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After Soo Ha recovered his memory, his struggle has been about whether he should tell this to Hye Sung. He’s tried to keep it a secret from her because if he thinks he’ll have to leave her side once his memories are back. But what he doesn’t realize is that her feelings for him have changed. Somewhere in these last couple of episodes, her feelings for him have turned romantic. Is this the final evolution in their relationship to each other?

This development brings about some really funny and charming scenes where Hye Sung coldly rebuffs Soo Ha and tells him that she dislikes him, and then immediately thinks the opposite. Sure, it’s great to get confirmation about Hye Sung’s feelings, but what does it mean for the show as a whole?

How you can be in a serious romantic relationship when your partner knows all of your thoughts? And I don’t mean in a “oh, he completely understands me” way, more in a “this feels extremely invasive” way. Sometimes there are thoughts that are simply impossible to share, because they’re selfish, mean, and awful. It doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person, but often your thoughts are based on impulses that aren’t necessarily you at your best. In that sense, wouldn’t you want a little bit of that barrier? There’s a really funny part where Soo Ha constantly avoids looking at Hye Sung’s eyes that’s really touching, but it also speaks about the upper hand he has over her. He can keep secrets; she can’t. I don’t really foresee Soo Ha keeping his power until the end of the show. The relationship just doesn’t make sense if he continues to have the power, does it?

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 I Hear Your Voice has managed to make really interesting dramatic choices throughout the course of the series while keeping things funny enough, and also making us guess regarding how it’ll end up romantically. But I’ve often wondered if it’s truly a “romantic” work. Hye Sung and Soo Ha’s budding romance seems awkward to me, but not in a manufactured drama way; it’s more of the “how did they ever get together?” sense. Their bond throughout the show seemed to exist outside of romance for me, even though it was always on the table. There was a strong connection between them, not an attraction. But now that we’re seeing them holding hands while walking side by side, the effect is more than a little jarring. It feels like something that shouldn’t happen. Hye Sung’s words seemed to me to make perfect sense, while also showing how bizarre this relationship has turned out to be: “I like you, Soo Ha. As a brother. As a friend. And also as a man.”

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I’ll let the other members of the drama club tell you more about the other developments going on (maybe about Do Yeon’s past and how I guess that matters and is important – I couldn’t care less). The romance angle seems to be dying down and getting resolved, but I think this show won’t make it as easy for Soo Ha and Hye Sung. There has to be one more thing that’s going to keep separating them (maybe the real secret behind Soo Ha’s father), right? With four episodes to go, we still have a lot of room for things to go wrong, and with this episode extension, how could they not?

Quick Observations

- Lots of really funny stuff going on in these last couple of episodes. My favorite has to be the fan blowing up the judge's robe. The new public defender was also really funny.

- What were your favorite moments?

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