Robin’s secret finally comes out. Kinda. Ha Na grapples with her true feelings for Seo Jin. Join Aunnie and Taleena as we discuss the magnitude of Ha Na’s blunder in episode 17 of Hyde, Jekyll, and I.

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Aunnie: My annoyance of Ha Na has continued this week. I dislike how Seo Jin is being so forceful with making her "realize" the truth, but I really think he needs to step off and do what he needs to do whether she approves or not. I hate that she keeps stopping both men from doing what they want to do rather than just supporting them.


Taleena: Ha Na IS being willfully blind about her feelings for Seo Jin. I don’t blame him for wanting clarity and how he is conducting himself. This is super important to him as well as his alter egos. It was just this sort of situation that landed them in the Terry Spot, so the fact that he is trying to establish exactly what will be the best thing for the three of them emotionally is not bad. If Ha Na would be honest with herself then she would have an easier time picking her path.

Aunnie: Actually, hes not trying to establish the best thing for the three of them. He is trying to step aside so that Robin and Ha Na can be happy but he'll only step aside if she admits that she cares more than she's letting on for Seo Jin--which is not fair for Seo Jin--but thats not really what I was talking about. Im talking about stopping both of them from doing the interview so that her cushy little life could continue rather than both men upsetting the balance. I say that only because, their decision to come out doesn't affect her in the slightest. And HER covering up for them at the end with this whole 'pen name" business was /beyond/ a breach of trust. I cant even explain how upset I am about that.

Taleena: See I am very sympathetic to Ha Na. I don’t think she is doing it just to protect her “cushy little life”. I think she is genuinely concerned about how rash decisions can hurt both personalities. Everything they do affects not just themselves but their alter egos. I think that the only one not thinking outside himself is Robin. He ONLY is holding off his major revelation because Ha Na asked him to. I get why he feels the way he does, but he is not thinking of anyone but how he feels.

Aunnie: By 'cushy little life' I mean she has her cake and wants to eat it and keep it all to herself. She has Robin and she doesn't really want to lose him so if he comes out and spills the beans on who he is, she will lose him--whether its to Seo Jin or to Wonder Group--he'll cease to exist . . .

Taleena: Says who?! Plus, she was contemplating leaving them both. The only thing that is going to be lost is Seo Jin’s legacy. What Ha Na worries about is tying herself to Robin - and therefore Seo Jin - only to have Seo Jin’s feelings be gratitude that falls away when he sees what is lost by embracing Robin in the open.

Aunnie: Okay, I guess now is the time to agree to disagree and move on. Whats next?

Taleena: Speaking of losing Wonder Group... Director No Pants is really putting plans in motion to expose Robin as mental illness. While I love DNP, and TOTALLY think he should be running Wonder Group, tsk tsk! So unethical!

Aunnie: I think, in the end, Director No Pants will get the company despite his attempts to push Seo Jin out. I think because Seo Jin obviously doesn't really want the company, the next best option is to give it to someone who actually wants it and would be good at the job.

Taleena: I agree. Clearly Seo Jin has mixed feelings about the Wonder Group, and his chat with Dad at the beginning of the episode made it clear that he was only on the executive path because he had no real plans for his own life. The fact that he told Dad that it was all Dad’s legacy and dream spoke volumes.


Aunnie: Just another scene that make me like Daddy Dearest even more. I truly believe he doesn't want Seo Jin to come out because it would affect Seo Jin's prospects in life--lets be serious, we know Korea's business society is not too welcoming of difference (or in this case, mental illness) but I don't get the controlling vibe off of him--like he'll make his son follow his path because it was the plan he set forth. I hope he doesn't disappoint me.


Taleena: I am glad they took a moment to illustrate Ha Na’s inner conflict about Seo Jin with Woo Jung and Circus Boy. Dear Ha Na: think about the heavy clues that the writers are seeding the B storyline with when you next consider your situation. Sincerely, Taleena.

Aunnie: What I'd like to see happen at this point is Ha Na goes away for a bit, Seo Jin fuses and seeks out his true dream, Ha Na come back and they relearn how to love one another. By then, hopefully Woo Jung and Circus Boy will have procreated twice with adorable little babies.


Taleena: They also used the Circus Folk in an amusing way as they created wild speculations as to the true story after Ha Na’s “pen name” blunder. And THANK the Good Lord, the show did not run with Ha Na as Robin any longer than 15 minutes. DNP’s epic meltdown was worth the 15 minutes though.

hji 17.11.png

Aunnie: I'll be honest, I thought of the whole pen name thing and thought it was a great idea — just wish Ha Na wouldn't have been the one to out Robin — the utter betrayal on his face was brutal to see especially since he looked so happy that she was supporting him in public.

Taleena: He did a great job of making his eyes happy and sparkling to wounded and crushed in a matter of seconds,BUT since we are on opposite sides of the Seo Jin/Robin divide I don’t want to slide back into it. What I want to talk about is far more important: the interesting  fashion choice of a turtleneck and FULLY buttoned dress shirt. Why Seo Jin, WHY?


Aunnie: And I'd like to know how he managed to wear all that and NOT get the dreaded double chin!! Just another sign that Hyun Bin is perfect in body as much as personality.

Taleena: Also, I was really enjoying the bold coat choices of Director No Pants and Dreamy Security Guy. A patterned black suit coat instead of plain black?! You naughty rascal you!


Aunnie: I still think that dude looks like Kim Jae Joong (JYP). Like...a younger brother but he’s a cutie and I'm glad he's radical!


Taleena: Last but not least: How are we feeling about Seo Jin taking advice from the Convict Formerly Known as E. Therapist Cutie? Good choice? Bad Choice? Healing? or a prelude to bad things in the final episodes?

Aunnie: I think it's healing for both of them to stay In touch and remember how things were before they were damaged beyond recognition. Plus, it's helping Seo Jin become who he wants to be.

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