Multiple personalities, charging gorillas, possible murders, falls from high buildings, missing abs? - join Aunnie, Caroline and Taleena as we talk about the things that really mattered to us in episode one of Hyde, Jekyll and I.

Taleena: OK I have start this by saying Hyun Bin . . .

Aunnie: . . . is hot?

Taleena: . . . has AMAZING cheekbones. This drama will star Hyun Bin, Hyun Bin’s cheekbones and Rooftop Princess. I swear I just had her real name and it escaped me. Gorilla Girl. Han Ji Min. Also, I have been meaning and MEANING to look up the Korean version of the Big Dipper and it’s significance, because obviously Chekov’s necklace there will come into play. It got more camera time than some of the actors.

Caroline: Hyun Bin got fat though .. Wait, not fat. I can’t see his abs anymore. It’s weird. Fluffy? But Ji Min is someone I’m excited to see again, because Rooftop Prince was one of my absolute favorites!

Aunnie: *fangirl death at hearing Hyun Bin being called fat* While he’s not as bodacious as he was in The Fatal Encounter (which also starred Han Ji Min, I might add) but I’d still certainly kidnap him, bring him home and feed him kimchi from my local Seoul Foods. I’m so excited to see how this drama plays out--even though I’m hoping for more Robin scenes.

Taleena: *choking* Fluffy? Here I was thinking he looked great with a little age and meat on his bones. BUT show, talk about the show, I can tell you right now I am having a hard time with his alternate personality being called “Robin” because now all my brain wants to do is make Batman and Robin jokes and call his secretary Alfred.

Caroline: Robin … I think he’s going to be my favorite side, because the “I’m too awesome to talk to you simpletons” Seo Jin side is irritating. Although, I did have a laugh fest when he climbed up that kiosk because of the gorilla (^____^) kekeke.


Aunnie: The only problem I’m having with Robin is the fact that the very idea of him makes people pull out tazers and batons! He rescues people, not kills them in his spare time. But I do agree, Caroline, watching Hyun Bin push women to the curb in fear is something I hope happens a lot for the sheer hilarity of it.

Taleena:I /am/ intrigued Aunnie, by everyone being jumpy about Robin. However! Hyun Bin is nerdaliciously hot in his glasses I don’t want him to give them up. Clark Kent! Not Superman. Also, Robin is the reason he is wearing those hideous yoga pants. I am getting so side tracked here by Hyun Bin’s looks it is not funny.


Aunnie: Hyun Bin is totally side-track worthy and we can all agree that Robin is the better half buuuuuut I will say this, Seo Goo-Needs-A-Nickname is so “simpletony” because he “lives like a saint” which is sad for someone as handsome as Hyun Bin.

Taleena: Batman, just call him Batman

Caroline: Batman has abs …. and so does Clark Kent.

Aunnie: Hyun Bin had abs, does that count?

Caroline: HAD. Past Tense. No longer in effect. No.


Taleena: Look, if I were single, I’d help Batman Hyun Bin with his whole “living like a saint” thing. Abs, no abs - sheesh. Let’s get to the meat of this here. WHO killed Doctor Flame Hands?


Aunnie: I will laugh if Robin has abs but Batman doesn’t . . .just sayin’. However, as far as who “killed” Doctor Has the Answer, I don’t think she’s dead.

Caroline: Who wants to bet that Seo Jin will think that Robin was the one who killed the Doctor and will spend 8 episodes feeling sorry for himself about it?

Taleena: Except, and it is entirely possible I missed something, I thought it was pretty clear that Gorilla Girl’s attacker killed Doc Experimental Treatment and Batman TOTALLY pushed Gorilla Girl out of the elevator when the masked man attacked her.


Aunnie: Generally, I’d agree except . . . why take the body? Just leave her dead on the floor, by taking her body it leaves it open for her to come back K-miraculously to save the day. Also, I agree about Batman (or Robin) having something to do with her “disappearance”. I spent 4 episodes of “It’s Okay, That’s Love” thinking D.O’s character was real. I’ll believe anything at this point.

Caroline: I think he’s willing to believe anything about Robin, so that’s why I mentioned it. But really, can we talk about the circus concept here? What is that all about? Why a circus? The idea itself makes me do a double glance, cause really, what?

Aunnie: So they could bring in a Gorilla . . .or CGI one, that is.

Taleena: Here I was going to say, to set up Creepy Clowns down the road. You can’t have a circus storyline without a Creepy Clown killer.

Aunnie: Wasn’t it a clown who kidnapped the young-Batman? (And I will laugh if, at some point, bats make an appearance in this show)

Taleena: Batman’s greatest nemesis is the Clown Prince of Crime! Also, Robin was a circus acrobat. All the pieces are there ladies...

Caroline: *Dramatic Music* The Joker (0____0) THAT TOTALLY MAKES SENSE!

Aunnie: And there is Ms. Big Book of Theories. She’s back ladies and gentlemen, give her a round of applause.

Taleena: Want another theory?

Aunnie: Oh God . . .

Caroline: Here we go ….

Taleena: Robin will be Batman’s SLS! Dum dum DUM! You know Gorilla Girl will fall for both of them. He will SLS himself and have to decide which personality “dies”. Anyone? Are you floored by my genius? (and humility?)

Caroline: Ehem. Aunnie?

Aunnie: Sorry, I was totally fantasizing about falling off a ledge and into a pool of water while nestled in Hyun Bin’s arms. Our babies would be so cute . . . and Actually Taleena, that theory would make complete and totally sense . . . if it weren’t for Sung Joon. He throws a wrench in your plans. That boy’s face was made to be SLS material. 


Taleena: But is he going to be one of those super sad SLSes that are forever in the friendzone?

Aunnie: Oh, you mean the ones where they never even had a hint of a chance? Yeah . .

Taleena: Yes, those poor suckers who are always hanging around the “Noona” and hoping for breadcrumbs of affection.

Aunnie: Man, I just took out my I Need Romance 3 Works Cited . . . I need to add it back in. Just because it needs to be said, I’ll say it since no one else will . . . Batman’s house . . . I need it. Or rather . . . just the greenhouse portion.

Caroline: It looks a lot like his Secret Garden one ...

Taleena: The only way I’d live in that house is if I had cleaning fairies that came in all the time. K drama houses are ALWAYS too white.

Aunnie: I SAID JUST THE GREENHOUSE PORTION, Gawd! Complete with bird sounds . . . Screenshot (1921).png

Caroline: Speaking of Secret Garden, here’s another note: Remember his training suits that match his, now, yoga pants? Also, Hyun Bin likes Ha Ji Wons and Han Ji Mins so you’ll never get a chance with him Aunnie (No Ji in your name), sorry.

Aunnie: Them fighting words, honey. (But I’m glad you mentioned Secret Garden as it’s my favorite Kdrama). Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won are made to be married, I’m totally cool with being a mistress (since I’m married myself).

Taleena: Now, now. I think we all need to put on Hyun Bin’s Emergency Enya Earbuds and calm ourselves down.


Aunnie: Definitely if we’re going to prepare ourselves for the next episode . . . 

What do you think Drama Fans? Batman or Robin? Is the Doc dead? Let us know in the comments!

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