Hello everyone! We hope everyone was ready for a calm and somewhat peaceful episode because that is exactly what we got.  Seo Jin and Robin, with the help of Ha Na and Secretary Kwon, sit down and come up with a plan of attack for how to live with each other peacefully. Join Taleena and I as we discuss Episode 18 of Hyde, Jekyll and I!

Taleena: Some part of me is really glad that I am not the one modding this episode, because Robin drove me bonkers.

Aunnie: And Here I was gonna say that I really enjoyed this episode--more than I have any of the recent ones, in fact. I finally see a connection growing between Ha Na and Seo Jin that I didn’t see there before even though clearly, the majority of her feelings are with Robin.

Taleena: So riddle me this: because this is what drove me BANANAS during the episode. What was Robin in a snit about? It wasn’t that Seo Jin suddenly is getting “credit” for being a webtoon artist, which is what I thought he’d have a problem with.

Aunnie: Haha I saw “What was Robin in . . . “ and though you were going to mention that atrocious jacket Seo Jin walked out wearing for the last radio show . . .

Taleena: Honestly! OK, maybe “snit” is the wrong word. Perhaps I should quote the immortal Doug Adams and refer to it as the “dark teatime of the soul.”

Aunnie: I don’t think he was upset about Seo Jin getting the credit but I think he was upset for the same reasons that Seo Jin was upset--they have finally found a balance in fifteen years and suddenly /now/ is the time they start fusing? Just when they made it this far and found a way to make both personalities work--where Seo Jin isn’t trying to hide Robin or get rid of Robin, and Robin is finally accomplishing his dreams of being a real boy--and suddenly Seo Jin’s mental state says “okay, we can fuse now.”

Taleena: OF course! they are going to begin integrating personalities now. It is a natural progression of the fact that Seo Jin doesn’t need the crutch of the other personalities. And this began before everything was in balance between them. It was ROBIN who started this ball rolling. Now he is all broody and metaphorically listening to Trent Reznor and Alanis Morissette and sulking in his room. Sheesh.

Aunnie: Haha Trent Reznor--I always think of Treasure Planet when I think of him despite his earlier fame--Before now, though, Seo Jin still kind of needed him and Robin was digging his heels in to make a stand out of fear of disappearing so now they’re letting him have free rein and I think his “will” to live has lessened, does that make sense? So now he has less to hang onto and now finds himself floating away rather than being dragged away . . . ?

Taleena: That is really not how I read it. It is interesting that you have a completely different take on the situation. I totally read it as: Robin got everything he wanted and now he is brooding about the fact that he has to still accommodate Seo Jin and Seo Jin still has the primacy of acknowledgement? I guess is the word I am groping for. And he was a complete butt to Ha Na.

Aunnie: Yeah . . . not at all how I saw it. I saw him being broody, definitely, but because he didn’t expect that they’d naturally fuse now without either one trying to actually do it. It’s why he got really upset when the doctor said “This form of treatment is even better than the one I had planned” and he said “It’s not a treatment.” But it scared him because it /is/ actually a treatment, just not one they had planned on. However, let’s move on. I have another technique to talk about that I thought worked brilliantly in this episode!

Break Up.png

Aunnie: Now tell me that wasn’t a great scene!

Taleena: I have so much love for Honey Trap. I don’t think she /actually/ dumped Director No Pants, but what a great wake up call that his obsessing went over the top! I loved that DNP immediately stopped cogitating over what to do about Robin and was, “Oh NOES! what is she saying!”

Aunnie: I don’t think she did either but I thought it was a very effective wake up call for him. I’m hoping now he’ll find a happy resolution with Seo Jin!

Taleena: I hope so too! My Magic Eight Ball tells me that Seo Jin will be the webtoon artist and artistic director of Wonder Group, and DNP will continue to be that CEO. If Seo Jin’s fully integrated personality has Robin’s artistry, which I believe he will, then he will want to focus on that. I think he is much more interested in providing a magical experience for kids, based on his love of movies about the wonder and innocence of childhood.

Aunnie: Agreed. Considering the fact that he’s not ready to “send Robin off” means he’ll want to try and keep some semblance of Robin with him at all times so he’ll keep Robin’s dream alive or maybe it’ll just become his dream once they’re fused. I hope that’s what they hinted at the end there when Robin was looking at the screen going “Seo Jin is me”. I hope, at least.

Taleena: Yeah. If Robin’s realization that he is not losing himself is the result of the “dark teatime of the soul” bit, and practically ceding all of Ha Na’s birthday to Seo Jin, then I am OK with the broodiness. I wish that he had gotten onto a scooter and shouted into the wind, but not everyone has a cute Circus Boy to help them out of a self pity funk..

Aunnie: Aside from the fact that Circus Boy still, no matter what Firnlambe says, reminds me of SHINee’s Onew--he really is a cutie! A sweet and accepting boy for Woo Jung. It’s so much easier to watch her on screen now that she’s accepted that Robin is no longer “her man” even though she still jokes and says “My man.” This episode was really a simple one without too many dramatics so I really enjoyed it. 

So, it was a pretty simple episode that we ended this week with and we can all take a collective sigh of relief. But it seems we might be facing a final goodbye to our wonderful Robin next week as it looks like Seo Jin and Robin might be fusing. Will it be  sad or happy ending to Hyde, Jekyll and I? I guess we'll have to tune in next week to find out. Leave us your predictions in the comments and we'll see you next week!

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