Taleena: Alright! Let’s get right to it. Let’s talk about Hyun Bin evil Terry personae. Now we know what happened five years ago... kind of.

Aunnie: This is something we need to ease into discussing. Why you always gotta just jump in head firs-

Caroline: Can I compare Terry Bin to Perry Park from Kill Me, Heal Me? Their names rhyme, but the contrast in personality is a bit shocking. These two dramas are full on head to head with each other on this whole DID thing.

Aunnie: Sheesh . . . no one ever listen to me. however, I agree. Terry-Perry, this is grounds for plagiarism. Honestly.

Taleena: So compare them how? What kind of comparison did you want to make?

Caroline: TERRY VS. PERRY! Round One: Terry, the evil glare. Perry, Jeolla chatterbox! .. Really, I think the writers are friends. Why would they name the dude Terry? How does Seo jin get to Robin who gets to Terry? Explain this to me.

Aunnie: Well based on this soompi article, I would most definitely say they are NOT friends. Its hard to say which came first, chicken or the egg, but its safe to say the Terry-Perry thing is very coincidental . . .

Taleena: Honestly I think it’s like that deal where sometimes a creative community bubbles up with the same idea. Think about how Armageddon and Deep Impact both came out, or the like. Sometimes the concepts surface at the same time.

Aunnie: That "seems to" happen a lot in Kdramaland.

Taleena: As for Seo Jin/Robin/Terry, I think we need to understand that both “Robin” and “Terry” are products of basic K drama rules of thumb. 1) English names denote an exotic and not entirely understandable or trustworthy person. 2) English names indicate a person who will not necessarily conform to the recognizable archetypal “reward” or “punishment” of a native character. For example, most often a chaebol’s loose moraled girlfriend is western. Seo Jin typifies the Korean dutiful son, Robin and now Terry, are chary and whimsical prone to fits that are not understandable by those around them. 

Caroline: *Crickets* … Taleena Logic … *Blink Blink* … Makes sense. Okay. I’m convinced.

Aunnie: And you tell ME I add too much realism to Kdramas? I'm gonna remind you of this the next time. Just sayin'

Caroline: ... BUT, as long as we can both appreciate the evil cutie .. my god the man is so evil … we’re on the same page.

Aunnie: That's what I've been saying! The man is insane! its hard not to appreciate Sung Joon's acting skills but at the same time, it feels wrong to think "Hes doing this so well!"

Taleena: I think we just need to pause a moment and appreciate the truly AMAZING work Sung Joon did making his eyes go crazier and crazier this whole episode as Evil T. Cutie saw his entire plan implode before his eyes.

Aunnie: Agreed. Many kudos to him.

Caroline: *applause* He. Is. AMAZING. I got shivers watching his eyes become darker and darker .. He’s almost Batman’s (Remember that Reference?) Joker Level now. I Thee Dub Cutie: Joker.

Taleena: Oh Yes! I remember Batman. I wonder if Terry really is the dark knight....hmm it could be. Not the K Drama hero that we want but the K Drama hero that we need. I had a Real Bad Minute when Robin and Dr. Kang were escaping and I thought she was going to say: “No I have to go back and therapize Evil T. Cutie into mental health.” Thankfully even HER bladder couldn’t take it anymore.

Caroline: She had good escape hair too … Dr. Kang never has a bad hair day obviously. BUT, she can obviously get Robin to resurface. I was kind of worried that Terry would get his way and the police would walk in, assume it’s Seo Jin and then it would be an enormous mess!

Aunnie: Robin's "I want to live" really pulled at the heartstrings and just further made me feel like he was a real person with real feelings and he keeps getting abused. No wonder there is a Terry.

Taleena: I have to say I am glad this drama seems beyond those stupid misunderstandings to drag things out just for the heck of it. Furthermore, seeing as Ha Na called them it wouldn’t have made sense. Detective Noodle doesn’t know about the DID, at least not that I recall seeing. Seo Jin is just a victim all the way around. Ha Na, she is making all the right moves.

Aunnie: Its just a matter of time before Evil T. Cutie kidnaps Ha Na. Lets be serious, Im supremely surprised he hasnt already. I actually expected their little therapy session on the bench to end with him making her hate Seo Jin/Robin's guts which would bring out Terry.

Taleena: I expect she is going to be kidnapped because Evil T. Cutie is in luuurve with Ha Na, but he is so obsessed with punishing Seo Jin that he wants her to break Seo Jin’s heart before he whisks her away.

Aunnie: Thats why I thought he'd hypnotize her into hating him. Perfect way out.

Taleena: Beware the powers of... *voice dropping to a hoarse whisper* Mind Hacking!

Aunnie: You're a dork. Haha

Taleena: I wasn’t the one that came up with that brilliant phrase. I laugh every time I say it.

Caroline: I’ve never felt so Meh towards a female lead the way I’ve been with Ha Na. I don’t find her a necessity in the plot whatsoever. She’s just .. there. To feel things ….

Aunnie: I had a visceral hate for the female lead in In Need of Romance 3--interestingly enough, that also starred Sung Joon.

Taleena: Oh? I really like Ha Na. She is acting like a real person and not a collection of k drama heroine ticks. I think that she is thoughtful and genuinely cares for Seo Jin/Robin and is not rushing here and there on an emotional whim but using her brain. I don’t find her passive at all, even if she is reacting to circumstance.

Caroline: She’s just there. To feel things. Lol. I don’t know. The story pretty much revolves around Batman, Robin, The Joker and oh wait, Batman and Robin are fighting over a girl while they save Gotham (Aka: Wonder Corp.) .. YAY!

Taleena: *having horrible flashbacks to George Clooney and Chris O’Donnell* AS for saving Wonder Corp (or is it WAYNE Industries??) Holy Cow - talk about stealing Director No Pant’s thunder! I love that by preempting his cousin, Seo Jin kept the lid on his condition and kept him out of his hair while he straightened his head out.

Aunnie: That was a stroke of genius. I have come to actually like DNP--twirling his lover and his little bathroom showcase--even if he is a gnat, I kinda like him now.

Taleena: Yeah, I completely agree Aunnie. From the time he cracked open the case by revealing the imposter, he has been hugely entertaining. I love watching his intrigues and maneuverings in a way I never seem to with typical K Drama boardroom shenanigans.

Caroline: Seo Jin’s Smooth. Like the Night … (I can’t get the Batman thing out of my head now that I opened that door again) … Let’s review. Robin and Ha Na seem to want to stay together even though Seo Jin wants Robin to reunite with his original personality. What’s the expected battle? How exactly will Ha Na preserve Robin?

Aunnie: Okay, call me weird but I don’t understand why they couldn’t just have a pseudo-polyamorous relationship. *waits for thrown tomatoes* Honestly, once Soo Hyun is out of the picture, no one has to erase anyone. She could just as easily love both and be with both while still..technically being with only one person. I guess I just want everyone to be happy?

Taleena: And once again, all is unfolding as I had foreseen: Seo Jin is his own Second Lead Love Interest. As to why she can’t settle down in a relationship with all the myriad personalities, well really there is no reason she couldn’t. To me it would be much more problematic if his personalities all loved different people. This is fiction though and Happily Ever Afters do not tend to include dealing with long term mental illness. Therefore: my prediction is the same as last week’s prediction: That Seo Jin will integrate all the shards of personality and have the memories of them all. And they all will love Ha Na. Even the Gorilla.

Aunnie: Is it really mental illness if you know the hows, the whys, and the whens of your condition and choose not to change anything? Or does it simply turn into homeostasis at that point?

Taleena: Yes. It is still mental illness. You can have diabetes and manage it with diet and exercise and live a happy life, but you still have a condition you manage. It doesn’t make him a bad person, we all have stuff we deal with, but we should call a spade a spade.

What do you think Drama Fans? Doctor Kang has been rescued even though it was a very close call and it's only a matter of time before Evil T. Cutie is exposed and the hunt for him begins; where do you see the show going from here? Will Soo Hyun kidnap Ha Na in order to bring out Terry or has he already hypnotized her into leaving both Robin and Seo Jin behind? Will Seo Jin begin treatment right away in the hopes of getting rid of Robin and will Ha Na let him? Let us know in your comments and we'll see you here next week for Episode 13 and 14!

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