Seo Jin deals with the fallout of Robin’s appearance, the fate of the circus, and tries to make some decisions regarding Ha Na - but will Robin let him? Join Aunnie, Caroline, and Taleena as we discuss episode 4 of Hyde, Jekyll and I.

Aunnie: First things first, this is the thing that stands out the most in my mind from this episode: Did no one think to question why the motorcycle was headed straight for her, against cross traffic, for no reason at all?

Taleena: Having experienced Seoul traffic? Honestly I can see why they didn’t. People zip every which way on motorcycles and mopeds. I agree though that it was so suspicious they shouldn’t have ignored it.


Good advice for any K drama

Aunnie: I mean, considering her circumstances, and in light of the disco ball fiasco, you’d think she’d be at least a little afraid to be by herself and would consider any situation as a threat to her life.

Taleena: Especially since she just came from Therapist Cutie trying to pin down the name of someone who attacked her twice?

Aunnie: Speaking of, I’m still firmly in the corner that Therapist Cutie is not a bad guy however, now we know this killer is working for someone . . . I’m almost afraid to find out who because it could totally be Therapist Cutie.

Taleena: The thing is purely from a drama logistical viewpoint we have 3 er 4 bad guy options. 1) Dear Old Dad. While this is an oldie but goodie, the evil K drama parent is typically much more straightforward in their power plays. Dad seems to be kind of an ass, but has really only threatened America. 2) Therapist Cutie. Sucking us in with his cute face and mellow voice he’s my number one pick for playing a deep game. 3) Doctor Kang - This could be triple cross dark dodge she could be playing an angle. 4) Someone we have not met yet/ Ha Na’s dad. It is rare that a Drama doesn’t introduce their villain early but it IS possible.

Caroline: You guys started without me?! (The Betrayal) … I’ll tell you now, I have a BIG SUPER DUPER THEORY that will knock the socks off the both of you!!

Taleena: Lay it on us then....

Caroline: Seo Jin’s 5 year old accident involves Ha Na’s dad! He totally killed the guy. I can sense this. I feel like if that’s not it, then my kdrama experience should go down the drain *La Confident*

Taleena: OOOH that’s a good one. I feel my theory senses tingling already.

Caroline: I’m a genius! I got that vibe at some point during this episode. We already know it was Seo Jin, not Robin who did it. And that if Robin found out about it … Well, I don’t know. Seo Jin didn’t elaborate after that.


Secrets? In a KDRAMA?!

Aunnie: Except one problem . . . Didn’t they say that her dad died like a few months back at the beginning of this episode? I’m pretty sure they did . . .

Caroline: Whaaaaaaaattt? When did this happen?! How could you do this to me Aunnie? (TOT)

Taleena: But there is DEAD and there is K Drama dead. Have we seen a body? huh?

Aunnie: Then my theory still stands about Doctor Has An Answer (which, btw, I just realized what you meant by Doctor Flame Hands i.e. Faith, I knew I recognized her).

Taleena: She was evil mom #1 in Bride of the Century too. Which, to be honest, is why she is #3 on my bad guy list. That actress does bad guy well.

Aunnie: One thing I did love about this episode was the scene when Seo Jin confronts the Chauffeur and was all like “What did you do to me?” And the Chauffeur was all apologetic.

Taleena: Well props to our commenter DanaDoodle who pointed out that Seo Jin would feel every bruise that Robin acquired. Do you think that he got all noodle legged from jumping on the trampoline with Gorilla Girl for hours?

Screenshot (1994).png

Jumping on a trampoline with Hyun Bin - a fanfic is born

Aunnie: How weird would it be to wake up in your own body and have aches and pains that you don’t remember having when you “went to sleep”?

Caroline: It’s called Squats .. You go to sleep fine and you wake up like you had your legs attacked by wild raccoons in your sleep. The pain doesn’t really set in until later.

Aunnie: Note to self: Don’t do squats.

Taleena: What is this whole exercise thing I’ve heard you talk about? But let’s get back to skullduggery... I thought you guys would insist that Director No Pants would be the big baddie. Do you both think he is just a selfish ladder climber but not the actual villain?

Aunnie: Yeah, I see him just being a nuisance or being the one character in the wrong place at the wrong time to make Batman’s life a little difficult, but not as if he is the mastermind of evil. .


Not that I'll actually DO the work mind you.

Caroline: I don’t know … It’s always that one character that doesn’t seem to be the super bad guy who ends up being the super bad guy … Honestly? I still don’t understand who he is in the show. Why does he think that getting dirt on Seo Jin will win him something?? Is he a relative that can inherit or something? I must have missed it if he is.

Aunnie: I think Seo Jin’s dad hasn’t made a big mystery out of the fact that there is quite the distance between father and son so Director Peabrain thinks he can wedge himself into ownership of Wonderland if he plays his cards right.

Taleena: Well, there is rivalry there, and Dad acts like the board has the power to remove both him and Batman from the chairmanship of the company. I think that Director No Pants is working angles without being the big bad. AND he thinks he has found it in the little SLS girl wannabe who is crushing on Robin.


Pictured: Trampoline fanfic writer

Aunnie: Sooo . . . random and quick change of topic . . . 1) I’m really not liking how rough Seo Jin is treating Ha Na (especially in this episode) and 2) I’m really hoping at some point Ha Na stomps all over him or that Robin will see footage of Seo JIn ramming her against walls and take retaliation. (Not that I’m above wall slams if they lead to passionate kisses like in Heirs . . .)

Taleena: *mentally reviewing best K drama wall kisses*

Caroline: Can I make a confession about the Seo Jin/Ha Na relationship?? 1) I like that she’s sweet no matter how much of a party pooper he is. “That’s just my personality” - Robin Style. 2) I really believed that when Seo Jin couldn’t sleep at night thinking about her, that he was the one who was going to her, not Robin (Too much hope for Episode 4?) I think that Seo Jin and Robin might mashup to make the perfect man who land Ha Na.

Taleena: Yup. Integrating personalities is the way to go. And now that Robin has engineered getting Ha Na in his giant, white furnitured house indefinitely the likelihood of kisses has increased. Robin may be saying “sorry” now, but I don’t think that Batman will be sorry for it too long.

Screenshot (2004).png

To everyone else he's just staring wall eyed into the middle distance.

Aunnie: Since we’re coming to a close, I most especially wanna talk about the preview. Just for a second, pretty please. Anyone else laugh their butt off at seeing Seo Jin completely lose his cool??

Caroline: I fell off the bed … I watched this at 2am, I couldn’t laugh. Holding it in flopped me onto the floor.

Aunnie: Oh my god, I can just picture him saying “Listen here Robin, knock this sh*t off!” Waaaay funny because I don’t think I’ve seen Hyun Bin ever act out a “screaming” scene.

Caroline: I would kill for a scene like that, because frankly, those are the most hilarious-est (Yes, I’m aware that I just said this) stuff ever!!!

Aunnie: It reminds me of the scene in Secret Garden when Cuppybo--um . . . When the secretary screams at Joo Won saying “Liar!!” And Joo Won just stares at him like “Have you lost your mind?”

Taleena: Cuppybowls invades everything.

Aunnie: I love Cuppybowls!

Taleena: Poor Caroline has no idea what we are saying.

Caroline: I’m used to being left out when it comes to you two .. It’s okay, I have Hyun Bin’s hilarious next episode to think about right now …

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