Backstory! Kisses! Hugs! Overheard Conversations! The Powers that Be are overwhelming our fangirl hearts! Join Aunnie and Taleena — Caroline is down with the flu — as we discuss episode 7 of Hyde, Jekyll, and I.

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Aunnie: Can I just say how glad I am that we didn’t have to wait until 14 to find out the backstory?

Taleena: Yes! Although, I doubt we have the ENTIRE story. So much happened this episode and it seemed like it was all in the last 15 minutes.

Aunnie:: Agreed. Or rather, all the super important stuff happened in the last fifteen minutes and you're right about not having the entire backstory--obviously Black Hat didnt make it out and suffered at the hands of the kidnapper. Poor Kid. That brings me to one last thing . . .

Taleena: After all the trauma suffered by the kids in I Miss You, I am super wary of empty warehouses, with bonfires, when it snows, in Korea.

Aunnie:: Oh, I know what you mean. Did you watch the line where Officer Awesome says "He can’t remember everything." How much you wanna bet he’s got DID too? 

Taleena:: Yes, did you notice Therapist Cutie is dressed all in black like an Evil Dude?

Aunnie:: Some people just like the color *raises hand* Plus . . . its slimming.

Taleena:: When do Korean Drama stars need slimming? Complete side note, tangent, off topic-ness: HOLY COW I was in Garment Envy this episode. Seo Jin’s Plaid coat, Robin’s shearling, and Ha Na’s Fuzzy Pink number looked so warm!

Aunnie:: Aannnndddd we differ again. I hate the 'professional' outfits they put Seo Jin in. I like Robin's style better . . .but in case it wasn't perfectly clear, turtlenecks are totally back in season in Korea. Me-no-likey. However, those tight black t-shirts they're putting Seo Jin in when casual. I'm awwwlll over those!

Taleena: I can take or leave a turtleneck (don’t wear them myself), but we must agree to disagree. A tightly buttoned up, well suited guy just makes you want to rumple him up. Robin may be more approachable, but give me Mr. Button Down any day.

Aunnie:: Ha ha, okay back on topic. Please tell me I’m not the only person super disappointed that Robin and Wannabe-Secret-Garden-Secretary didn’t talk about his disorder while conveniently being overheard by Ha Na? It was a perfect opportunity for her to find out!!

Taleena:: No NO! We must have her fall for both Robin and Seo Jin before she finds out that Secret. She IS well on her way I must say.

Aunnie:: I understand how the logic of Kdramas work (even if I don’t like it most of the time) but once she falls and finds out, we'll have AT LEAST one episode of epic fallout, tears and judgement and guilt and gah! I hate those episodes lol

Taleena:: Honestly, I don’t think so. Maybe it is just this particular actress, and the baseline of awesomeness she laid down in Rooftop Prince, but I think that she will be more understanding than most. It is a HUGE deal, not just some petty thing that is embarrassing.

Aunnie:: This situation reminds me of a book I read wherein a vigilante ex-cop was masquerading at two people and seducing a woman as those two people. I distinctly remember her being upset that she was knowingly duped by "both personalities". I don't think this kind of thing can be "understood" if both parties are knowingly keeping up the ruse. Id feel like I was being punked, at least.

Taleena: I swear I know the book you are talking about... is it a Tami Hoag mystery thriller? Maybe I am thinking of that John Cusack movie, Identity. Pruitt Taylor Vince scared me so much in that movie. ON topic, ON topic! OMG Robin kissed her. Creepy puppet show aside, that was a good kiss.

Note: CLOSED Eyes. I'm sneaky and I'm the Moderator this episode. I win.

Aunnie:: I have to say one thing about the kiss--WHY CANT THEY JUST CLOSE THEIR EYES RIGHT AWAY?--Okay, aside from that, it was a good first kiss. As good as can be expected for a "quick" and "unexpected" kiss. My next question though . . . will Robin tell Seo Jin?

Taleena:: She closed her eyes! I protest! AND the kiss went on long enough we got the camera 360 sweep, the pull back for a long shot, and the fuzzy fade. That is pretty good for a Kdrama. (Why yes, I add camera angles into my kiss ranking...)

Aunnie:: I am not surprised by this. And didn't I say 'right away' about the eye closage? I stand unprotested. And Kdramas do 360 angles for all big moments.

Taleena:: We may need to take this argument off Drama Club, because I can think of plenty of non 360 kisses.

Aunnie:: oh? Bring it on . . . off screen. ;) *blows raspberry*

Taleena:: Since we are on the topic of romance and Kdrama camera angles and such, I will say I rather enjoyed the novel way they handled the beginning of Seo Jin’s flashbacks as Ha Na made his heart begin beating faster. I like that it was the same method they employed with him dealing with Robin fall out.

Aunnie:: I was actually expecting Robin to come out after his little "choking" scene and I thought Ha Na would see the transition herself. Once again, I was let down (but not too much because there was a desperate need-a-hug afterwards). But before this next topic goes undiscussed like it did in the last episode: we simply HAVE to talk about Seo Jin's Steel . . . you know what . . . in handling his father!! I think this is the first time I've seen a character stand up to their overbearing parents from the start of the show!

Taleena:: First Seo Jin’s hug: I think that the reason Robin didn’t come out is because he is already begun integrating Robin. I think that Ha Na will make it possible for him to deal with the things that Robin was created to deal with - even Secretary Alfred sees a difference in Seo Jin. Two: Hells Yeah! standing up to Dad. I don’t remember which of us *ahem* speculated a few episodes back that Dad didn’t have the shares which is why Director No Pants is a threat.

Aunnie:: I was pleasantly happy that Director No Pants was hardly in this episode. Nuisance. However, back to Alfred--I really enjoyed the scene where Seo Jin gets all affronted "I cant be happy either? I cant be the good guy?" Those fits are so out of character that I love them when they happen.

Taleena: You just love Hyun Bin.

Well Drama Fans, what do you think? Do we know the whole back story? Did she close her eyes with reasonable speed? Is Therapist Cutie wearing black because he's bad??? Let us know in the comments.

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