After the HUGE revelations of the last few episodes we dial it back a bit so that all we have this week is a giant recreation of the worst trauma of Seo Jin's life. Wait a minute, that's dialing it back? Join Caroline, Aunnie and Taleena, as we discuss Hyde, Jekyll and I episode 10, and it's eerie similarity to I Miss You.

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Taleena: Alright. I am just going to come out and say it: We have Harry Borrison 2.0 shaping up here. Evil. T. Cutie is gone around the bend, and he is crushing on Ha Na like nuthin’ evah’s gonna bring him back.


Aunnie: Oh not even! Harry Borrison was an absolute DREAM at the beginning—he WAS the perfect guy before he went bat sh*t crazy. Just sayin' (I'm very passionate about my Harry)

Taleena: Let’s just clear the air here, because we are both HUGE fans ofI Miss You. Harry Borrison was crazy from kidhood. Crazy. CRAY ZEE. And so is Evil T. Cutie.

Aunnie: Yes, yes he was . . . we will debate this later *raises eyebrow* But yes, it seems Evil T. Cutie is bent on hearing Seo Jin admit that he couldn't have gotten out without him.

Caroline: They’re both as equally crazy and I assumed that this show would be fun, but now it’s turning into I Miss You (-____-)

Taleena: To be fair: there is a lot less crying in this show. However, I Miss You made up for it with Park Yoo Chun. Even crying Park Yoo Chun is good Yoo Chun.

Aunnie: Dem fightin' words Caroline haha but I admit, I Miss You requires a specific taste. And this show has Hyun Bin--equally as awesome as Yoo Chun.

Caroline: It was a good show! But the crying like Taleena said is the difference. The childhood trauma, the two “leads” wanting the girl. The girl being all “What’s going on?” half the time. It’s a good comparison!

Taleena: Eh, Ha Na, erm.. Han Ji Min,  is much stronger both as a character and as an actress I think. Whats-her-face was SOOOO fragile in I Miss You it was sometimes difficult.

Aunnie: Yoon Eun Hye--and after this we have to get back on point BUT--I found her character difficult at times BUT true to someone with her . . . history. I think its interesting that clearly Evil T. Cutie knows he is holding Dr. Kang against her will but STILL needs her guidance on a psychological level.


Taleena: That is one messed up dynamic. He KNOWS he is acting crazy on some level, but wants Kang’s validation.

Caroline: The funny part is, he’s a therapist too (^____^) A therapist who needs a therapist. THE IRONY!

Taleena: My therapist sister says: ALL therapists need therapists.

Aunnie: Well yeah, if I had to deal with the crazies on a day to day basis, its either therapy or a bottle! What were we just saying about our lack of compassion, Caroline?

Caroline: Hehehe. We have none! Yay us! Really though, I liked this episode because it FINALLY shed some light on the crazy psycho “he was kidnapped” stuff that was so foggy for us. Took them long enough, just 10 episodes, no biggie.

Taleena: OK, I have something trivial to point out now. OK, More than one trivial thing to point out.

Aunnie: Always is . . .

Taleena: 1) She takes a cab and follows Robin, who knows how far, God knows where, and NEVER pays the cabbie? So Wrong. In my mind that cabbie was grooving on trot music that whole drive - the Korean version of Frank Sinatra. 2) Why couldn’t they have used a chair to break the window to let the gas out?


Caroline: You may or may not have over thought this when you know that this is a K-Drama!! (Aka: Zero Logic. None) It bothers me though, pay the man will you?! And the chair, well, even I didn’t think of that one honestly =D

Aunnie: Haha! While we are on the nit-picky subject--it does NOT take that long to pass out from Chloroform! Maybe . . . MAYBE if he didn't breathe in right away but after fighting like that, the body need oxygen to expend that much energy!

Caroline: It does when you’re Robin apparently ….

Taleena: You took the words out of my mouth Caroline!

Caroline: Can we talk about how Ha Na went all “Who is you?” (Yes, I just said is Grammar Nazis!) in the end though? Really woman, you can’t tell which one is your boyfriend?!


Aunnie: Can we talk about how LONG it took her to go "something isn't right?" But I'm just glad they are dealing with the big mystery finally! i wonder what rude crap Seo Jin will say . . .

Taleena: I think the cat is out of the bag as far as the Seo Jin/Robin secret, because of the cut on his arm. If they fake us out I am going to be terribly angry.

Aunnie: Then prepare yourself!

Caroline: Watch him come up with a “you’re out of your mind woman” to drag out the lie a little further. I think while Robin is all for revealing the truth, Seo Jin is not one who goes around with the motto “Sharing is Caring” stamped on his forehead, ya know?!

Taleena: But.... When Seo Jin finally called on Robin’s help and they flashbacked to the “Let’s just try living” bit, I think that he is going to tell her and the show is going to pivot to what happened five years ago and a broader version of Evil T. Cutie and the kidnapping. They keep playing up that something more went down that Evil T. refuses to consider. And, AND I think Ha Na is ripe for a kidnapping too.

Aunnie: Call me a skeptic, pessimist or . . . debbie downer but I only see him saying "It's Seo Jin you moron" and yanking his arm out of her grasp. However, can we go back to the convo we had on Ep 9 so I can say a big fat "I told you Daddy Dearest cared!"

Caroline: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. More like, people are forcing emotions out of daddy dearest. Still don’t like him. I don’t appreciate the “send him away” convo he had with Secretary Alfred. Such a meanie! Plus, I still want to know why he hates Robin.


Taleena: I think that Dad hates Robin for the simple reason that it means his son has a frailty. Dad strikes me as the sort of person to take that as a poor reflection on himself. Better to hush up the fact that HIS son is human.

Aunnie: I'm gonna stick to my fantasy that he loves his son and doesn't want his son to have any reason for people to eat him up in this vulture-like corporation but goes about showing it in unhealthy ways.

Taleena: Possibly. Heaven Forbid that corporate owners are seen as real people - especially in K Dramas.

Aunnie: No joke. 

What do you think Drama Fans? Will Ha Na finally learn the Big Secret? Will we find out the Events of 5 years ago? Is Evil T. Cutie as crazy as Harry Borrison? Let us know in the comments!

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