Things become even more complicated for Episode 11 as Seo Jin and Robin begin to realize that one of them could become the main personality. Join Taleena, Aunnie, and Caroline as we explore our leads' concerns, take sides, and discuss Dr. Kang's perfectly perfect "kidnap" hair in Hyde, Jekyll, and I

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Taleena: You know, sometimes it hard being right all the time. What am I saying? It’s just delicious being right all the time! Almost as delicious as that kiss from Robin. We got the 360 and the zoom out shot, and I have to say if I were on the receiving end of that kiss, my knees would be much weaker than Han Ji Min’s looked to be.

Aunnie: Delicious kiss? Nah, not so much. Through no fault of Robin's. Stiff and unmoving as Ha Na was receiving that fabulous kiss. The way he grabbed her . . . yummmmm

Taleena: Like I said, delicious. It’s not my fault K drama actresses are made of stone. It’s a terrible tease for American fans I tell ya. I am /So Glad/ (yes it deserves capitalizing and italics - I’m that happy) that Seo Jin told Ha Na what was going on (the Way I Predicted). I am equally glad that Ha Na is taking the time to process things like a normal person instead of being weirdly unfazed.

Aunnie: I'm glad it was Seo Jin too but I'm not gonna lie and say that I didn't understand why Robin felt so disrespected because he's just as right about the fact that he's a real person too--even if he's sharing the same body.

Caroline: What does being a “real person” entail though? If all my different personalities (according to any given mood) were “real people” I’d harbor a good 17 personalities at least!

Aunnie: Like Robin told Ha Na, they have different personalities, different memories, different occupations, etc. They might as well be twins--a weird psychological twist on conjoined twins.

Taleena: Well, if we look at it from the perspective that Seo Jin was espousing to Ha Na, they are one. Seo Jin was shattered psychologically from his kidnapping experience and Robin is a shard of himself. Seo Jin will only be a whole person until he A) recognizes Robin as a facet of his whole self, B) is accepting that part of himself and C) integrates it into himself as part of the whole.

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Caroline: That’s what he’s in the middle of doing, but the shard like you said is resisting being part of the whole person. If we were to include this episode’s “I remember a memory that isn’t mine” then Aunnie, they’re not different people at all! They officially share memories now.

Taleena: I once read something that said that we are not afraid so much of death as we are afraid of annihilation - ceasing to exist. Robin is afraid that if he is integrated into the whole of Seo Jin, he will be annihilated. I think that what we’ll see is that Seo Jin will have all the memories and experiences of both.

Aunnie: I hate being generalized so I am empathizing with Robin although I can't help feeling the strife within Seo Jin. Its exciting to see Seo jin meeting this new change head on. I just hope he has the fortitude to face off with Evil T. Cutie

Taleena: See as a Seo Jin partisan, I am so very happy that he is taking the steps to forward the relationship with Ha Na for the betterment of both him and Robin. Seo Jin’s not taking her “I only love Robin” at face value but pressing her to understand why she is concerned for him, Seo Jin was wonderful. And I KNOW I ruined your segue Aunnie. Evil T. Cutie Go!

Caroline: Cutie is just too perfect for this show right now. I can’t even wrap my head around how such an adorable fluff ball can be so evil!! *Rawr* is all I can say about Cutie.

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Aunnie: And I’m sitting going . . . "Does he even let Dr. Kang go to the bathroom, shower, anything? Her hair is always impeccable." However, he is twisted and each new scene has me shaking my going "You are inSANE dude!"

Caroline: THANK YOU! I was just thinking that to myself, can we all talk about how she has eyeliner even though she’s supposedly kidnapped? Does no one understand the meaning of being “kidnapped” on that set? It’s like the women who do jungle movies in shorts but never get hairy. HOW LONG DOES THAT LAST FOR, HUH?! (Dies)

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Taleena: Don’t you know that perfect, shiny hair has a direct correlation with iron bladder control? It’s on the same DNA strand. Sheesh! I think they showed him bringing in a tray of ACTUAL (albeit covered) food as a bone to poor nitpicky viewers. Riddle me this though - how is she supposed to actually USE the spoon if she is tied and her mouth is duct taped?

Aunnie: Haha every time I see him bring in that tray, i think the same thing--how the heck is she suppose to eat that? I can't even imagine the kind of joint pain she'll have when she gets out of those ties.

Taleena: Eventually all her banging will bring that lady one floor down up to investigate.

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Caroline: I’m surprised she managed to slip that spoon past him though, where did she hide it?? Did he not need to wrap her hands again? Where? Where? Tell me.

Aunnie: My concern is that she'll go upstairs and say something about the banging to Evil T. Cutie--not call the cops because let’s be serious, your first step is gonna be to confront the issue with the tenant.

Caroline: It’s Episode 11. Cutie won’t be exposed that fast, no.

Taleena: Well they are obviously gearing up to reveal the Big Secret from 5 years ago next. What with all the hushed allusions to Robin’s “secrets.”

Aunnie: I'm gonna be seriously disappointed if this big reveal-- is Seo Jin dropping Soo Hyun from the window. It better be something MAJOR.

Caroline: If that’s what happens then I know I’ll throw my laptop out of the window. My heart can’t take the reveals that aren’t actual reveals. It’ll be the writer giving you a strawberry claiming it’s a cherry when it’s a strawberry … Yea. (Slowly turning into Taleena)

Aunnie: Haha, yeah -- I'm trying to figure out how they're gonna drag this out for another 9 episodes at this rate.

What do you think Drama Lovers? How will this series progress now that we know what we know? If one personality was to take over the over, who would you like it to be? Robin? Seo Jin? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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