Last episode we left off on a very sensitive note: Is it okay for Seo Jin—not Robin—to love Ha Na too? After everything Ha Na and Seo Jin have been through together, is it possible for them to move past the trauma and accept one another? Join Taleena and me as we discuss what may be turmoil-filled episode 16 of Hyde, Jekyll, and I.

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Aunnie: Oh, it hurts to be right and I’m not being sarcastic, it actually hurt to be right about Seo Jin and Ha Na. I was prepare for her to give this lovingly gushy response to Seo Jin and be an outcast to how these two felt about each other but I was not prepare for her to turn him down flat.

Taleena: I just have to think that Ha Na is fooling herself. Every time someone, most often Robin, asked about Seo Jin’s feelings and her feelings for Seo Jin, Ha Na put it down to gratitude and the forced intimacy of a highly charged situation. I can see how that is the logical construction and why she is saying it, BUT when Robin asked point blank WHY she cares about Seo Jin if she really only loved Robin she would say, “I care because what Seo Jin does affects YOU.” or “I care because all people need kindness.” She answered no one directly. Either in the general, “I care about all people” or the affirmative, “I care because of Robin.” That leaves, “She cares about Seo Jin in himself but can not admit it for fear of being hurt.”

Aunnie: Oh man . . . we just will never agree on this. I just think her response of “I care because he’s been through something traumatic and it just starting to get his life back together” is a pretty reasonable explanation. It’s like kicking a dog while he’s down--he just dealt with a boatload of his past issues and now Robin wants to announce to the world “Hey, I know Seo Jin is went through this traumatic event but guess what? He’s also been harboring this huge secret for fifteen years. Yay! Let’s deal with this now!” And even I would be like “Dude . . . calm down.”

Taleena: I am not saying that it is an unreasonable or illogical response for Ha Na to say that. I am just saying she is not selling it very well. Which is why Robin’s Love Reading Meter is going off like crazy. Robin is understandably concerned by Seo Jin ‘stealing’ everything from him. The huge issue comes down to this: Robin made a pitch to Seo Jin that they both try to learn to live and love, and now Seo Jin is doing that Robin is regretting it.

Aunnie: I don’t know, she sold it pretty well when she put on her b*tch-face when confronting Seo Jin about him spending time with her crew. She may a little “too calm” when talking to Robin, but to Seo Jin, she has clearly drawn a line, cemented the crap out of it and is ready to put up a barbed fence worthy of the Demilitarized zone.

Taleena: Seo Jin is the ONLY person who is buying it. Seo Jin is the only person she feels compelled to put up a clear defensive front with. Because he is the one SHE HAS UNRESOLVED feelings for.

Aunnie: Okay, change of topics: Robin wanting to establish himself as a real person is a noble, noble goal and I’m torn between wanting to support him and wanting to say . . . why can’t things be just like they used to be? Although he does have a point, everyone is trying to get rid of him so he has to do something drastic so they can’t get rid of him.

Taleena: Something I noticed all episode is how much more alike Robin and Seo Jin are becoming. The wardrobe is just the illustration for it. Suddenly Seo Jin is wearing open collars and relaxing quite a bit, and Robin is buying a suit and being forward thinking about business.

Aunnie: I’m gonna stop you right there . . . for two seconds. Seo Jin wore a turtleneck shirt under a collared shirt in that last scene with his dad. What the hell is that fashion??

Taleena: Only a K drama actor could wear that and make it look non nerdy. That is all. BUT I think that Robin’s frantic attempts to establish himself as his own person is simply a reflection of Seo Jin’s own drive to succeed and be his own person.

Aunnie: I kind of agree that they are starting to become one but I think Robin wanting to establish himself has more to do with the basic human nature of not wanting to be forgot--even if it’s in the hearts of family. We all want to be remembered on a basic level, we want to leave a mark on someone’s life and unfortunately, Robin will always be remembered as Seo Jin if he gets extinguished now.

Taleena: I am not disagreeing that his motives are his own, that desire for acknowledgement and legacy, but the ability that drives those motives are derived from the side of his personality that he labels “Seo Jin”.

Aunnie: I swear, we should just bring our individual psychologist family members into this discussion--like we need a board of experts to help figure out motivations. Haha! Also, I’m just done with DNP.. Director No Pants needs to switch occupations and be a detective with Honey Badger at his side. She’d be a good side kick. His “Eur-ika” moment was great! The look of utter triumph in his face--I want to see this guy act more.

Taleena: I could watch a show of nothing but Director No Pants and Honey Trap figuring stuff out. With cake lots and lots of cake. Honey Trap’s face of perfect innocence while eavesdropping on Dr. Kang and Alfred was delightful. I want Director No Pants to take over the company for good. I want Seo Jin to integrate his personality, but eschew CEOness to be the webtoon author he always wanted to be.

Aunnie: Speaking of the webtoon and drawing, I very nearly got emotional watching Seo Jin and Soo Hyun’s conversation in the interrogation room. Sung Joon’s acting is incredible--just a few episodes we were going “he’s so evil!” and now we’re (or at least I am) going “awww, poor guy never even had a chance!”

Taleena: I think we are going to be on opposite sides here again.

Aunnie: Of course we are, nothing can be easy between us. Haha

Taleena: It’s what makes us the dynamic duo. While I had the tiniest of feels for Soo Hyun, he did, after all, go through trauma and find out that he had been hiding from himself all along, HE made the choice to do bad things. HE did. It may have been based on faulty information and assumptions. BUT there comes a time when you need to be accountable. The first attack on Dr. Kang was a mistake, the rest a choice. You can forgive someone, as Seo Jin has done, but you must live with the consequences of your actions.

Aunnie: Oh no, of course, I agree with all of that. I’ve always told people that you can only blame so much on other people before you just have to hold yourself accountable. I agree, he should see jail time and pay for what he did to all the parties involved. But it would also have been easier to see him just continue his wicked ways and be evil than to see him honestly regret what he did and the decisions he made and knowing he’ll have to live with his actions for the rest of his life. That’s the part that’s sad, at least to me.

Taleena: Yeah, it’s sad. There is always an element of sadness when people’s choices are destructive, and Sung Joon’s remorseful sadness is played well. I don’t trust it 100%, but that is because I am a nasty suspicious person. There was always a heavy element of envy and self centeredness to Soo Hyun’s motives that I think are not so easily swept away.

Aunnie: BUT THOSE BIG PUPPY EYES!!! No, just kidding. I’m too trusting--which is totally no true--but I try to believe the best in people unless they’ve shown that they can’t be trusted. So far, this is the first time he’s really tried to be honest with himself and Seo Jin. And the fact that he asked Seo Jin not to come back just screams sincerity. I wonder if we’ll keep seeing him from here on out or if his story is done? The dad though . . . even having asked Ha Na to leave, I love him. Can't understand why he’s so damn mean to Seo Jin’s face though!

Taleena: See I am not nearly so convinced that the Dad is wonderful as you are. (We’re taking opposite tacks as we did in King’s Face.)

Aunnie: Ugh, I had nearly gotten myself to forget about King’s Face . . . then you gotta bring it up again.

Taleena: I loved that dad in that. Anyhoo, no one is trying to assassinate the Dad in this show so he doesn’t get a pass.

Aunnie: I beg to differ!! Pretty sure Director No Pants is trying an assassination of sorts . . . it’s just not a feudal-esque assassination.

Taleena: See, it is not the same, and hyperbole will get you nothing. NOTHING! One is actual death and the other is just board room maneuvering. Direct No Pants is awesome and I love him.

Although Taleena and I seem to be at odds about this whole Seo Jin/Robin/Ha Na thing, it seems we can't agree on anything this episode. How do you guys feel about the turn Hyde, Jekyll and I has taken? Do you think Ha Na is harboring feelings she's not prepared to deal with? Do you think Seo Jin will try and get rid of Robin and do you think Robin will make his identity known to the world? Let us know in your comments and we'll see you next week for episode 17 and 18!!

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