"Wow! Tao! Watch out now, it’s the little one and its bow wow!" Did you miss me High Schoolers?! Well, I am back with a lot to say! Join Aunnie, Taleena, and me as we discuss the "Can't" vs. "Must" on High School Love On! Ready, set, go!

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I Can't with Seul Bi's "can't we all get along" speeches…

Aunnie: I just can’t with Seul Bi and this “love triangle” anymore. So the last two weeks we’ve been watching Sung Yeol and Woo Hyun “fight” over her only for Woo Hyun to suddenly give up? *sigh* I didn’t wait nearly 4 months to see this . . .

Ekun: Thank you Aunnie for letting me know that I am not crazy. I am generally upset every time I see Seul Bi these last few episodes. I have words for the writers, because I do not believe this was supposed to happen.

I Must see more of Hot Dog Girl and Cutie Thug Tae Ho!

Taleena: Oh Hot Dog Girl! While the Confess and Dash is an effective diversion, I have a feeling Thug is going to go the route of, “It’s the one week anniversary of the first time you looked at me!” relationship crazy on you and follow you around with googlie eyes for the rest of your days.

Ekun: But don’t you find it adorable? I mean, I enjoy the break these two offer from the spirals of despair and crazy that we see with the main cast.

I Can't with mom ever. Period.

Taleena: Awww! Poor Mama! We all make mistakes and she is not actively vicious. Still, she needs to get it together with Peach Dad, because I will NOT have Peach Dad’s heartbroken.

Aunnie: I have yet to jump on this “mommy” train because . . . well . . . I hold grudges against Kdrama characters and let’s be serious . . . Mommy Dearest has earned her grudge. I do feel bad for Peach Dad just a tinsie bit . . . okay, that’s a lie. I feel a lot bad for Peach Dad after how I’ve treated him the last couple of episodes. I blame it on the teenage angst rolling out of these Kdrma pores.

Ekun: Agreed. There is nothing Mommy Dearest could do to make me feel anything but a grudge against her. You leave your current family to do what exactly? And don’t get me started on that Woo Hyun “Let me see my momma this much” cry from last week… *hard eye roll*

I Must have Forever Lonely back in the classroom! Yay!

Taleena: Hooray Forever Lonely! Rocking the bowtie and the shawl collar sweater with the elbow patches, classic! Forever manages to say that he missed a high school girl without sounding weird or inappropriate, hooray for avuncular affections!

Ekun: This is the best thing that has happened in the last 3 episodes! A great teacher makes a comeback and looks dashing while doing it too.

I Must have a Woo Hyun/ Seul Bi break up!

Taleena: And we move ever closer to Woo Hyun being the “Loneliest Angel”, watching Seul Bi have a life as foreshadowed by the giant angel wings painted on his restaurant. Side note: When and where did Seul Bi get the Glowy Parchment of Destiny? How did I miss that? Did it happen while my eyes were glazed over during one of Jae Suk’s maniacal villain soliloquies? Anyone? Bueler?

Ekun: I am just over it. The amount of heartache and headache these two bring by trying to be together is just not worth it to me. Perhaps because I am old, or because I never was on board for these two to be together. I need a permanent breakup like yesterday!

I Must have Sunbae think about what he is up to!

Taleena: Sunbae! At this point I just want Sunbae to roll around Seoul just being randomly mischievous to Woo Hyun. I wish Sunbae would just magically slap everyone upside the head.

Ekun: I can be on board with a show that stars Sunbae, causing mischief because he is mad at the world, for taking his BFF reaper friend. Then he learns from the error of his ways and falls to become a human too, etc. Writers, producers, directors? My number is xxx-***-++++. Call me so we can make this happen.

Aunnie: Starting with himself, right? I keep waiting for him to do something horrible and he doesn’t therefore I can’t hate him 100% but then again, every time he shows up, I’m expecting Cupid Angel to come waltzing in and going “I got you now!”

I Must have Ki Soo and Young Eun get together by the end!

Aunnie: I hate that the writers give us these side plots and then not really have them go anywhere. I’d like for these two to get together but it’s so slooooow.

Ekun: Agreed, it is upsetting how slow they are developing the stories outside of the main cast… What is even worse? I am more invested in everything but the main cast!

I Can't continue to see Sung Yeol on this path of destruction!

Aunnie: Sung Yeol is the biggest baby . . . At first I loved him, pitied him and now I’m like “What happened to who you were at the beginning?” There is nothing of that quietly moody boy who held an umbrella over Seul Bi’s head and I kinda want him back.

Ekun: Can we put you on a bullhorn and blast that last line Aunnie?! Needless to say I agree, Sung Yeol is nothing like he was in the beginning—I hate that.

Taleena: *singing* “and you tell meeeee over and over and over again, my friend. Oh you can’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction..” or the biggest case of teen angst ever, anyway.

I Must see this lopsided friendship straighten out! Woo Hyun, Seul Bi, and Sung Yeol.

Taleena: Bromance before romance boys; bromance before romance. I have come to the conclusion that: Seul Bi’s awesomeness is too much for any one relationship to contain, Sunbae is right, and nothing good comes from angels falling for cute Korean boys. Of course, now that Hot Dog Girl knows, technically the clause in Seul Bi’s Sparkle Dash Tattoo has been violated, but since it is not anyone that is in a romantic relationship with Seul Bi, I guess it doesn’t count.

Aunnie: I’m sorry, if I was Seul Bi I would have started my private harem by now with all these good looking Koreans. I’d even throw Jae Suk in there for Mondays. Her Sparkle Dash tattoo should be permanently removed or being a hazard to her own health. Either Cupid Angel takes it off or Sung Yeol chops it off, either way . . . it needs to disappear. Preferably before Seul Bi does.

Well, we are reaching the homestretch and I for one am VERY grateful. What are the things you love or can't with this show? Let us know below. Until next week: PEACE!