I Can Hear Your Voice Hello everyone! My name is June and I'm excited to be writing for Dramafever and this drama. It's only been the first two episodes and I love it already. As for me, I was super excited to start watching this drama when I found out Lee Jong Suk was in it. I absolutely loved him in School 2013 and couldn't wait to see him in this! Now onto the good stuff! Park Soo Ha Continuing from Jhon’s and Powerz’s great reviews, here is my take on this awesome drama. My first question when I first started watching is how did Park Soo Ha get his ability to read other people’s minds? Was he born with this ability or did something happen and then he gained this ability? Being the curious person I am, I wonder if we will ever find out how he did. Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 8.41.49 PM It also made me wonder how it would be to have the ability to read other people’s minds. I wonder if I could be able to handle all the noises like Soo Ha. If you all had the opportunity to read minds, would you do it? How would you all handle it? Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 8.43.49 PM Jang Hye Sung is quite a feisty woman. I absolutely loved the first scene with her throwing the basketball farther away from the kids. It’s ironic how opposite her behavior is compared to how Soo Ha is describing her to Sung Bin. It made me wonder why Hye Sung always looks so bored while defending her clients but figured she just had little faith in them. Plus, she probably just loves the money! Hye Sung One of favorite parts from the episodes has to be Hye Sung’s (young Hye Sung is played by Kim So Hyun, who does a fantastic job in my opinion!) flashbacks to her past. The firework incident brought out so many feelings from me! I felt so bad for Hye Sung! She was being framed for something that wasn’t her fault. I felt like I could just feel Hye Sung’s frustration while watching it. I still don’t understand how they blamed her, when she didn’t even light up her firework! The result of her being framed somehow gets her expelled from school, though I didn’t know Do Yun’s father had the power to do that. Court On top of that, Hye Sung also witnesses the murder of Soo Ha’s father and takes a photo of the murderer during the act. Despite being threatened by Joon Gook, the murderer, Hye Sung testifies at the trial, Joon Gook basically attacks her in the courtroom. Seriously during this scene, I was like really it takes about six people to get him off of her?! Get it together people! She is your witness. You need her! What Now another one of my favorite parts happens in episode two. What made me like this was how similar the situations are from Hye Sung’s firework incident to Go Sung Bin’s current situation. What I don’t understand about Sung Bin’s situation is how did she push Moon Dong Hee, if she was busy doing her nails? Well, I guess no one was in the room to be a witness, plus Sung Bin’s bullying history doesn’t quite help her situation very much. As Powerz said in her recap, if Sung Bin did push Dong Hee, wouldn’t Dong Hee have some nail polish on her? Nails One thing I did notice during this episode is that while being interviewed by the prosecutor which turns out to be Do Yun, they kind of focused on Sung Bin’s nails. I was wondering if this was some sort of foreshadowing. Did you all notice that too? Sung Bin Once again my emotions were brought out while watching this episode. The waterworks came with scene with Sung Bin at the subway station. I couldn’t help feeling her sadness. I was so glad that Soo Ha got to her in time and saved her from ending her life. Even though this is just a drama, I can just feel the frustration of young Hye Sung and Sung Bin and how stressful it must be to have so many people doubt you. I’m curious to see how the trial ends up and how things between Hye Sung and Do Yun will play out. Hear Overall, I really enjoyed the first two episodes and can't wait for the rest of the series. What were you all's thoughts over the first two episodes? Do you all have any favorite characters yet? Also, as Jhon asked (and I am perplexed about) what will the couplings be like in the drama? More from the I Hear Your Voice Drama Club: Episodes 1-2: [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ]             [ Part 4 ]