Hello, welcome back to the I Hear  Your Voice Drama Club! I Hear Your Voice Ep 3 Img 2 Though there appear to be many overarching plot threads that will get tons of play in this show, the main one seems to correspond to Jang Hye Sung’s emerging maturation as a person. Part of what makes her an interesting character is just how flawed she is. In these episodes, she gloats over victories, doesn’t give any credit to the people who helped her, and holds petty grudges (notice how she questions her boss Shin Sang Duk, played by Yoon Joo Sang, about why he’s suddenly being nice to her). I Hear Your Voice ep 3 Img 6 In these couple of episodes, she goes through some nice development. We see her at her happiest and most confident (after winning her case), at her most desperate and pathetic (getting drunk after being told that she basically had no talent), and at her most vulnerable (realizing that Min Joon Gook, played by Jung Woong In, was the one who placed the cellphone in her apartment). It’s these many facets of her character that make her an interesting, though frustrating, character to watch. You sometimes kinda want to shake her and say, “Hey, just admit that you were wrong?!” The show isn’t exactly setting out to take her down, but the characters do often gently deflate her spirit, pointing out that what she’s thinking is wrong, or showing her wrongheaded she’s being. Jung Hye Sung’s mom is of course, the best example of this, since she’s constantly hitting her in the head. I Hear Your Voice ep 4 Img 3 And in Park Soo Ha news, he’s definitely making do on his promise to protect Jang Hye Sung. He goes out to the police station to ask about Min Joon Gook, he walks her home every night and even tries to fix her door handle. There’s something a little naïve about Soo Ha, a noble sort of naivete – the type you can’t get mad at. We get a couple of brief glimpses at his past in this episode and it isn’t pretty. His ability is the type that can’t cut through any BS an adult throws that you. His uncle may have been smiling at him, but his mind said something different. I think it’s that feeling of isolation, of feeling unwanted, that drives Park Soo Ha to stay committed even more to his promise. Late in episode 4, when his rage at Min Joon Gook can’t be controlled, he basically admits it himself; he’s cast his life aside in order to protect Jang Hye Sung’s. I Hear Your Voice Ep 3 Img 5

A lot of things happened more quickly than I thought they would, which is great. Jang Hye Sung already knows who Park Soo Ha is, everyone knows that Min Joon Gook is out and ready to cause danger, and Attorney Cha, dorky as usual, is starting to look hot apparently. The one character getting the short end of the stick here is Seo Do Yun. Isn’t this basically the same role that Lee Da Hee played in Birdie Buddy? They’ve even started to drop little hints about her family life as well. Another plot thread that will need to be explored.

I Hear Your Voice is juggling a lot of things right now. I hope it can keep balancing them well. Quick Observations -          Can someone make a gif of Kim Hae Sook laughing and dancing in front of her store? -          It seems the show will balance some weekly cases type thing, while developing the Jang Hye Sung character. I hope that the cases don’t become too big a focus. -          OK, I take back what I said last week about caring too much for the “man in prison” storyline. If it’s as exciting as what we saw when Park Soo Ha went after him, I’ll be happy. -          And, finally, what’s up with Choi Yoo Chang (played by Choi Sung Joon), the helper at the office? He seems like he has his own secrets.   More from the I Hear Your Voice Drama Club: Episodes 1-2:  [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] Episodes 3-4: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ]