What is good High Schoolers?! We are one more episode from the end, and I don’t know about you all, but I am upset! Once the storm calms, our characters find themselves in another calamity! Join Taleena, Aunnie, and me as we rejoice, breathe, and then lament over episode 19 of High School Love On!

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Because Honestly, Bullies Just Want to be Loved!

Now that the class has turned their backs on Jae Suk, will they be able forgive and embrace him?

Taleena: Really? This is the Jae Suk resolution? Someone just had to say, “Jae Suk, stop being an a**hat to Seul Bi because she’s sweet?” Well heck! They could have done that in episode two! And then, we bring in more random thugs because that’s how you know that Jae Suk has *really* turned from baddie to goodie - Jae Suk becomes helpless to stand up for himself to random bullies. I really thought Jae Suk was going to go too far in his quest to discover the Secret of the Sparkle Dash Tattoo before learning his lesson.

Ekun : Look, there were a lot of holes within this wrap up. Perhaps if the show had not spent so much time on the angst, we could have actually seen some real development, beside some BS consolation of “things just happen to pan out”, even for bullies like Jae Suk. But I already knew that he would have to turn a new leaf once his boys “got a brain” and abandoned him.

Aunnie: You know what, I stopped caring about Jae Suk like two months ago so his “happy ending” was the best that he could ask for and it pulled a smile out of me so hey, I’m happy. I’m glad in his moment of need; his friends were still there for him even if they gave him a hard time about it afterwards. Good for Jae Suk!

You are my Girlfriend, You are my Mom, and You are my Brother and Best Friend! The way God intended…

Now that the smoke has cleared, it seems that everyone is getting a little bit of relief. Feelings and Thoughts on this?

Taleena: Soul healing through flashbacks? Is this how they are resolving this storyline? (Wow, it’s like an echo in this article) After Sung Yeol being an utter butt for five episodes, he has one little Seul Bi connected fainting episode, suddenly his heart grows three sizes, and he begins to act like an adult! Don’t get me wrong - I’m so glad that Sung Yeol has removed the stick from his posterior, but sheesh! The processing time on this guy.

Aunnie: Sung Yeol is a Grinch with AOL, okay . . .Give the poor guy a break ;) Haha But seriously, way too much waaaay too late BUT for the sake “In nómine Patris, et Fílii, et Spíritus Sancti” . . . I’m totally cool with allowing the writer’s this cop out resolution and allowing this episode to go off into the sunset in peace. Now . . . only this was the last episode . . .

Ekun: Woo Hyun is the hero of all getting his happy endings with mom, Seul Bi, and Sung Yeol. Somehow, this does not please me—not that I do not want them to have the happy ending, it just seems like the whole Woo Hyun/Sung Yeol bit was glossed over on the account of making up for wasted time. Or perhaps I am just old and jaded, and know things don’t quite work that way.

Sunbae! He Will Make His Point at All Cost! Human Love Does Change!

Sunbae is determined to have Seul Bi back at his side, and prove that humans are flimsy…

Ekun: Then I must be a villain too Taleena! I always thought it best for Seul Bi to disappear. However, Sunbae using such drastic matters is a bit uncharacteristic from the Sunbae we once knew. While humans are terribly flimsy, and love can/will change, attempted murder is still a far cry from actually making your point.

Aunnie: Cupid Angel has failed us. He was all super stern with Seul Bi when she got her mark but he just coolly brushes Sunbae off when the angel is clearly unhinged? *tsk*tsk* My sincerest hope is that Sunbae get’s his wing’s stripped and he’s landed straight in the center of Seoul as a human with nothing but 200,000 won in his pocket and a new identity. *crosses fingers*
Taleena: OH Sunbae! I’m with you buddy. I too, make long declamations against this particular love triangle, think Seul Bi would best be a grim reaper, and would love to use a truck to swat sense into them all. I think that I must be a villain. Hmmmm.

The “WTF” Heard Around the World… Or at Least from my House!

As Sung Yeol was leaving (as I have been saying he needed to do since when?), Sunbae has caused an accident to hurt Woo Hyun, put Sung Yeol in a coma, and cause Seul Bi to disappear!

Aunnie: I had this bad feeling *looking at Taleena* that something was going to happen but the more and more the hints pointed at Sung Yeol doing something stupid did catch me by surprise but I guess it shouldn’t have. He’s kind of the only one who’s been trampled on in the love department and hey . . . love makes people do stupid things. But as far as them ending up in the hospital together in a perfect example of Murphy’s Law, I flipped a table, a desk and even a small child. Will nothing end peacefully in this drama?? Making us wait 2 months longer than necessary wasn’t enough?

Ekun: Stick a fork in me, I am done. Once things were finally starting to calm down and do what I want (Sung Yeol leave, Ki Soo and Young Eun budding friendship, Hotdog girl and Cutie thug Tae ho getting closer), here come Sunbae messing things up! But on the other side of the spectrum, how cool is it that Sunbae is messing stuff up?!

Taleena: Sung Yeol, if you really want to run away from home in a dramatic statement of teen angst, you should put all your possessions in a handkerchief and tote them on a stick like a hobo. I demand Hobo Sung Yeol riding rails and eating beans out of a can.

There Will be Peace Amongst the Peanut Gallery… and this High School Group.

Love that we saw so much development and growth with the side high schoolers. Thought?

Taleena: You know, I would be disappointed at the weak resolutions to all the stories, except I have a hard time concentrating on anything except the giant piggy bank that Miss Priss Ye Na stole from her mom. Dear show: that should have been a giant canvas satchel with the w symbol, and she should have been wearing old timey jail stripes.

Aunnie: I’ve decided to look at all the side characters with strawberry tinted, John Lennon glasses because let’s be serious . . . we haven’t been giving them their due. The main stories should have been about them with all the peaceful and loving resolutions that everyone is being given. Hot Dog girl and Cutie Thug, they should have been our stars. Their story was much more satisfying to see end.

Ekun: I am disappointed at the weak resolutions. But since the show is giving me a few things that I want, I have decided to eat the meat, and spit out the bones.

Next week we will be done! I for one, cannot wait. Join us next week as we wrap up and come full circle from the future of Woo Hyun running into a mystery girl with the other half of his necklace!

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