol’s place to say, “Hey dad, mom’s kid that is supposed to be in the US is actually my former BFF Woo Hyun.”

Aunnie: When he found out, I didn’t feel bad for him one bit because of his earlier behavior. If that was intentional on the writer’s behalf, then kudos to them because it was brilliantly done. Him finding out the truth wasn’t nearly as painful as I originally imagined.

Ekun: I felt bad Dad had to find out that way, but this all comes back to horrid Mommy Dearest lies… Her selfishness has ruined a slew of lives in one swoop!

Aunnie: “Your opinion of me was more important than my kid’s.” First off, if she thought that was going to win her any points, she’s insanely dumb. And second, if that’s her true opinion, then she doesn’t deserve to be anyone’s mother, Sung Yeol included. I am so over this mother. I’m over her, and Peach Dad made an ass out of himself this week.

Taleena: Everything is just a power struggle at this point. It is the Dad’s place to provide a safe haven for everyone in his care. The fact that no one is coming to him illustrates doubt in his ability to care for them.

Side Characters are People Too!

Sunbae! Sunbae! S. U. N. B. A. E!, Forever Lonely to save the day!!!!, and Bullies can turn a new leaf.

Ekun: Sunbae has really lost it! I mean, I love seeing him (even being mean), but he has to know Seul Bi will never come back. Not with that hold Woo Hyun has on her.

Aunnie: And last but certainly the most important, FOREVER ALONE IS BACK. I was so ecstatic that I didn’t even care he was getting beat up by hoodlums while protecting Jae Suk. In fact, it endeared him more to me. He seems more confident, did he seem that way to you?

Taleena: Aw! Thug #2 taking the cloth and wiping down the seat was funny. I am so DONE with Jae Suk’s jealous and insecure manipulations. If I never saw Jae Suk on my screen again, I’d be OK with that.

Well that’s a wrap! I personally am hoping for more sweet moments within this show, but we have to get through the sticky, OMG, annoying to get to the end. Stay strong High Schoolers! The end is near! Peace!

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