I Hear Your Voice - Seo Do Yeon and Jang Hye Sung annoyed Welcome back to the “I Hear Your Voice” drama club. I hope you had a chance to check out June and Jhon’s review so far on episodes 11-12. For me, all the excitement ended at episode ten and I wish the story ended there. To be honest, after finishing episodes 11 and 12, I tossed and turned in my sleep, only to wake up feeling as if I slept three hours. Then, I felt evil, thinking of a metal pipe and all the things I learned from “I Hear Your Voice” writer, Park Hye Ryun. Please note: My views do not represent the views of Dramafever in any way. I just want to call Park Hye Ryun a loach and not a dragon though I am very well aware that Park Hye Ryun is only doing what’s best for the public and the public wants Jang Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young) and Park Soo Ha (Lee Jong Suk) as a couple. I had my gripes about last week’s drama. I Hear Your Voice - Cha Kwan Woo crying As a Cha Kwan Woo (Yoon Sang Hyun) fan, I was cheering him throughout the series only to watch him become the second lead character. Hye Sung will not accept him back after his big mistake of defending Min Joon Gook (Jung Woong In). My hopes were dashed when I realized Soo Ha and Hye Sung were meant to be together since they had the most scenes together. I guess I was in denial the whole time. I Hear Your Voice - Cha Kwan Woo - You're stuck in a tough situation right now aren't youI Hear Your Voice - Park Soo Ha sees a lot of sticky notes The way Hye Sung began to like Soo Ha felt forced to me. I thought Hye Sung treated Soo Ha like a close, younger brother all along and even ordered him around that way like when she wrote all those tooth-shaped sticky notes on the refrigerator, telling him what to do with his life. I was angry that Hye Sung never gave Kwan Woo a chance to know her and protect her. She never told Kwan Woo about her past and she never gave Kwan Woo a chance to know the truth. Kwan Woo had to find out indirectly and by reading the old trial files. Soo Ha clearly had an advantage in wooing Hye Sung because he can read her mind. It was clear to me that Hye Sung fell in love with Kwan Woo, but then she simply fell out of love with him especially after Soo Ha left her. I wish Eo Choon Shim (Kim Hae Sook), Hye Sung’s mother, could rise from the dead and match Kwan Woo and Hye Sung together again. I Hear Your Voice - Jang Hye Sung - I cleaned up because you nagged me so much I do see how Hye Sung can love Soo Ha, but it is very subtle in the drama. During the past year, she went from being a messy person to a very clean and neat person. I still don’t like the way she can’t accomplish anything without Soo Ha though. I want to see her stand up as her own person, especially when practicing the law. I thought Kwan Woo would help her in that aspect. I Hear Your Voice - Park Soo Ha sheilds Jang Hye Sung from the rain I did agree with Kwan Woo and felt that Soo Ha was too clingy. Soo Ha needed to be next to Hye Sung at all times where he needed to live with her even after he went home and I felt like that was creepy. What ultimately broke my heart is when Hye Sung ran past Kwan Woo in the rain to catch a cab to bring Soo Ha home instead. I Hear Your Voice - Go Sung Bin - It would be so cool if you got into the police academy I knew Soo Ha would be acquitted of murder or else Kwan Woo and Hye Sung would quit their jobs and we’d have no story. I think Soo Ha would join the police force eventually because he was so good at it. I Hear Your Voice - Seo Do Yeon - If you want to find him that badly then you find him yourself Poor Kwan Woo. The best revenge is to get another girlfriend at this point to rattle Hye Sung’s feelings and the best possible option would be Hye Sung’s rival, Seo Do Yeon (Lee Da Hee). Wouldn't they make a good pair? Actually, Seo Do Yeon impressed me a lot these last episodes. Kwan Woo nudged Do Yeon to start investigating Moon Sung Nam, the fruit stand owner and Min Joon Gook’s whereabouts. I Hear Your Voice - Seo Do Yeon - I've been regretting for the past 11 years that I didn't walk through those doors I sympathized with Do Yeon because who hasn't done something he or she regretted in the past? How a person moves on from that experience is more important. I Hear Your Voice - Seo Do Yeon - Put out an arrest warrant for Min Joon Gook Do Yeon did an excellent job leading up to the official manhunt for Min Joon Gook. Likewise, Kwan Woo also arrived at the same conclusion while investigating Grandpa Kim Ki Ho. Kwan Woo and Do Yeon seem to make a great pair. I don’t intentionally do this, but often times in K-dramas, I am more interested in the second lead characters than in the main lead characters. I suddenly feel like watching the drama, “Can’t Lose,” with Yoon Sang Hyun as a lawyer even though he plays a clueless jerk-type character there. I Hear Your Voice - Shin Sang Duk - If God brings two people together again In other mysteries, I wonder who is Hwang Dal Joong’s daughter (Do Yeon?) as well as that woman with a fake hand at the hospital. I Hear Your Voice - Min Joon Gook - Killed my wife I also want to know why Min Joon Gook desperately wants Soo Ha to kill him. Why didn’t Joon Gook directly kill Soo Ha for Joon Gook’s crazy revenge plan, which was apparently inspired by Joon Gook’s wife and Soo Ha’s father. Wow, someone married this psycho? I Hear Your Voice - Seo Do Yeon - Not only that but the CCTV breaks down right before the accident Joon Gook is killing people and CCTV cameras without blinking an eye.   More I HEAR YOUR VOICE Drama Club! 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