I Can Hear Your Voice

Hello everyone and welcome back to the "I Hear Your Voice" drama club! Wow and can I say these episodes 11 and 12 were certainly very eventful and dramatic. The story keeps unraveling and I just can't wait for new episodes each week. This drama would definitely rank in the top of my list of favorite dramas ever. Now, let's get started!

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Wow can I say that I was totally on the edge of my seat during Soo Ha's trial! I was so worried for him because I just knew that Joon Gook was still alive and was framing him! The Hye Sung-Kwan Woo team was really amazing defending Soo Ha. I knew I could count on them for this trial. Though I felt really bad for Kwan Woo because he keeps trying to help for Hye Sung but Hye Sung only has eyes for Soo Ha.

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I was just so worried for Soo Ha when he got all his memories back. The things he's been through and continues to go through is just so sad. He's had so many traumatic moments. I'm sure I wouldn't be able to handle it, if I were him. Even though I was worried when he got back his memories, I was also relieved that now he remembers everything. It was so important that he remembers because Joon Gook is alive and we now know what happaned on that night.

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Wow was all I could say during this scene too! We finally get a little more insight on why Joon Gook killed Soo Ha's father. Though I'm still curious on this topic and I really hope they reveal the whole situation in the next few episodes. I wanna know exactly what transpired between Soo Ha's father, Joon Gook and Joon Gook's wife. Also, why Joon Gook why! Why did he have to go kill another innocent person! This man needs to be put behind bars for the rest of his life! I still can't believe he was able to be let go after murdering someone, the first time. I felt so bad for the woman, though I feel like her faith was sealed once she told him that he should continue until the end. I just hope they catch him before he can end up hurting another person on his quest for revenge. I feel like in the next few episodes things with Joon Gook are going to be spiraling down on us! I think we need to get prepared for that!

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This part tugged at my heartstrings so much! Hye Sung really needs to stop avoiding Soo Ha! I thought she was being pretty mean to both Soo Ha and Kwan Woo. By avoiding Soo Ha, she's just hurting him in the process and she needs to realize that he isn't going to go anywhere and he's going to stay by her side now.

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Oh Hye Sung, stop avoiding Soo Ha and just eat dinner with him when he asks! What do you all think about Hye Sung avoiding Soo Ha? Do you all think she's doing the right thing? Also, what do you all think happened between Soo Ha's father and Joon Gook's wife?

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