Soo Hyun has taken Ha Na and Seo Jin captive and the final truth of the past comes out. Taleena keeps checking to make sure there are indeed, 20 episodes in the series, and Aunnie takes a victory lap as her faith in Seo Jin’s dad is confirmed. Join us as we talk Hyde, Jekyll, and I episode 15.

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Aunnie: One thing I want to remark on before we get distracted by the actual storyline . . . anyone else laugh at how Soo Hyun tied up Ha Na and Seo Jin—It almost looked like he was more concerned of Ha Na escaping than Seo Jin!

Taleena: I’m so glad you brought this up, because I have been dying to talk about how K drama cops (and K drama villains by extension) tie their prisoners up. In HUGE amounts of rope, like old timey villains tying a damsel to train tracks while twirling a mustache. I know that they have handcuffs. What is the deal with that? Please K drama fans, enlighten me.

Aunnie: There is a 50 Shades of Gray joke in there somewhere if someone was so inclined . . .

Taleena: Stop! STOP! No 50 Shades talk! I am so tired of seeing it everywhere!

Aunnie: It’ll blow over (T: snicker) . . . eventually BUT know what blew over real quickly? The whole hostage situation. Did no one question the sudden and abrupt break down of Soo Hyun that led to him calmly giving himself up. I’m assuming there will be a secret scene we didn’t see in this episode that will be revealed to us later on.


Taleena: I was very surprised at E. Cutie’s sudden transition to mild mannered surrender. We get to see crazy mind videos, but no one else does. I wanted someone to call shennanigans, and then at the end, there was Seo Jin just chillaxin’ with E.Cutie for a while. It was not explosive at all.

Aunnie: I think the word you are looking for is “anti-climatic”.

Taleena: Eh. I just kept waiting for the other shoe to drop: Terry to come out, Cutie getting a weird personality of his own, Kdrama SWAT teams bursting in, something.

Aunnie: Same here. God, that makes us seem like “peaceful” resolutions are not welcome but I think Kdramas have gotten us so used to the “big blow outs” that when things end calmly, it’s like we’re disappointed. I will say this though, I really, really expected the cousin to walk Jung Min Shik into the house and that he’d somehow save the day. I really, really did when they were discussing who was going into the house. I was disappointed that didn’t happen.


Taleena: 1) Director No Pants was wonderful when he told Seo Jin’s Dad that the best thing for him to do would be to shut up and listen. 2) I just wanted to watch his face and gestures in everything that was happening in the van. 3) After they made a huge deal about who would walk him in they did everything over the computer? What?


Aunnie: I am so grateful I was vindicated for believing in the Dad this whole time. I love secret “loving” chaebol parents so much better than the meanies we’re so used too. However, yeah, the whole “over the computer” thing was probably what started the anti-climatic thing for me. They built everything up to that scene and then “nah, we’ll just do it the easy way” was a let down. But . . .quick change of topics, I love how cute Woo Jung and her beau have turned out to be!

Taleena: I kind of feel like *tiny voice* I don’t care. Yes, he’s cute and knows how to work it so she is not fan-girling over Robin. Hooray for him! But I am just so much more interested in all of Seo Jin’s personalities, and Director No Pant’s weird gyrations that have nothing left for the circus people and Robin’s fan club. Heck! I find Detective Noodles and Alfred’s family a 1000% more interesting than Woo Jung.

Aunnie: As do I, but it’d be a shame if they side cast didn’t even get a shout out. Haha

Taleena: Well, Side Characters Are People Too, those ones just seem superfluous. I wonder just what they are going to do now? When Seo Jin fought to press through on his own, it seemed like a big step to integrating Robin. Also, Ha Na is not really going to move out.

Aunnie: Well, I suspect there will have to be some torture a’comin’ because if they calmly fuse the three personalities, then I’ll be really upset. Robin, however, is the unpredictable one here. As much as I love him, he’s the link to Terry and if it even looks like Ha Na is preferring one over the other, I see him going on self-destruct, which is--let’s be honest--what we’re all waiting for.

Taleena: Maybe. I honestly have no idea where they are going with this because they seem to be resolving things in a very non K Drama-y way. That is to say, like real people, working their way through emotions slowly and not impetuously. Who knows?

Aunnie: You’d think with my need for realism in most of the kdrama stuff we talk about that I’d be on board with how real everything--with HUGE exception to the police force--they’re making everything but it’s kept me a little out-of-touch with this drama, sadly. Almost like there is a lack of passion in the writing, I don’t know.

Taleena: I don’t feel like there is a lack of passion, but they are not showering things in petals, making the grand sweeping declarations. A relationship that grounds you is just as important as a relationship that takes you to dizzying heights, and I think that what may be bothering you is the fact that Ha Na seems like she could live without Seo Jin. The relationship is not one of emotional equals, shall we say. He seems so in need of what she brings, that her relative careful consideration of investing her heart makes the relationship scale seem out of balance.

hji 15.8.png

Aunnie: I hate to say this but no, none of that applies to me and why I think there is a lack of passion. Sadly, I wish it were. It’s kind of hard to explain but I’ll try in a way that makes sense . . . it’s like *tries desperately to think* there really is just a lack of emotion. On both parts, not necessarily on Robin’s because he panicked at the thought of her leaving him. Which to me, is real. I imagine what it would be like to lose my husband and my first instinct is to panic and do everything I can to fix it. For Seo Jin and Ha Na, it’s just--it doesn’t feel like there’s anything between them but calm conversations and questions. There is just no . . .emotions, no laughter, no fun, no romance, no nothing. There’s nothing . . . and that’s what makes it hard to feel for them as a couple I have more feeling for Woo Jung and whats-his-face than these two.

Taleena: I think we are going to have to agree to disagree here. When I think back to Robin as we first met him, fooling around with Ha Na’s crazy glasses and bouncing on the trampoline, he’s very child like. That’s not lover like, and yes, new love especially makes you carefree and joyous, but there is a distinct difference in demeanor. True it's changed, but mostly because Seo Jin changed. Seo Jin has laughed with her, and enjoyed those little intimacies. The cluck cluck song? As the relationship has deepened with each facet of Seo Jin’s personality, Seo Jin and Robin have become more and more alike.

Aunnie: That’s the thing about love though, it always starts off childish in ways because it’s new but it’s not like they’ve really had the time to “grow” into something. With everything that’s been going on and the back and forth of personalities, the allowance of growth just hasn’t been available. The growth I see is watching Seo Jin step out of his shell, which I agree, is entirely due to Ha Na but not the kind of growth that’ll turn into true love--more like infatuation. But we’ll agree to disagree.

Taleena: Yup, agree to disagree. Seo Jin has done this before remember - loved a woman with both sides of his personality only to have the woman turn away. I think that he does not come to the decision to risk his heart lightly. OK, before we wrap this up: who won the award for Best Crying in this episode? The surprised tears of E. Cutie? The worried tears of Alfred? The fighting tears of Ha Na? Or the boy playing young Soo Hyun working it up at the car crash?

Aunnie: Young Soo Hyun, are you kidding? You’re asking a pregnant woman who cried better? The kid always wins at this point. Although the tears from Older Soo Hyun were the most surprising. What do you think?

Taleena: For me it was a toss up between older Soo Hyun and Ha Na. Ha Na is usually so self possessed I liked seeing her encourage, plead, and eventually threaten Seo Jin to push through it all.

Well What do you think is coming next Drama Fans? Was the resolution with Soo Hyun anticlimactic? Is the situation with Soo Hyun really resolved at all? Is Seo Jin passionless? has he grown at all? let us know in the comments!

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