Robin has issued a warning to Seo Jin and is beginning to change up the rules of their carefully laid game. How will Seo Jin handle it? Well, I'd say all bets are off and Seo Jin is more than willing to step up to the game, but is he prepared to lose a part of himself while he's at it? Join Caroline, Taleena, and me as we discuss Episode 5 of Hyde, Jekyll, and I.

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Taleena: WHO I ask, sneaks up on someone in a zipped shark hoodie (which was an awesome hoodie) when they KNOW the other person has survived two attempted murder attacks? Bad move Robin.

Aunnie: If he wasn’t so damn cute and trying to be funny, I would agree, but it's Robin and I’ve pretty much decided I can’t ever judge those dimples.

Taleena: Just as I was thinking to myself, “For someone who has been attacked twice (and more that she hasn’t figured out) she is showing a surprising lack of situational awareness, then she she gets the “he’s following me” heebie jeebies.

Aunnie: What good are the “he’s following me” heebie jeebies if she doesn’t even exhibit fear until after she’s walking down a dark and lonely street? I’m afraid to walk down the street at midnight and I don’t have a killer intent on killing me!

Caroline: Hehehe, Aunnie (^___^) I know what you mean. She was fine. Maybe she thought that because she was near his house she was safe or something. I don’t know. It was a scene about the scenery, so I know there’s no logical answer to this statement.

Aunnie: Actually, in Kdramaland, that makes perfect sense. If the scene looks good, be damned to the cold!

Taleena: Look Kdramas have three natural romantic states: snowfall, rain storm & cherry blossoms. It is winter ergo: snow. We were due for their romance to move onto the snow fall scene. Mark my words, we’ll get one with Batman too. We already got the tumble from stairs into arms scene. Korean staircases exist as convenient ways to create skinship opportunities.

Aunnie: Are we not counting the campfire scene since he was “pretending” to be Robin — because let’s be serious, he was doing a pretty horrible job of pretending to be Robin. Not that I blame him; his smile could terrify small children.

Taleena: I don’t count the campfire because we were not getting light snow fall. I AM counting the “she got smashing drunk and vomited down his neck during a piggy back ride” on the Robin tally though.

Caroline: I liked the confession … It was all “Seo Jin: My heart is about to pop out of my chest” Bla mode. I like stuff like that. It’s a character is melting le ice.

Taleena: Eh. the writers have to build her liking both sides of Hyun Bin’s personality, as well as creating romantic conflict. I kind of saw it coming, not this exact scene, just that one personality would be surprised and warmed by her.

Aunnie: I know, but episode 5 seems awfully early for Seo Jin to be changing his opinions.

Taleena: Except...except... He already likes her. That is the thing. He ALREADY likes her.

Aunnie: I’m sure he will now . . . but he completely hated her before!

Taleena: He wouldn’t have cared or saved her otherwise. It was SEO JIN who called the warning during the Great Disco Ball Crash of 2015.

Caroline: OMG YES! … I think Seo Jin acts the way he does because of his father. And that maybe the creation of his non reserved self is because that’s the real him, the him he wants to be but can’t because of dad.

Aunnie: Look, even if Hitler was underneath that Disco Ball, I’m sure Seo Jin would have been all “Dude...look out.” Doesn’t mean he cares about her. However, slight change of topic, I am very much enjoying the egging both Seo Jin and Robin are doing to each other. Especially the video messages they are sending to each other.

Taleena: I think we are just going to have to agree to disagree Aunnie. I will remain smug that Caroline is on my side though. I also really enjoy seeing Seo Jin squirm like a fish on a hook until he finally agrees to implement the former protocols.

Aunnie: I love when Ha Na asks him “You made this contract yourself right? No one else?” And then shows him the doodles on the pages. Too funny!

Caroline: Wait wait. Let’s take a step back. “How do I be like Robin?” “Smile” *Cue Dimples* THE END. ROBIN WIN. SEO JIN WIN. I rest my case.

Aunnie: How about the “I’m afraid of the dark.” “Why isn’t she talking?” “You’re still there right?” Not gonna lie though, that outhouse scared me too.

Taleena: Everytime Seo Jin freaked out about something it was funny. Every. Time. Doodles on the contract? Having to smile? Secretary Alfred blowing him off on the phone?

Caroline: The Gorilla Moment. Tehehe.

Taleena: The thing that is totally bugging me? Is the Agent’s high school daughter being the resident “I’m the cutest b*tch ever.”

Aunnie: I’m hoping as time goes on, she’ll become more cute because right now she’s just annoying. I mean, I don’t mind characters that are like that are firmly “little sisters” but the “I’m the love of his life, and I love only him” characters are the worst. Amiright? (Caroline you side with me this time. Gotta keep things fair . . .*glares*)

Caroline: No, I agree with that. I hate those “only one for him” kind of thing. I can’t stand it. It’s overbearing to watch. Like Heirs. Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho? You want to tell me no other rich girl could’ve won his heart? That’s meh. AUNNIE! I’m on your team!

Aunnie: I’m just glad that she has a new love on the horizon . . . I can’t be the only one that noticed!

Taleena: Watch out for those Lee Min Ho fans Caroline, they might find you in a dark alley. I hope, back to the show, that Aeygo Girl hooks up with young Circus Dude.

Caroline: Sorry, I don’t Lee Min Ho. I Jung Kyung Ho. I Ji Chang Wook. I Kim Soo Hyun. I Kim Jong Kook. 

And with that confession, we wait with abated breath for Seo Jin's reaction. Do you think he'll reject her on Robin's behalf of will start to have feelings for her? Will Ha Na find out the truth about Seo Jin or will our resident bad guy silence her once and for all? I guess we'll have to wait for the next episode of Hyde, Jekyll and I to find out! 

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