Welcome back High Schoolers! Our little band of characters spends most of the episode running around KBS Studios with very little supervision, magically summoning yellow handkerchiefs for everyone out of thin air, to show solidarity with Seul Bi and Woo Hyun. Wait, I thought they all hated her? Join Aunnie, Ekun and Taleena as we examine Episode 18 of High School Love On.

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Seul Bi and Woo Hyun are both being stricken with love sickness.

Ekun: *Sigh* Sometimes my own heartlessness surprises me, I was like, “Oh finally one of them will die? Perhaps we will get some resolution out of the story.” That aside, I don’t wish one of them to die, but I am still on the “breakup bandwagon” I just don’t buy into their love story--it has cause too many problems for so many reasons.

Aunnie: I’m pretty sure I’d be worried about the fact that they both collapsed at nearly the same time . . . how is that not making bells go off in people’s heads? And if it’s because of love, why isn’t Sunbae or Sung Yeol feeling it’s effects . . . or is this just anoher way for the show to illustrate that their love isn’t as important as the love between Seul Bi and Woo Hyun?

Taleena: I did like the call back to him running through her as a reaper to give some credibility to why they are so connected other than LUUURRRVE. The question I have is when did Seul Bi start having fainting spells for nearly no reason?!


One is the Loneliest Bully I Know.

Aunnie: I don’t want to say I feel bad for Jae Suk but I do . . . in a very limited sense. He clearly wants to get along with everyone now but instead of saying that word for word, he’s trying to cozy up to people that aren’t just going to trust him right away--then his feelings got hurt that no one shared the “big reveal” to him.

Taleena: Jae Suk knows nothing more than if he is not controlling someone’s every move than they will run away and it will cause him to cry into his pillow at night. His lonely, lonely pillow stuffed full of dad’s money.

Ekun: Jae Suk, oh Jae Suk. He simply wants to be in the know and ultimately not be alone. Unfortunately, he has yet to learn that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, i.e. you have to give kindness to get it. Even Young Eun shocked me with her revelation of not wanting to be a mess this week!


The Secret is OUT.

Taleena: So last week one of our awesome readers commented that to void the clause people have to suspect and then touch the Sparkle Dash tattoo. Which - good call reader! - I can’t for the life of me remember EVER being said and I (because my life is sad) have re-watched what I thought were the relevant episodes three times and still have missed this little detail. Side Note - I enjoyed Thug #1 making googlie eyes at Hot Dog girl all episode.

Ekun: Right. The secret “that no one is supposed to know, but now we all know, but can’t say it from our mouths because Seul Bi will disappear”. Then is it really a secret?

Aunnie: Stupid. This whole scene was just stupid. Why would you trust everyone? And not just the people in your class? As far as we’re aware, no one else has noticed this mark besides her classmates. It didn’t make sense at all, PLUS the fact that if you oh-so-didn’t want Jae Suk to find out (otherwise why not tell him), why would you tell everyone? It just makes it a higher probability that he’ll find out and do something nefariou--oh . . . he did, that’s right.


Cupid Angel Lays Down the Law

Ekun: I hate that Sunbae has deteriorated into such a mess, but I promise I will watch a show where is blowing stuff up because he can’t get past his own pain. Cupid Angel says important things, but also questionable things. Him calling out Sunbae on his wrong was on point-- the love issue? I just can’t agree with it.

Aunnie: FINALLY! Like, he’s been running amuck for weeks now and you’re JUST NOW stepping in? As much as I felt for and loved Sunbae at the beginning, I’ve added him to my list of “High School Love On Annoyances”. And something tells me . . .we aren’t done with him yet. Oh wait . . . that was the preview.

Taleena: Cupid Angel - you must free Sunbae to to do hilarious, spiteful pranks because it will only make this show better! If Sung Yeol only had some genuine Reaper style persecution he’d stop having his “Seul Bi loves me second best” pity party.


Secondary Characters Unite!

Aunnie: *facepalm* Ugh . . . never mind covering her wrist four episodes ago, she needed to cover her wrist, switch schools and/or run away about 7 episodes ago. It’s great that they’re all rallying together to show support but it doesn’t actually solve the problem. Which is Sunbae, Jae Suk and the trio’s stupidity.

Taleena: Tie a yellow ribbon ‘round your wrist Seul Bi! Never mind that everyone and their brother knows your secret, saw your tender back hug scene/confession, and knows you have heartbreak induced narcolepsy - Yellow scarves for EVERYONE!

Ekun: Finally! We all rallied with an idea to make sure Seul Bi isn’t exposed-- but we all now know. And Seul Bi and Woo Hyun couldn’t think to cover her wrist with a towel 4 episodes ago? Well, they are still children. 

What did you thing Drama Fans? Does anyone feel bad for Jae Suk, the loneliest bully? Will Mama and Peach Dad make up? Is Sung Yeol fainting of love too? Just what are the conditions of the Sparkle Dash Tattoo? Let us know in the comments, and join us for After School : Lucky or Not 2!

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