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Hello, I would like to introduce myself as Karen (screen name:Powerz), a Dramafever fan just like yourself. I am excited and honored to be reviewing "I Hear Your Voice." I have watched episodes one and two with keen eyes and I will offer my most interesting insights.

The drama startedThe drama started -01

Continuing Jhon's review, I believe there is one lesson learned so far and lawyer Jang Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young), our leading lady, has said it the best:

"The truth doesn't win in court. What wins in court is the truth."

can't trust testimonies

I think Hye Sung meant that whatever the judge interprets as the truth is what wins in court. It baffles me how witness testimony is actually stronger than the actual evidence. Honestly, all the court cases shown in this drama could have been easily solved---by me!

I have gathered a list of what I call, "Questions or Contradictions" for episodes one and two. These are unsolved questions and contradictions that caught my eye. Unfortunately, I can't include them all, but I picked some good ones. Did you notice these as well?

Min Joon Gook - IntroMin Joon Gook - If it weren't for these girls I could've finished the jobkilling

Min Joon Gook (Jung Woong In) is an exaggerated criminal. What was his motive? How could there be no cars, other witnesses, or cameras? Was he Drunk? Why did he hit the car?

Min Joon Gook's pipe dragging scene is hilarious. I timed it. When Joon Gook saw Hye Sung and Do Yeon, he spent 17 seconds dragging his metal pipe along the ground. Then he started running after the girls, but we hear two more seconds of pipe dragging. He wasted no time getting rid of Soo Ha's father, but he let the girls get a head start.

It is no wonder that he couldn't catch up to the girls. Because of his frustration, he started swinging randomly at some bushes like a wacko. When Joon Gook heard police sirens, instead of running away like a real criminal would do, he decided to give a 26 second warning speech and nine more seconds of pipe dragging afterwards. What? Just run!

Seo Dae Suk - superpower

How about Judge Seo Dae Suk (Jung Dong Hwan), Seo Do Yeon's father? He tries to be a fair judge, but he's really not. Based on his experience as a judge, he shouldn't be too quick to judge when Hye Sung was accused of launching fireworks into his daughter's eye. Even if all immediate evidence pointed to Hye Sung, shouldn't he at least take a few days to investigate it? Furthermore, how can a judge have the power to expel a student from school even if he donated money to the school? Does Seo Dae Suk have a superpower we don't know about?

Seo Dae Suk - Vote for me

During Park Soo Ha's court hearing, Hye Sung barged in at the last second to become a witness. At that time, shouldn't Judge Seo Dae Suk announce that he cannot be the judge for this case since there is a conflict of interest? Hye Sung's mother works for him and Hye Sung used to live in his house. I don't know the legal system in Korea, but in the United States, he should have left this case.

Oddly, Hye Sung and Do Yeon dared each other to go to the police, but show up in front of the courtroom at the last minute. Who does that?

hard to do the right thing

At this time, Do Yeon asked Hye Sung if she quit school, but Hye Sung retorted that she doesn't think of it as quitting. I thought she was expelled.

It is hard to believe that the coroner didn't find any evidence of pipe trauma to Park Soo Ha's father. The windshield wouldn't have been completely smashed as well. Isn't this enough evidence to claim that it was not a simple car accident? The body was cremated shortly afterwards. Sketchy.

How reliable is Hye Sung's camera picture in the dark? She was a good distance away and the lighting was dim. Her cellphone was using the technology of ten years ago.

Driver Kim - Even thought it's dirty money, it's still money

Did Eo Choon Shim (Kim Hae Suk), Jang Hye Sung's mother, strike gold in the present day, lending Hye Sung 50 million Won? She was barely making a living ten years ago.

Eo Choon Sim - That was actingEo Choon Sim - the lines

Or did she get an acting job? Hehe.

Go Sung Bin - what was that

If Go Sung Bin was in the middle of doing her nails, how can she attempt to murder fellow "Double Nose" classmate, Moon Dong Hee, by pushing her out the window without ruining Sung Bin's own nails? Wouldn't Dong Hee have some nail polish evidence on her body? Did they find physical evidence of a struggle or her finger prints?

Seo Do Yun - not a joke but terrorism

Is bullying called, "terrorism"? For real? Definition of Terrorism by Merriam-Webster

Park Soo Ha - It's been a long timePark Soo Ha - nose flair

Who pays for Soo Ha's current home? Does he live alone?

Min Joon Gook - a reverend I know told me he wil give me work

Was the Min Joon Gook jail scene really a dream?

I will leave you with this funny caption from Judge Kim Gong Sook (Seo Dae Suk):

Kim Gong Sook - But that can only happen in a drama

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