Robin is, indeed, back and he doesn’t to want to give up the driver seat any time soon and why should he? The man has been dormant for five years! But after five years of silence, just what has brought Robin back to the surface? Join Caroline, Taleena and myself as we talk about episode 3 of Hyde, Jekyll and I.

Aunnie: Well he’s back, alright, and causing chaos wherever he goes--simply by breathing and existing. I swear, they’re making it look like he’s a criminal and it’s all his fault! Wasn’t it Seo Jin who created Robin . . . so it’s his fault?

Caroline: Thank you Seo Jin for creating Robin, because dude, I love this guy. HAVE YOU SEEN THE SMILE?! (I spent the whole episode saying “Aigoo,” no lie) … I was watching Kill Me Heal Me earlier before this episode was out and they said there that people with “DID” create characters to hide behind. The fact that Seo Jin was trying to commit suicide and that Ha Na saved him and brought out Robin because then SHE needed saving was a lot to get my head wrapped around. I didn’t expect that to come out so fast! But I’m glad it did because we were wondering about that.

Taleena: Robin’s sweet dimple smile was killing me. I think that Hyun Bin really nailed the personality shift, because his whole, to use the show’s word vibe, is completely different. It’s not just the face, but the set of the shoulders, looseness of the body - everything. As much as we all like Robin, SOMETHING bad must have happened with him, because even though his mom was advocating on his behalf (or rather Batman’s behalf) she was scared snotless because Robin wanted to hug her.

Screenshot (1958).png

Aunnie: I fear that I will err on the side of Robin this entire drama despite what he may or may not have done although the statement from his father “Do you remember what happened five years ago?” makes me slightly worried. I really felt bad for Robin when his mom wouldn’t hug him because he thinks of her as his mom and she rejected him in that moment. How crushing . . .

Screenshot (1969).png

Taleena: Yeah, the hits really kept on coming for Robin, all those “we don’t want yous” really added up. BUT boy oh boy - I think I hit the nail on the head with Batman/Robin being his very own SLS. Gorilla Girl was the one who called him!

Aunnie: Yeah, I don’t know why but as bad as I felt about that conversation, I feel like the conversation with his “Hyung” hurt him more simply because they are close and then to hear him say “You aren’t needed anymore.”

Caroline: But he is needed, even though Seo Jin doesn’t want to admit it, it was Robin that got him out of his “I want to die” stage to “I need to get rid of Robin” stage. I like that she wanted to save him though. He did tell her that he was in her debt and in a way it’s not just because she called him out again, but because she saved Seo Jin and allowed for Robin to exist.

Screenshot (305).png

Taleena: I really LIKED the story of Robin’s birth. I like that it put them on equal footing, and not just Gorilla Girl always in trouble. I thought the glimpses into Robin’s life, the webtoon, power of attorney, circle of friends all sad he’s not there, told a story of Robin in ascendency for a long stretch.

Screenshot (277).png

Aunnie: I think this backstory of Robin really brings home the fact that Robin is a person separate from Seo Jin even though they inhabit the same body. Although, I can see how chaotic it would be to have to deal with Dissociative Disorder however, for the audience, it kind of makes you step back and go “Huh . . . he’s a real person.” I also am enjoying the twist that although “no one wants him here” apparently . . .Seo Jin isn’t being honest with himself since Robin can’t come out on his own. (Which they made blatantly clear).

Taleena: I have a quibble about this. Robin and Seo Jin both make these claims that Robin can’t come out on his own, but I think at some point that is not exactly true. I am not saying that Seo Jin consciously WANTS Robin to come out, but I am saying that Robin fills a desire that Seo Jin needs filled. I get that Seo Jin is frightened at what Robin may do, but I think that it is very clear that they are more like minded that either would want to admit.

Caroline: Speaking of minds and other fancy things. Let’s talk about our cutie therapist/hypnotist. He’s so cool!! But I think he’s in danger! Did you see “Driver Ahn” whoever this dude is, but obviously the dude who was trying to kill Ha Na and maybe, possibly kidnapped Doctor Kang??? I think he might have step up an appointment with Doctor Kang just like he did with Doctor Cutie Pie, but then again she seemed surprised to see him .. I don’t know. My theories have holes at this point but the point is, Cutie Pie is in trouble for sure!

Aunnie: The theory that the apprentice surpasses the master, to me, has been completely debunked at this point. He looked like he genuinely didn’t know who the guy was and then Driver Ahn turned around and gave his “I will be the Villain of this Drama” face and I assumed I’d love Sung Joon for the rest of the show.

Taleena: Oh my theories have theories about the villains now that Black Hat, Ahn?, has made contact with Therapist Cutie. I wonder if Black Hat also has two personalities. If Therapist Cutie is unwittingly complicit with his amazing hypno powers. Also, we mustn’t forget that Board Member No Pants there has an agenda that Seo Jin and Dear Old Dad are trying to thwart with every fiber of their being.

Screenshot (293).png

Caroline: Speaking of evil people on this show. Can we talk about that dude from Birth of a Beauty who was also evil there?? What’s his deal? Does he get the company if something happened to Seo Jin? I get the vibes off this guy cause he’s sticking his nose where he doesn’t need to be sticking it. Especially when he goes to the discoball area to get the dirt from the cop who’s also on the suspect list for me right now.

Aunnie: I just get an annoying vibe off him. He’ll be our resident annoyance for the remainder of the show and sadly, he’s got the face for it. While we’re on the topic of annoyances . . .well . .. I’ll wait before I bring mine up.

Screenshot (1965).png

Taleena: No, I think you better go ahead and put it out there Aunnie.

Aunnie: Is anyone else having “Puh-LEASE” moments while watching this drama sometimes. Particularly, as an example, the Disney on Ice moment in this episode?

Taleena: Now Aunnie, you know I am completely cynical about romance. I am most often found cheering for the “sensible” pairing and have no patience for the martyr for love storylines, but I gotta break with you here. I thought it was cute. I love the fanciful lights all over Robin’s house and their little moment. It seems to me that Seo Jin has so much Batman-y angst that Robin is his only chance for those storybook moments. I also think that Robin will not last, so I am inclined to indulge the romanticism while I can.

Screenshot (280).png

Caroline: Stop everything! Aunnie! Come on! .. This is such a My Love From Another Star moment! Plus, I reallyyyyy loved the part where she jumps into his arms and they’re smiling like idiots because we all need to see Hyun Bin’s smile more often in our lives so we can go all “Omo!” … But then again, I love Kdramas for those moments because it has nothing to do with all the sexual stuff we have to see in American drama. I .. like this cheesy bla bla stuff!! It’s romantic!

Taleena: I will grant you an eyeroll, Aunnie. When her head fell on his shoulder, I felt like yelling “cliche!” and taking a shot.

Aunnie: Hold your fire! Haha, I was JUST talking about the slip’n’slide on the ice scene. Haha, The head on the shoulder is to be expected and the falling into his arms although . . .I did sigh heavily and roll my eyes because . . .well . . .physics-newton’s law-whatever you wanna call it but the sliding scene was a bit too much for me.

Screenshot (1973).png

Caroline: I’ll give you the head on shoulder thing, that did make me roll my eyes a little (^__^) tehehe. The sliding, well, I was expecting them to fall on their butts like I used on when I was taken for ice skating. That was kind of disappointing because reality check for sure.

Taleena: Let me ask one, no TWO questions. 1) Where the hey was that elephant size tranq dart when the Gorilla was barrelling around the amusement park? 2) The detectives are looking at the Disco Ball of Imminent Destruction and say “It’s been tampered with.” but it was the ring furthest from the place where it /could/ be tampered with. How does that work?

Caroline: 1) It bounced off him, remember?? 2) K-Logic. It wasn’t even a broken ring. LOL!

Taleena: It bounced off him? I swear I didn’t see that. Of course, I was laughing so hard at Hyun Bin biting that woman that the tears in my eyes could have obscured the screen.

Aunnie: Yup, sure did bounce right off him. Although I understand how you could miss it.

Taleena: OK, I lied. THIRD Question.....

Aunnie: Uh-oh . . .

Taleena: Do you think in Protocols 1-18 there is something in there about sparkly tracksuits hand made by old Italian men? I feel like there is. I am dying to know what all the protocols are.

Caroline: HAHAHAH! You bet your Seo Jin/Robin loving self it’s there. We need to flash back to those Yoga pants now to prove it (^___^)

We've seen more of Robin and we're definitely  liking what we see but where does this all leave Seo Jin? Will Seo Jin be unexpectedly compelled to keep Jang Ha Na close to his side or push her away harder in order to keep Robin at bay? Is Therapist Cutie in cahoots with the killer or a soon-to-be-victim of his mentor's killer. Tell us in your comments and we'll see you back here for episode 4!

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