The reality of Robin’s leaving, Seo Jin’s imminent change, and how it will affect Ha Na is explored. Also glimpsed? Director No Pants’ rich fantasy life. Join Aunnie and Taleena as they discuss the penultimate episode of Hyde, Jekyll and I.

Taleena: OK I feel like we have a few distinct things to talk about: 1) Robin’s feelings 2) Seo Jin’s feelings, 3) Ha Na’s feelings 4) Ha Na’s actions at the end of the episode 5) DNP’s quick comedic break.


Taleena: I thought we had reached - as Ha Na had - an end to the Dark Tea Time of Robin’s soul when he realized that he /was/ Seo Jin, but this episode put paid to that. I appreciate the fact that he wanted to have a little farewell tour with Ha Na, but I was extremely frustrated by the fact that he didn’t tell her when he had the perfect opportunity.

Aunnie: And only thought is . . . when is it ever right to tell someone you are “dying” and I don’t mean the “I’m dying and I have six months to live” but the “I’m dying and I have five days to live” speech, it’s gonna be painful either way. He really should have told her before their outing so she could “enjoy” it more although I don’t see someone enjoying anything after that kind of discussion.

Taleena: I am a Seo Jin partisan, but I must admit to major feels when Robin starts explaining for a second time the significance of his "childhood" house to Ha Na and she got a doomed expression as she realized his memory of their day before had vanished.

Aunnie: Because I know I wasn’t the only one, I’ll admit to bawling my eyes out when Robin lost the memory of the Webtoon Awards Night. I’ve always been on the side of the underdog so I’ve always been partial to Robin even though I know Robin wouldn’t last and watching him rehash the memory had me going “Did my computer jump back?” Then I saw Ha Na’s face and went “Ohhhh….oh this is bad..”


Taleena: I also have to say that it seems unfair for poor Seo Jin to be bearing Robin’s resentment (and having to deal with the emotional messes he, Robin, is creating) just because he is doing what Robin wanted all along - accepting Robin as an equal and valid part of himself. When Ha Na left to go revisit the path of the day before and weep, I was ticked on Seo Jin’s behalf that he was left all alone to be holding the bag. I get why she left, she had a lot sprung on her emotionally, but I felt bad for Seo Jin. The condescending video from Robin was not helpful either.

Aunnie: *Sigh* Okay, here we go . . . it should come as no surprise to you that I don’t really agree. Haha. I didn’t really see Robin’s video as being condescending, I think it was suppose to be more self-effacing like, “heh, well you spent years trying to get rid of me and here we are and I’m disappearing.” Sorta like laughing at yourself even when it’s really not all that funny. Although, I couldn’t help but think that while Ha Na was weeping a the tree, soo . . . is Robin just calmly waiting for her back at the house?


Taleena: Poor Ha Na! What a sucktastic way to find out what is going on. Especially after she made a point of telling Robin he needed to share these kinds of things with her. I am not sure Robin could have found a way to make her memories of that afternoon more bittersweet if he tried. Was I the only one that was Really Concerned that when she went and ran to his arms during the fireworks that it would be Seo Jin holding her while she was crying that Robin couldn’t leave her?

Aunnie: That whole sequence just didn’t make sense to me--and this happens a lot in Kdramas--where a scene begins (at the house) then suddenly bad news hits (Robin is “dying”) and the two people go their separate ways and what seems like hours later, the join back up (fireworks). 1) How did she even know where to look for him? 2) Was he not at all worried about where she was? At all? For hours? 3) Again, how did she even know where to look for him?? Seoul is not that small!


Taleena: As it is, I am half expecting it to be Seo Jin who emerges as they go through their wedding ceremony here. I know that 90% of K dramas have a happy ending, but holy smokes I just had an unhappy brain wave. What if Seo Jin feels like he has to pretend to be Robin just to hold onto Ha Na? The suckitude of that thought just is awful.

Aunnie: Sucktastic, suckitude, I love your adjectives(?). I’ll admit to having an unhappy brain wave at this scene as well. At first I was like “Ohh a wedd--ohhhhh what about Seo Jin?” I get the idea that “they’re one person” but clearly no one is really believing that at this point. There is still a clear line between the two personalities and coming out to the public was one thing /but/ getting married??? I could only think of “What about Seo Jin?”


Taleena: I could have used a LOT more of DNP this episode. His flight of fancy during the meeting when the board was all gushing over Seo Jin had me all, “Oh SNAP!” then getting a much needed laugh when the only thing he actually did were the Triumphant Fists of Righteousness. Honestly though, those mad scientists are usually bad. What you mean is that you are a Cassandra, warning of disaster. I am glad you have Honey Trap to tell you how things are Director No Pants. You need her to ground you and keep you awesome.

Aunnie: I am immeasurably glad that Honey Trap is DNP’s sidekick. I mean, really, really glad. I think Direct No Pants would have used a lot more scenes where he was being accidentally or comically helpful but watching him descend into madness just makes me feel sorry that this character got so misused. 

Well, what do you think Drama Fans? Seo Jin or Robin? Did anyone else have feelings of hopeless doom rather than joy at the wedding? Let us know in the comments!

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