Things are starting to heat up for Seo Jin and Robin as they both continue to discover their deeper feelings for Ha Na — and it seems like Ha Na has a few deeper feelings herself that she oh-so-sweetly shared with Rob-I mean . . . .Seo Jin. That's right people, we've got a confession hanging in the midst, so join Caroline, Taleena and me as we discuss how Seo Jin reacts to finding out Ha Na is head-over-heels infatuated with his alter ego on Hyde, Jekyll, and I.

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Taleena: Big stuff happened. 1) They caught Black Hat Stalker Dude and 2) Director No Pants was REAL creepy in his way of ferreting out Seo Jin-as-Robin’s connection to Love Interest Wannabe. Am I the only one that had a “to catch a predator” vibe off of his call to her?

Aunnie: I mostly just find him annoying. Quite honestly, I wouldn’t care if he had my picture and I certainly wouldn’t have called him but, personally, I use his scenes to get up and get something to drink. When I come back, usually he’s off screen. He’s just that character to me. When he really starts causing problems, I’ll pay attention. You missed a very important plot point — or scene, rather — in your list, Taleena. I’m shocked!

Taleena: That Therapist Cutie is still sketchy as heck?!

Caroline: No, you have issues girl. He’s … Okay. Wait. Can we talk about the fact that he was on the floor with the broken vase, yet could still get up, make a phone call and look extremely adorable while doing it?? Plus, why did the liquid in the vase not get on him? .. That .. is sketchy. He’s adorable.

Aunnie: Okay, I’ll admit to thinking he was sketchy for about 3.6 seconds when he was being told who the perpetrator was until the camera moves and you realize why he looks so freaked out and the sheer panic in his eyes really made me feel for him. But alas, no...I’m talking about this scene . . .

Caroline: Deep Stuff.

Taleena: NOT Yet! Not yet! I want to talk about Therapist Cutie because Seo Jin’s spidey senses (Side Note: Yes, I am aware I am mixing my superhero metaphors here) were freaking out at the interrogation scene when Therapist Cutie put his hands over Ha Na’s eyes. MY spidey senses were freaking out when he did the same thing in the “art gallery”.

Aunnie: Fine fine fine . . .

Caroline: OMO OMO OMO! *Holding Neck* (I’m so Korean, right?) Love Competition. Can I say something. I’ve been wanting to point this out since Episode One, but my goldfish memory does nothing for me. Do you realize Ha Na calls Seo Jin “Samo-nim”? As in, rich man’s wife? Did you notice this?!

Taleena: You are talking to someone who feels fluent because they can say “secret” and “I love you” in Korean ya know....

Aunnie: *face palm at Taleena* I didn’t catch it mostly because my Korean Studies haven’t quite covered that term. Haha However, there is one thing I like about Cutie Therapist . . .well there is a lot . . . I have no doubt in my mind that he’ll be an SLS in the coming episodes. All the eye-touching kind of begs him to be an SLS BUT I really am liking the fact that unlike most other SLS’ he’s not attracted her RIGHT FROM THE START. Love at first sight and all that . . he legitimately wants to help her not date and marry into her family.

Caroline: Yep. I think he should marry into her family …

Taleena: No! I reject your SLS premise. Reject! He’s A) her therapist. B) a bad guy.

Aunnie: Only you think he’s a bad guy! But let’s move onto the next topic now that we’ve talked about your Cutie Therapist. Lol Like how Seo Jin is a butt in this episode . . .deleting text messages and completely violating Robin’s privacy!

Taleena: Seo Jin is doing this because he is TOTALLY bonkers over Ha Na and is jealous of Robin.

Caroline: Sigh. Can we just stop for a second to realize that they share a body? If one feels the tinglies with her, why wouldn’t the other? It’s the same heart/brain/things that make feelings bla. They both like her, they just express differently, and neither one wants to share. Except, they have to, so .. now what?

Aunnie: At the risk of sounding like a snob . . . I actually bought the book “The Minds of Billy Milligan” because of this kdrama....

Taleena: Snob

Aunnie: Haha . . . and can actually say that they hardly ever feel the same stuff as the other personalities. So for both of them to fall in love with her with their individual personalities is quite a lot harder than you’d think.

Caroline: Do I need to buy the book to understand this drama now? (0____0)

Taleena: No one said there would be homework...

Aunnie: Not necessarily BUT since it arrived on my doorsteps few days ago, I’ve had an extremely hard time putting it down. To the point that I’ve completely left Kill Me, Heal Me in the dust. It’s sitting right next to me begging to be read even as I type . . .

Taleena: Well, I for one am not going to try and fit real life medical conditions into Kdramaland reality, because in Kdramaland enough musical flashbacks can heal the most traumatised leads.

Caroline: Speaking of Traumatized leads. Who was super impressed with Seo Jin watching Robin scream his guts out on video? Talk about table turning! It’s usually Seo Jin screaming his guts out on video (^___^)

Aunnie: Once again, I’d like to just state for the record that I love their video messages to each other.

Taleena: Before we fall down the well of gushing over Hyun Bin again, can we talk about Black Hat losing his shizzle over what happened 5 years ago? That whole scene was completely intense without even going into whether or not Therapist Cutie is sinister (he is).

Caroline: I know right? Now I’m wondering what really happened with that. But what really caught my attention was creepy police dude schooling some mannerisms. Seo Jin does tend to be pretty mannerless (Ex: Pushing the girl to the Gorilla/ Can’t get over the Gorilla Scene)

Aunnie: I like his character in High School - Love On but I love his unabashed brashness in this show more. Between this scene and his scene with Director No Pants, I can’t tell which one I laughed more at.

Taleena: Oh yeah that was funny. “Oh the MEDICAL files!”

It's game on for Seo Jin and Robin as they tango for Ha Na's affection. Do you think Seo Jin will admit to himself his true feelings for Ha Na? Or just keep getting in the way of Robin? What do you think is the big secret that our resident bad guy is hiding? Do you think Cutie Therapist is in on it? Let us know in your comments and we'll see you back here for Episodes 7 and 8! 

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