Hello High Schoolers, it's a new week on High School Love On, and let's just say we're none too happy with the progression of our characters. Sadly, our lovely Ekun will not be with us this week as she's off vacationing somewhere awesome, but no worries! Our faithful Clubber will be back with us next week; until then join Taleena and I as we attempt to untangle the mess that has become of our Sung Yeol, Sunbae, and the rest of our High School Love On cast. 

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The Resignation of a Horrible Mother:

Apparently Mommy Dearest is making the decision she should have made 12 years ago and has decided to stick this out with her son rather than running away. Is this a case of "too little, too late"?

Taleena: *sigh* Mom wants to do the right thing but just has no idea how, does she? I think this more than anything is Mom’s big issue - she has crappy instincts. It’s not so much that she is totally selfish, but reads situations wrong, is uncommunicative (Woo Hyun obviously got this trait from her), and so makes poor choices about how to deal with the situation. 

Aunnie: Yeah, I'm over her. I was over her a couple weeks ago but I'm even more especially over her now. I think it’s a little too late for Mommy Dearest be getting upset on Woo Hyun’s after saying “I cared more about my husband’s opinion than my child’s” two episodes ago. Or when she told Sung Yeol that she chose him over her own child. Sooooo . . . she’s still a pain in the behind and I’d like for her to disappear. Not today, not tomorrow, I mean like . . . yesterday.

Taleena: Poor Peach Dad says “let’s work things out”, “what is the deal with Woo Hyun’s dad”, “how will your resignation affect the boys” and she hears “Sung Yeol, Sung Yeol, Sung Yeol” - that is when she doesn’t straight ignore him for some reality TV. At least she asked Sung Yeol’s forgiveness at the end. That is ONE down three more people to go!

Aunnie: I think Peach Dad is not handling this well . . . which is the diplomatic way of saying, the way he’s handling this is sucky and considering the revelations that are coming at him, I guess I can see why however, the Peach Dad from before the revelation was awesome and I was kind of hoping he’d be awesome afterwards too but NO, the show with angels wanted to be as realistic as possible. Haha!

Sung Yeol is always the last to know!

Sung Yeol is getting closer and closer to the truth but will the truth set him free or just make everyone else’s lives more complicated than they already are. To tell Sung Yeol or Not to Tell Sung Yeol, that is the question.

Taleena: How hard is the phrase, “Whatever our differences, Seul Bi is important to us both. Therefore, I can neither confirm nor deny any theory you may be thinking. To continue to dig into the heart of the matter is hazardous to her well being.” Too many $10 words there? This just proves my theory that Woo Hyun inherited his mom’s uncommunicative gene.

Aunnie: Hahaha, I was speaking to my computer the entire time during the scene with them on the stairs and I was saying “Why can’t you just tell Sung Yeol that she’ll disappear if you open your damn mouth?" OR better yet, just let him to read the book and then say “If you have questions . . .keep them to yourself!”

Taleena: What makes it COMPLETELY aggravating is the fact that they still think they are nobly suffering and sacrificing for each other and giving each other the “if only” longing looks. Seul Bi is like the only one who doesn’t beat around the bush at all.

Aunnie: Right!?! Seriously, if I was “in” on this drama, I would be the person to lock them in a room until someone starts saying SOMETHING! Know what Seul Bi doesn’t do either? Hide her damn wrist! If she’d done that from . . .Oh, I don’t know . . . 4 episodes ago, this wouldn’t even be a problem.

Taleena: C’mon Aunnie! Isn’t her wrist hidden enough every time she is dragged from the room by either boy?

Aunnie: There’s another question, isn’t that thing suppose to implode with Seul Bi in it if any human touches it? Hasn’t Woo Hyun touched it like 13 time since she got it?

Taleena: I looked up the rules to Seul Bi’s Sparkle Dash Tattoo - It is only supposed to light up if she is in danger or someone is close to guessing her secret. Not that the show hasn’t lit it up like a search light just for patting a random kid’s head or being talked to in the library.

 Aunnie: Maybe she’s so angelic that everyone just thinks “Is this an angel?” and Wha-BAM instance lighthouse! Back to the point though, Sung Yeol needs to be told something OR I say that Woo Hyun and Seul Bi need to run away--which is what I’ve been thinking for the last 6 weeks or so. If they just ran away, disappeared then none of this would even be an issue.

 Taleena: Hee hee hee. Way back when, I’m too lazy to look but, I brought it up for episode 13, I proposed that one of the boys will die and (possibly) become an Angel. I tend to think that it will be Woo Hyun. 1) Seul Bi would see him 2) He is shaping up to be the Noblest of the Nobles, to the point where I want to punch him. 3) He was the one who was supposed to die but didn’t because of Suel Bi’s actions 4) They will want to have that star crossed lover scene where he wants to touch Seul Bi, Mom or Sung Yeol but can not because he is incorporeal.

Aunnie: I swear, if Woo Hyun DIES and becomes a guardian angel and they skip off happily into the sunset with absolutely no real future in front of them, I swear I’ll stop talking to you for at least a day. Hahaha

Taleena: Picture this: It is Love ON that means love will go ON forevah! Plus, plus knowing Woo Hyun, he’d have that “Go have a happy life you deserve one” speech the one where he says “I’ll always look out for you because our love is joined in this stupid bicycle lock metaphor that is only romantic to Korean teens”

 Aunnie: *laughs uncontrollably* Yeah, and she goes off and marries some poor schmuck that isn’t Sung Yeol--the guy who desperately loves her. It's practically law in Kdramas that even if you don't end up with the main male lead, you literally can't end up with the second lead. Something about an apocalypse, I think . . . 

Taleena: The Poor Schmuck is Sung Yeol because then they can guiltily remember Woo Hyun’s sacrifice forever! Which is why Woo Hyun is the sad sack angel only Seul Bi can see. 

Aunnie: Pretty sure, knowing Sung Yeol, he wouldn’t be cool with allowing Seul Bi to “remember” anything about Woo Hyun. He’d become that “somebody that you used to know.” QUEUE GOTYE!!! (*prays someone gets the reference*)

And I . . . Will Always Love You . . .

Mr. Forever Alone has finally come back and guess who missed his grand entrance? Not Mr. Divorcee! We can all thank Cupid Angel for not dropping the ball on that . . . but what about Sunbae? Call to Arms against Sunbae!

Taleena: Sunbae looks like he needs a goodnight’s sleep. He obviously has gotten caught in the riptide of swirling DRAMA and needs to swim ashore.

Aunnie: Sunbae looks like he needs a good Cupid Angel Butt-Whoopin!

 Taleena: Yay for Mr. Forever Alone returning. He was the only grown up on staff who had functioning communication skills.

 Aunnie: I think it’s so sad that we consider Mr. Forever Alone as the only teacher with “functioning communication skills” after he left because he listened to only one side of the story and accidentally passed undeserving judgment on a student. What does that say about our group of adults in this drama? 

 Taleena: Honestly though, there are more pressing things to talk about like: who drinks mystery milk pushed across the bathroom floor?! WHO authored the tell all book about angels and WHY has Cupid Angel just let that person chill? These are important points that need addressing.

Aunnie: Hahaha! I’m half inclined to believe that Cupid Angel IS the author of that book, I mean . . . at this point, Cupid Angel has become the cure-all for any “unexplained” story plot that doesn’t make sense. He could totally be the author. 

Taleena: There are so, so, so many things that do not make sense in this show.

And You’re a Tadpole, and You’re a Tadpole, We’re all Tad--wait . . .what?

The kids around our big 3 (Seul Bi, Woo Hyun and Sung Yeol) Have all gathered together and alliances have been made but will there be room for one more . . . Jae Suk?

Taleena: Jae Suk worms his way into to Sung Yeol’s good (OK perfunctory) graces.

Aunnie: Honestly . . . the biggest thing I wanted to say about Jae Suk and Sung Yeol’s frenimiship is a quote from In Need of Romance 3: “Even when we’re not friends, we’re friends.” And it speaks perfectly true for Sung Yeol and Jae Suk. They can’t stand each other but they can’t hate each other either.

Taleena: Woo Hyun lays some truth about reaping what you sow on the thugs in an awesome way!

Aunnie: I absolutely loved that scene between Woo Hyun and the used-to-be gang; “And you let him” I wanted cheer out loud for him because that was such a true statement.

Where art thou, Woo Hyun?

Last and Always Least, Woo Hyun. Just as his mother has decided she wants him, Peach Dad decides he doesn’t. Soo . . . where does that leave our Woo Hyun? Abandoned again and unwanted? Or destined for greatness? It doesn’t look like the road ahead will be any less relentless than it has been thus far for our protagonist.

Taleena: Because NO ONE tells Peach Dad anything until the sh*t has hit the fan, all he knows are A) his son has turned from a normal teen into one getting in fights that land him in jail, roughing up his step mom, and fighting with his ex best friend. B) his wife has kept a WHOLE host of major things from him and can’t seem to talk. C) his surprise step son has said he doesn’t even want to live with him anyway but at his own house and restaurant. Woo Hyun is definitely “Angel Bound” you might as well just call him Michael Landon. Maybe Michael Landon is the author of our mystery book!

Aunnie:  Once again woman, stop putting that out into the cosmos! *attempts to grab Taleena’s errant words from the air* If Woo Hyun dies, I’ll be sad because he’s one of a toddler-sized handful of people that are consistently likable in this drama. Although, yeah, Mr. Noble needs to stop being so closed mouth about the truth of his situation and start “growing up fast” as was his wish for his future. I much prefer my “runaway” method which is my knee-jerk for everyone in Kdramaland that needs to get away from a situation.

What did you think of this episode? Do you think Sung Yeol deserves to know the truth or do you approve of the "runaway" method of  Kdrama problem solving? What about Mommy Dearest? Do you think she's "too little, too late" or are you pulling for new and improved outlook on offspring? Leave your answers in the comments and let us know what you think of High School Love On thus far!

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