Things are starting to sizzle now after we finally found out what happened to Seo Jin when he was a child. His past is coming back to haunt him, and it's looking like Robin is the least of his worries at this point. Or is he? Truths are coming to light and shocking discoveries are made, so join Taleena and me as we discuss Episode 8 of Hyde, Jekyll, and I. Caroline is still lingering under the flu haze and regretfully cannot join us this week but we hope she makes a whole recovery by next week because we know she won't want to miss Episode 9.

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Aunnie: Don’t even say it. Don’t even say it. We’ll talk about it later after everything else! So . . . what an episode, eh?

Taleena: You don’t know how hard this is for me. I am just sitting here giggling like a crazy woman.

Aunnie: Oh I’m sure you are . . . One thing I was surprised about — how much I enjoyed Director No Pants in this episode. It was kind of nice to see him not being a nuisance.

Taleena: We are of one mind on that. For once every single scene with him was thoroughly enjoyable. It could just be because I was on his smug wavelength this episode. But from the time when he started claiming “We were best friends! More than Seo Jin!” and the Noodles and the, “Are you trying to Honey Trap me on our first meeting?” I just loved every scene.

Aunnie: Agreed. I especially liked how he was added to the Sherlock Crew. Seriously, give that man a deerstalker hat and a pipe and I swear, he could have been the Asian equivalent to Sherlock Holmes. 

Taleena: Well, except for his whole “It’s Psychic Powers!!! ZOMG!” bit. I have to admit I laughed loud enough for my cat to throw me a dirty look when Therapist Cutie broke out “Mind Hacking” in a ominous whisper.

Aunnie: Okay, okay, we can talk about it now. Granted, I had the great reveal “ruined” by someone so the whole episode, I was looking for clues for his guilt. (I say “ruined” because I’m not really bothered by spoilers) but I was not prepared for his creepiness when talking to Doctor Kang.

Taleena: I just want to give a shoutout to all the Fans who stood by me as week after week I warned you. You are out there! It’s a team effort, we just take it one episode at a time, and Good Lord Willing, we won. Am I missing any other post game victory cliches?

Aunnie: You forgot “I told you so” . . .

Taleena: Gracious Winners never say I told you so.

Aunnie: Only overtly smug ones leave it out *raises eyebrow*

Taleena: I admit it. Nothing is going to ruin this day for me. I TOOOOOLLLLDDDD You So! You were taken in a by the mellow smoothness of his voice and cuteness of his face. Whereas I deduced his evilness by black turtleneck wearage.

Aunnie: EVERYONE IS WEARING A TURTLE NECK IN THIS SHOW!! However, although I totally don’t believe his “I would have forgiven him if he had just admitted how things ended that day” speech, I am intrigued about why he is so adamant that Seo Jin did something we didn’t “see” in the flashback.

Taleena: Someone who goes to the trouble of A) a hidey-hole of evildoing, B) a complicated orphanage coverup, C) hypnotizing a patsy — is not just going to say, “Thanks for the apology I feel so much better!” I think what EVIL Therapist Cutie’s issue is with is 1) Seo Jin’s trauma is manifested in Robin which makes it look like Seo Jin is really affected by the trauma of the past. 2) Seo Jin keeps insisting he escaped on his own when E. Therapist Cutie wants him to heap ashes in his hair, wear sackcloth and declare “My friend boosted me on his shoulder to the window and I left him behind! What a horrible person I am!”

Aunnie: Are you sure you don’t want to bullet-point that paragraph? ;) Although I am very much looking forward to how he’s going to handle meeting Robin--I’m assuming he has to know about Robin, right? I mean . . . Doctor Kang would have told him at this point. So it’ll be surprising to see how the opening scene of Episode 9 will play out.

Taleena: I don’t think he knows about Robin. He has been told that Seo Jin has insomnia, and all of Kang’s files were coded by number. PLUS, I don’t think that he has actually spoken to Kang. I think that he has been keeping her duct taped mute and is only gloating to her face.

Aunnie: Then this will get very interesting . . .

Taleena: I agree. It will be interesting to see his mind scramble to put pieces together without giving anything away.

Aunnie: I have a bone to pick with Seo Jin in this episode -- yes, we’re switching topics. He was a prick, both to Ha Na (granted I kind of understand him) but when he was recalling what happened that fateful day--how can you be that unfeeling? I can see how frustrating that must be for Soo Hyun to see him being so cold about a situation that was very obviously traumatizing!

Taleena: Seo Jin being cold is just another Seo Jin protective maneuver, as Robin pointed out. Poor Seo Jin! He sees in Ha Na everything he desperately wants and feels like he can’t have, because of whatever mysterious danger Robin poses to the world at large.

Aunnie: And this is where my hate of psychology kicks in because it doesn’t have to be that way. He doesn’t have to be that way. I get that it’s a form of self protection--maybe when he were younger and less influential but as clearly proven by his willingness to stand up to his father, he’s not that young kid anymore. It’s not really like Robin is causing chaos in his life--like killing and robbing stores, etc.

Taleena: Well, I am not going to judge until we know the circumstances from five years ago, that everyone speaks of in hushed and frightened tones. Five years ago is when Robin went from tolerated under a twenty point protocol system with a life of his own, to a pariah so great that Seo Jin’s mom is scared of him, batons and TASERs are brought out, and Seo Jin began his Saint like existence with Emergency Enya to keep Robin at bay.

Aunnie: It’d have to be a pretty serious event . . . I mean, it sounds like it is but from what we know of Robin, I just am having a really hard time imagining something he could do that would be so horrible as to make all this precaution necessary. Which reminds me, I’m fascinated by his father after this episode. He seemed genuinely worried about Seo Jin for once. 

Taleena: As you know Aunnie, I like to apply three dimensional character motives to every two dimensional K drama character on the screen, but. whooo. I’m having a time of it with Dad. He seems more concerned with the bottom line than with his son. I get the whole “don’t bargain with kidnappers” line of advice/thinking, but in the flashbacks it just seemed like he was angry about the money. And if Seo Jin’s life was so awful and crippling that he thought about suicide... yeesh.

Aunnie: Well, I don’t think his dad is the best at showing his emotions but then again, where do you think Seo Jin gets it--despite the fact that Seo Jin is very much feeling emotions. I think his dad is just crappy at showing them and it’s resulted in him appearing like a bad guy. But then again, maybe I just want this dad to be different than other rich-conglomerate dads.

Taleena: I got nothin’. I can really only think of TWO rich dads in the Kdrama cannon that were not total jerks.

Aunnie: They are far and in-between, that’s for sure.

Taleena: One last tiny thing.

Aunnie: Oh would you quit with the turtlenecks, seriously . . . they look like they’re from the seventies!

Taleena: I am offended! *haughtily*

Aunnie: Fine, what is it?

Taleena: I just wanted to laugh over the “doctor’s orders” fan service. Get him naked? Wipe him down? Cuddle up? Gee that’s hard orders doc.

Aunnie: I completely blocked that scene from my memory. Kdrama medicine already gives me rash but those orders were ridiculous. Right from the moment of “Don’t cover him up but keep him warm” Umm . . . yeah . . . .

Taleena: I WILL give props to the chemical hand warmers as being particularly comforting when you are sick though.

There you have it. Our killer really isn't a killer--I told you so--but a victim of THERAPIST CUTIE bam-bam-bam . . . so what happens now? How will our real Soo Hyun handle Ha Na? Does he know about Robin? If he doesn't, will his view of Seo Jin change after finding out Seo Jin's deepest, darkest secret--Robin? We have to wait for Episode 9 to find out! 

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