Taleena: Ah! Lucky 13! Aunnie: And 14! They are really starting to kick this show into high gear, so Aunnie and Taleena have decided to combine reviews into a single extravaganza of awesome speculation and nitpicking; which is what we do best. As all the Hyun Bin lovers are pretending the above picture is just for them, join Aunnie and Taleena as we discuss Dr. Kang’s predicament, Robin and Seo Jin playing to their strengths, and the *Mind Hacking* of the the century!!

Aunnie: I don’t know about you but I’m over this whole “hypno” crap. It is NOT possible to hypnotize an entire police force with one song . . . but I’m jumping ahead. . .

Taleena: Oh no, by all means let us address the fact that practically everyone is compromised by one, here we must drop to the ominous whisper, mindhack! after another except... him:


- Whom I am beginning to believe is going to save everyone and their mother before this is over.

Aunnie: Agreed! first off, hes becoming the only comical relief to an otherwise increasingly unbelievable plot line and I, for one, want to see more of him. But back to mind hacking half of Korea's population--everyone on this police force should be fired for their incompetence.

Taleena: Just because they lost another submarine... I mean, Dr. Kang a second time?


Aunnie: Not to mention the kidnapper! Although, kudos to the cops for making him remove his mask. Back to Dr. Kang, at least we know she was allowed out of the room sometimes--not that she used it for any good runaway opportunities.

Taleena: Pssht! It’s not like we ever do talk about these episodes in order....As for Dr. Kang. A) Her amazing Hostage hair is back and B) I think they showed her untied, eating a meal just to toy with viewers, C) there is NO WAY she could have lived to spill the beans otherwise.

Aunnie: Have you ever seen the show Firefly?

Taleena: I named my dog Jayne: The Hero of Canton.

Aunnie: haha great, remember that episode--it might even have been the movie--where Simon tries to put River to sleep and she throat-jabs him?

Taleena: I am pretty sure River throat jabbed someone every episode.

Aunnie: Well, I swear if I don't see one person throat jab Soo Hyun--I'll be disappointed. Just a clean cut "thwup" to the throat... but moving on to co-conspirators . . .

Taleena: Wait, wait, wait before we move on; let’s talk about throat jabbing some more. This topic intrigues me. We know it will be Hyun Bin or Ha Ji Min, but who would you like to see throat jab? I would love to see Secretary Honey Trap throat jab him.

Aunnie: Nope nope nope, its gotta be the cousin! No one else would be as successful in an entertaining throat jab as DNP!

director no pants.png

Taleena: See the way it’s working in my brain is: Dr. E. T. Cutie is trying to hypnotize Secretary Honey Trap because she has stumbled onto some info. Director No Pants comes in to save her and she jabs Dr. Cutie.

Aunnie: And here I am bringing us back to reality . . .

Taleena: Oh! You have to?!

Aunnie: Sadly, I’ve always been a debbie downer. Its my ace. Being that there is only 4 episodes left, I see Evil T. Cutie being caught in the next episode, two episodes spent on fusing Seo Jin Goo and the last episode spent on "happily ever after". Throat jab must come from Ha Na.

Taleena: Seven episodes. Well, SIX episodes.

Aunnie: WELL FINE! /Ms. Know-It-All/! Just BLOW my plot thesis TO BITS why don’t you!!!???

Taleena: I think you are on track except for: Kidnapped Ha Na, Terry badasses to save Ha Na, the subsequent healing of Seo Jin’s personality....

Aunnie: Haha okay, lemme stop you right there--when you said "Terry badasses to save Ha Na" all I could picture in my head was Molly Weasley saying "Not my daughter, you bitch!" But instead of Molly Weasley, it was Hyun Bin as "Terry".

Screenshot (625).png

Taleena: How you got to Molly Weasley from Hyun Bin will forever remain a mystery I don’t want to solve. HOWEVER, I really thought when the blue balloon hit Seo Jin it was Terry surfacing to kick butt - even though they called back Seo Jin’s episode one line. They have made such a huge deal about both Seo Jin and Robin loving Ha Na I think they need to acknowledge Terry in the mix too.

Aunnie: Wait wait wait, lets go back to the big reveal of the TriForce's plot to beat Soo Hyun--I got goosebumps watching Ha Na school Seo Jin on how to act like Robin and how they planned that whole thing. That was super gratifying to see. Okay...back to the love triangle.

Taleena: The one thing that Dr. E. Cutie is not counting on is Robin and Seo Jin working together. BUT love triangle. I find it hugely frustrating that Robin is being stubborn about “sharing” Ha Na. Dude. Beggars can not be choosers: you found the most awesome girl ever who will deal with all your craziness - literally- and you can’t even work towards sharing her with your own darn self?! (Side note: What the hey is that round mini Stargate thing? A stationary bike? a Smoothie maker? Random sculpture?)


Aunnie: I'll admit to being frustrated when my pseudo-polyamorous wish didn't play out. Then towards the end of the episode, I thought maybe he was willing to compromise by making rules--which seemed fair--and then Seo Jin went all "share everything with me" and I can’t imagine that going over well with Robin.

Taleena: I hate that I was right about the whole SLS situation, because it is incredibly frustrating to watch play out. Can we put a pin in it and move onto some nitpicks? Nitpicking always makes me feel better...

Aunnie: I'd like to put pin in Episode 13 so we can move onto 14 and talk about how crazy these writers have gotten with the whole hypnotherapy thing . . . and how ridiculous they've made medical science look.


Taleena: Not yet. NOT YET! Also, I keep reading that as aromatherapy not hypnotherapy. Nitpicking - then Jailhouse Rock. OK 1) is it just me or were the bugs used by Seo Jin and Director No Pants incredibly obvious and low tech - especially for Korea!

Aunnie: Come on, they couldn't even tell that DNP was outside the police surveillance van. Thats how inept this police station's force is!

Taleena: Well, they have all been mindhacked! to oblivion. All hail the Hypnotoad!


Aunnie: . . . . .

Taleena: 2) The awesome English speaking of Alfred and Director No Pants was immediately forgotten in light of the heavy Australian accent of the Doctor hailing from Midwestern United States.

Aunnie: Actually, I have two things to say about that. Its always fun to see which Kactors actually speak English (because you can tell which ones are just memorizing lines from a script) and also . . .

Taleena: Agreed, re:phonetic speakers

Aunnie: Exactly! And I also found it really hard to concentrate during that scene because my ears kept hearing English and I was trying to read at the same time and the two senses kept clashing. Did you have issues?

Taleena: No actually, because I just listened and stopped reading. We should talk about E. Cutie manipulating the poor dupe in jail. I feel really bad for that guy.


Aunnie: I would say that when this is all done and the case is closed, this poor guy is gonna need therapy but I doubt he'll trust a therapist ever again.

Taleena: I have a bad feeling this guy is going to die in prison, either a shanking or a suicide.

Aunnie: I hope not , only because how sad that none of this is his fault. I mean . . . just this poor guy getting hypnotherapy, probably just to quit smoking, turned into a criminal. Tis sad.

Taleena: OK the big reveal we haven’t talked about is the fact that E. Cutie’s dad was a co conspirator. Furthermore, even the thought of him being a co conspirator is sending him ever further around the bend. I think sanity is no longer in hailing distance for E. Cutie. With him invading the house, I think Ha Na’s moment of kidnapping is upon us. hji13.5.png

Aunnie: Anyone else upset (yet understanding) that that the Kidnapper lied to Soo Hyun so we’re once again seeing Seo Jin and Soo Hyun at odds with each other rather than reaching an understanding??

Taleena: I honestly am not surprised. 1) Tragic as the circumstances that made Soo Hyun, he’s not getting much of a redemption arc. 2) If the kidnapper told the truth I doubt Soo Hyun would be able to hear and receive it. 3) If Soo Hyun could comprehend it he curl into fetal position and cry and the police would catch him.

Aunnie: Seeing Sung Joon in the fetal position might be interesting actually. And although I agree that Soo Hyun probably wouldn’t accept the fact that his father was just as evil as the Kidnapper, it’d just be nice to finally have the truth out in the open for everyone else. But then again, we probably wouldn’t have gotten that neat little “lights out” scene at the end!

Taleena: Cue Terry! The big question is: can Terry cook as well as Robin? And would he have Seo Jin’s fortitude to eschew the Doctor’s snuggle orders?

Aunnie: You can wait for Terry. I’m beginning to think the writer’s just brought Terry up for a “plot reveal” but I see no real placement for this personality anywhere...at least not this close to Seo Jin fusing everyone. I think it was just a plot tease, sadly.

Taleena: You are most likely right. I just wanted to see “Nothin’ left to lose” Seo Jin throat jab E.T. Cutie to make up for his crime of ruining that song for everyone. Oh and kidnapping. That too.

Aunnie: I’d have like to see Terry too at some point, other than the brief moment he was out before being quelled by Robin. 

Alrighty boys and girls, we’ve come down--we hope--to the final face-off between Seo Jin and his arch nemesis Soo Hyun. How will it end? Somehow we don’t see there being an amicable agreement to let bygones be-bygones between the two although a well aimed throat jab isn’t too unrealistic. How do you see this ending? Please tell us in your comments and we’ll be back next week with the conclusion of this face off!

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