Dear Show, I just want to know the answer to the above question: just what am I to you? Because I am not your plaything show — I am NOT your plaything! Well Drama Fans just 5 more episodes until the end of High School Love On. Are you this show's plaything? Join Taleena, Aunnie, and Ekun for episode 15 discussion.

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Dealing with the fallout of Peach Dad discovering the truth. Mom and Sung Yeol’s relationship revealed at school. Mom and the loan.

Taleena: Oy Mama! I’m on your side. I have been holding out hope for you from the very beginning, and this is how you repay my loyalty? I demanded a good excuse: a crazy pants, “oh-no-you didn’t” with a Z snap, Not-lupus, over the top excuse. And you break out the lame: I was stressed, you ran into traffic and I spanked you hard, but then you began to behave better excuse? If any of my kids ran into traffic I’d beat them too, just for scaring me so bad. Lame. Lame. Capital L Lame. THAT being said - time to work on a little redemption and digging out anti-inflammatories for your son in the middle of the night is the least you can do. Side note - who keeps aspirin in the bottom of the TV stand? or (Woo Hyun) in the random hall book case? Sheesh! head for the bathroom cabinet.

Ekun: Peach Dad, I am anti divorce, but if you wanted to roll on her--I would not be mad. “Team Hate Mommy Dearest” Unite! That woman really is a piece of work. Even with your kid in front of you, you still try to turn him away! The fact of Sung Yeol and her being “mother and son” being revealed means nothing to me… Like Peach Dad mentioned: How can I trust you with my own child when you treat yours so horribly (Ekun’s paraphrased of course)? And so does her taking out a loan to help Woo Hyun… It’s the bare minimum of what she can do for all the havoc she has caused.

Aunnie: It kills me to see Peach Dad suffering like this but at the same time, I’m shocked by his behavior. But not quite as shocked by Mommy Dearest. We learned a little more about her but I’m still firmly on the side of “Team Hate Mommy Dearest!”. Once again, Sung Yeol loses to someone else and twists the SLS knife just a little deeper!

Sung Yeol vs. the Sparkle Dash Tattoo Part 2

Ekun: When that paper lit up, I said, “Sunbae did it!” but then we did not see Sunbae the entire episode (lame). But it would not surprise me if he is tinkering to make Seul Bi returns to where she belongs. I seriously feel like I missed something, why is her wrist always lighting up?! All she did was stroke the kid’s head, and *sparkle, sparkle, sparkle*.

Aunnie: Even I had sat back going “What the hell . . .?” How is Cupid Angel allowing this to happen? OR Theory Time: Sunbae did that to make Sung Yeol curious enough to stalk into Seul Bi throughout the episode in the hope of finding the truth behind her past. ONCE AGAIN, Seul Bi needs to get a wrist brace and cover that tattoo for God’s sake!

Taleena: *busy sketching Solomon’s Seal to see if it lights up all fancy like* Nope! Darn. Maybe Sung Yeol caressed Seul Bi’s wrist enough that the residual magic lit up his drawing. Question: If Sung Yeol got a good enough look at the Sparkle Dash Tattoo to recreate it, WHY is he creeping into her room like a perv in the middle of the night? Hmmm?

On the Evolution of Thugs #1 & #2 or Side Characters are people too!

Taleena: Chapstick thug #1? I have seen teen girls applying lip gloss with less care than you checking your lips in the side mirror. Also, so glad to see Thug #2 get to the end of his Jae Suk rope, and sad to see Sung Yeol pick it up. Also how nice to see Forever Lonely call out Convenience Clerk for his bullying ways. Hooray Forever Lonely! Also Nurse Narcissist you are really trying to throw out a Noona vibe and it is about as creepy as Sung Yeol’s midnight visit to Seul Bi’s room. Stop it!

Ekun: These 2 really are adorable. I am glad that we get to see they have a life outside of the bullying and hardships they face on the account of Jae Suk. This week, I really thought Jae Suk could turn a new leaf. When his long standing crush told him he was nothing because he didn’t have a dream, that really hit him. I am willing to offer the kid redemption, if he decides to get it together and take it.

Aunnie: Once again, I’m loving the improvement these two have made since the beginning . . . now, if we could just get Jae Suk to do that as well . . .

Brothers? Friends? Enemies? Brofrenemies? 

Ekun: I do not know why this relationship reminds me of John Mayer’s Friends, Lovers, or Nothing… but it does. I really feel bad for these boys, more so for Sung Yeol because he just can’t get a moment to breathe. I am still convinced if he were to get out, he would have time to gain perspective and heal; instead of playing all these silly games-- like trying to kill Woo Hyun with crab in the soup (fat kid’s sidenote: I will take Woo Hyun’s soup).

Aunnie: The scene where Sung Yeol comes home drunk, the only thing I could think of the entire scene was “Dear Interwebs, expect a fresh wave of Sung Yeol-Woo Hyun fanfictions. Love, Infinite Shippers” But on a more serious note, these boys need some serious guidance. Where is Cupid Angel and his infinite words of wisdom?

Taleena: Ha! Aunnie I thought the exact same thing. I swear Sung Yeol and Woo Hyun are that couple that can never just break up for good but are always see sawing back and forth in a relationship. Every 20 minutes one of them is done, DONE with the other forever until they realize they might have to go to prom alone or they run into each other by the drinks table a party. Although I have to admit that I much prefer duel by chin up to the endless fighting of a few episodes back.

What do you think drama fans? Are we headed for a happily ever after or broken hearts? Will the collective awesome of Peach Dad and Seul Bi pull the boys out of their unhappy spiral?  Let us Know in the comments!

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