Enjoy the cute puppy picture because we have hit the episode where everyone is sad. When you are sad, you need a picture of a Yorkie wearing a tiny Beanie. So grab your hankies and join Aunnie, Ekun and Taleena as we discuss episode 9 of High School—Love On and try not to get fired from 6 jobs in 24 hours...

Seul Bi Stays and Woo Hyun Declines Into a Sad Funk

Ekun: I am not mad at Seul Bi for staying, however, I do think the story would have been more interesting if she left for a hot minute. No one understands Woo Hyun’s pain more than this chick, but ungrateful much? I get we all deal with death and loss in different ways, but to be disrespectful and mean to the people who are actually trying to help sucks. Get your life together, literally…

Taleena:  So Seul Bi stays. You knew it was inevitable, because really?, if she went back to being an angel that would have wrapped the story up neatly, unless they did the reincarnation bit, or had LOTS of time devoted to her pining from afar as a Grim Reaper. I wish Woo Hyun were a more convincing crier - I want realism in my crying scenes dang it! He did however play a depressed teen lashing out QUITE convincingly.

Aunnie: Yeah . . . what you guys said and more. 1)I wish Seul Bi would have left as well. I’m glad she stayed, don’t get me wrong--that’s where the story’s at but leaving would have given Woo Hyun enough time to really feel alone so when she came back, he’d be happy that she returned. As it was, it was hard for me to see him become more and more depressed, which leads me to 2) when I lost my grandmother, I was devastated as well but Woo Hyun needs a swift kick in the bottom so I was all over Sung Yeol’s tough love with him at the end. And last but not least, 3) watching Woo Hyun cry is painful but I give him all of my kudos for trying. First role and all, I know it’s a lot of pressure but practice makes perfect! Or maybe just make his face a little obscured when he has a crying scene. 

The Many Moods of Sung Yeol

Taleena: Oh Sung Yeol! I am in your corner vis a vis the romance, but if ever there was an episode confirming you as the Second Lead this is it. You are there for your girl and your friend, despite of your own personal abandonment issues and all she really sees is Woo Hyun. She even has a drama flashback to Woo Hyun. You are so doomed. I continually love Sung Yeol’s relationship with his dad, and am glad he is finally wrapping his head around the fact that his stepmom is not his enemy.

Ekun: I hate that stepmom… I have to say it every week. Now that’s out the way, I do like Sung Yeol a lot. He was a bit too much in the first episode, but he really is an all around good young lad. Even when he lashes out at Woo Hyun I wasn’t mad at him. While I think he sometimes makes Seul Bi uncomfortable, nothing will ever come of it. She has decided there is no one else but Woo Hyun. It’s ok Sung Yeol, this noona will make you snacks of comfort...

Aunnie: Despite the fact that I hate SLSs, I do like when writer’s make the SLSs like Sung Yeol--he knows he’s the SLSs, he’s aware of her feelings even if she isn’t aware of his, and he is halfway to accepting his fate. The Stepmom is warming up to me, if only because of her interaction with Sung Yeol however, it’s a dual sided blade because for every good and motherly thing she does for Sung Yeol, I get mad on Woo Hyun’s behalf. However, I’m glad that parental guilt is catching up to her (re: the side dishes). I just wish that he’d accept that his father has remarried so he shouldn’t be shocked that his mother is remarrying.

This Looks Like A Job For Peach Dad!

Ekun: Now see, I am willing to give Woo Hyun’s dad the benefit of the doubt on the abandonment issue. Granted he is not around, but that does not mean he left his wife and child on purpose. But he is totally bopping around in South Korea… I have thought that for a long time now. He may have not left on purpose, but he totally sucks now. I want Peach Dad to find out who his wife really is. This is getting ridiculous...

Taleena: We knew Woo Hyun’s dad was sketchy right? Abandoned his wife and son, ran off to America, has no working contact information, never sent money for support, and now of course, gangsters. It’s always gangsters. I am so glad Peach Dad is there to rescue the kids. If only Peach Dad’s detecting skills were a bit better he’d be able to figure out WHO Woo Hyun’s mom is.

Aunnie: Yeah, sorry Ekun, I’m with Taleena on this one. His dad’s a no-good abandoner too. He doesn’t remember his son’s shoe size, he mortgaged his mother’s house without telling anyone, then he didn’t pay back the loan and is still unreachable. Because I’m feeling peckish, I’m gonna throw in the fact that he didn’t show up to his own mother’s funeral and what we’ve got here is a roiling pot of resentment and the urge to kill-on-site if Daddy Dearest ever shows up in this drama. I can’t wait til Peach Dad (and Sung Yeol by extension) finds out he’s Woo Hyun’s stepfather. He’ll scoop Woo Hyun into his arms so quickly, it’ll be a tear jerker. 

The Professor And All the Rest!

Taleena: “Here On Gilligan’s Island!” OK, just had to finish the song, thanks for your patience. Still some movement on the Supporting Characters Who Are People Too. I like how Cupid Angel comes out with a welcome wagon, complete with sparklies.  I am happy that nameless Bullies #1 & #2 are rethinking their bully allegiance, but sad that they err and bully again. I am Shocked, SHOCKED! that Forever Lonely resigned and have NO Hopes that Divorced P.E. will be effective as a teacher, even though he has chutzpah, sartorially speaking, in swimwear. Sunbae! If you are throwing potted plants around, even though you said you’d written Seul Bi off, I would remind you that braining Woo Hyun is a no-no, no matter how richly he deserves it.

Ekun: I was proud of Sunbae…Until plants went flying around in the air! What the heck is he thinking? What does he means Seul Bi will lose everything? I really hope it wasn’t him. Forever Lonely is turning in his resignation, why? You made a mistake--and just like I am certain you tell the kids, “learn from it and keep it moving”. Perhaps not those exact words but you know. Cupid Angel is the Prez-CEO-Boss over Angels to Humans Coalition… Kind of saw it coming. What happens if a human finds out? I mean, she is young-- that would be hard to keep hidden from those who are important to you. Just Curious...

Aunnie: *takes a deep breath* 1) I can’t allow myself to believe it’s Sunbae who moved that pot. I’m hoping it’s Cupid Angel trying to get Woo Hyun over his grief with . . . a near death experience? I hadn’t realized my feels for Sunbae had reached a point where I’m willing to try and give him every benefit of the doubt I can. 2) This episode made me realize that Mr. Divorcee has grown on me, he’s abrasive and stupid sometimes, but he cares about his friend enough to lie for him. Thumbs up Mr. Divorcee! 3) Ms. Playing-Hard-To-Get-Backfired-On-Me Nurse is a pain in my Kdrama butt. ‘Nuff said. (Word! - Taleena) 4) Cupid Angel . . . st-stop throwing potted plants around, it isn’t nice . . . ! 5) I heart you Sunbae!

What did you think? Is Woo Hyun a total jerk? Is Seul Bi a total door mat? Is anyone else coming around on Step Mom? Is Sunbae behind the flying planter? Let us know in the comments.

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