Don't you just love those moments when you forget what the cliffhanger was when you queue up the new episode? So do we--that first exhilerating seconds of "Oh that's right!!" had us sitting at the edge of our seats as we remembered that Ha Na was bringing her "friend" to her hypnosis session. How will Cutie Therapist handle Robin? Join Caroline, Taleena and I as we discuss episode 9. 

Aunnie: So, Should we stop calling the Therapist a 'Cutie' because I can't lie . . . he did 'creepy' waaaay too well in this episode.

Caroline: I still think he’s cute =( I can’t believe he turned evil! This is so unfair, I had hopes he would somehow become the second lead romance and maybe for once win Ha Na’s heart the way Young Do didn’t with Eun Sang.

Aunnie: I did too but I’m not as sad about him not being SLS as I am about just how GOOD he looks playing the bad guy. I mean, Sung Joon played a bad boy in Shut Up Flower Boy Band but this . . . this is a whole new level of bad. I liked how Robin just innately knew something was "off" about him.

Taleena: Evil Therapist Cutie is scrambling pretty hard and fast to come up with a new game plan, eg. frame Dr. Kang. It didn’t take him long to figure out Seo Jin’s Robin side! And since they took the trouble to zoom in on it THREE times I think Seo Jin’s hand rubbing tic is going to give him away to someone.

Caroline: That’s because the dude looked like he was about to get an ulcer when Robin showed up with Ha Na for the session. But YA KNOW WHAT?! I love that he calls himself her “boyfriend” now, that’s the adorable stuff I live for these days.

Aunnie: Right! I was kind of surprised only because there was no hesitancy when he said it and she readily agreed to it. I gave a bit of a 'whoop' in happiness. But deep, deep . . . DEEP down I still feel bad that Ha Na is being deceived although that little conversation about Seo Jin vs. Robin on the bridge was a small step in the right direction.

Taleena: Plus, Robin should TOTALLY tell Ha Na the truth. Use words Robin! She already cares about both of you, and you are only setting yourself up for heartbreak. And - AND- Robin has no clue about the kidnapping escape fiasco. Something makes me think it is not as cut and dried an abandonment as EVIL T. Cutie thinks. (Side Note - Even if it was, they were like 7? I attach no blame. I know that emotional issues rarely incorporate logic but it needs to be said.)

Caroline: Did you notice his slip up? He totally gave himself away while having that conversation with her and she didn’t even notice it!

Aunnie: I didn't see it as a slip--I think he was trying to subtly give her clues to what's really happening.

Caroline: And she didn’t notice (-____-) She’s starting to become one of the lead airheads that you hate. I’ve been slowly seeing it in the last couple of episodes. Moral of Korean Drama Female Leads: Falling in Love ---> Idiotic Followers.

Aunnie: Last couple of episodes? I've always been on the fringe with her character just because her "compassion" towards Seo Jin has always seemed weird to me. If someone isn't nice to me, I'm certainly not putting bandaids on their fingers. Then again, maybe I'm just a mean person.

Caroline: Agreed. I wouldn’t do that either, but then again we’re not exactly the most compassionate people out there to use ourselves as a measuring tool. I don’t like her character anymore actually now that I think about it. The Cutie Therapist was RIGHT behind her in the Hypothesis, she could’ve turned around! No wait, there was a reflection! And she didn’t look!!!! DID YOU NOTICE THIS?!

Aunnie: I thought the same thing as well and then I thought 'Well, its not like he hasn't showed up in her hypnotic-sessions before so he could just as easily explain away his presence.' I’m just annoyed that they're actually relying on her hypnotic memory more than actual police work. I am withholding my need to place realism in Kdramas . . . . commend me. Haha

Caroline: Oh well. At least we got to see Robin’s “I’m ADORABLE and smart” side too. Except, it was hilarious that he just shocked everyone by being adorable when he was supposed to be Seo Jin.

Aunnie: Yeah . . . about that. I think its great that Robin has no fear of the board or his "father" although I wonder how he'll get Seo Jin to come back out. I feel bad that Seo Jin hasn't been able to find even ONE person to trust.

Taleena: Watching Robin as Seo Jin is almost as hilarious as watching Seo Jin as Robin. Seeing Secretary Alfred silently flipping out was too funny. Oh Seo Jin! Paisleys AND flowers on the same shirt? Even in black and white it’s pretty garish. Do you ever get the feeling that Hyun Bin discretely lifts some of the costumes for personal wear and it is always the most crazy/sparkly of them all?

Aunnie: And here we go again with the wardrobe--can we all just agree that the stylists are just throwing outfits together to see what they can get away with? Haha but the father . . . *sigh*

Caroline: I still can’t understand Seo Jin’s father’s issue. He’s a Grinch.

Taleena: You’re a mean one Mr. Grinch... la la la

Aunnie: Yeah, I can't get a hang on him either. I feel like he wants to be a good father but doesn't know how or that's not even saying it right . . . I think he cares at the very least.

Caroline: Where exactly do you get the “he wants to be a good father” vibe? I don’t see that, I see him caring about his company and his image and nothing else.

Taleena: I was happy when his Dad shut down Director No Pants but I am getting real tired of him as the anti-Seo Jin/Robin heavy a hair’s breadth away from sending him to a mental hospital. (Even though in real life it might be the best option. I’m not a psychologist and I will not play internet psychologist either - much. Let’s be honest.)

Aunnie: Haha, like I said--its not exactly how to put Seo Jin’s father into words but its in the way he looks when he's NOT in front of Seo Jin/Robin that just gives me this feeling. Maybe I'm being too hopeful. I blame pregnancy hormones--I've been told i can get away with anything with that excuse.

Caroline: Can we all collectively agree that every single K-Drama character is in desperate need of checking into a mental hospital? Because that will resolve our sanity questions.

Taleena: Some of them for darn certain Caroline. Mostly the ones that are screaming “I’m Crazy!” at the top of their lungs or desperately crying in restaurants and/or soju tents.

Caroline: Oh? So Everyone? Like I said. There’s no hope =D lol.

Aunnie: I’d just like to ONCE have a sob fest over Soju and see if everyone really just stares at you but actually leaves you alone--in bars, you sob over a whiskey and you are INSTANTLY cut off and a cab is called whether you can afford it or not.

Taleena: I had a sob fest tasting soju once... Gah it’s rawer than moonshine.

Aunnie: You're just flaunting that you've been to Korea. I've had American made soju and its actually not too bad, no chaser is required but damn if it doesnt taste . . . tasteless.

Taleena: No, I had it here in the states with Sis. We did the soju + canned whip cream combo from Rooftop Prince. Bleh. Makes a shiver run down my spine just thinking about it.

Caroline: Taleena likes to flaunt all her knowledge. Just watch her type out all those theories. It’s a total Taleena thing.

Taleena: Maybe I’ll just go cry in the corner now - but it will not be with soju. I am too American for it.

Aunnie: I'LL PROVIDE THE ALCOHOL, its going to waste on me anyway.

Caroline: I’ll call Cutie Therapist and we’ll make it Korean! We need Jajangmyeon.

Taleena: Come on admit it the deer is staring at you… 

Taleena: . . . those horses look shifty eyed too.

Caroline: Sorry Taleena, we’re not that drunk yet. Plus Aunnie is pregnant, not crazy .. No wait … Nevermind. I take that back =P

Aunnie: Yeah, what she sa--wait . . . are you calling me cray-cray??

Caroline: I was talking about the Cutie Therapists!

Aunnie: That's more like it *whisper in suspicion*

So Cutie--*ahem*--Evil Therapist knows Seo Jin's secret but luckily Robin is very suspicious of him--will that help protect Ha Na from further misfortune? Will Seo Jin come out of hiding or leave the battle--Lee Soo Hyun, the Chairman and Ha Na--in Robin's capable hands? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and we'll see you again for Episode 10.  

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