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Hello, drama club fans! With only two episodes left, I'm sure everybody is anticipating the final conclusion. Last week's episodes didn't offer anything too new to the table. We have our obvious plotline regarding Seo Do Yeon (Lee Da Hee) and her fathers Seo Dae Suk (Jung Dong Hwan) and Hwang Dal Joong (Kim Byung Ok). We're also waiting for our main antagonist, Min Joon Gook (Jung Woong In), to make his final move towards Park Soo Ha (Lee Jong Suk) and Jang Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young). However, what ultimately grabbed my heart and attention was the beautiful story of Seo Do Yeon. I'm glad Joon Gook wasn't around to mess with that part of the story. Please stick around for Jhon and June's reviews about other aspects of last week's drama.

I Hear Your Voice - Seo Do Yeon - What kind of novel are you writing here

Last week's episodes are Lee Da Hee's moments to shine. Do Yeon was naturally skeptical of Hye Sung, who of all people, revealed Do Yeon's true family background. If Do Yeon didn't pursue the matter any further, she would have spent the rest of her life adamantly believing that she is Seo Dae Suk's real daughter.

I Hear Your Voice - Jang Hye Sung - Okay Let's talk

It's hilarious how Do Yeon slapped Hye Sung twice on two different occasions while Do Yeon was still in denial. The truth really did hurt. For confirmation, Do Yeon tested Dae Suk's actions when she told him that Hye Sung revealed Do Yeon's identity and Hye Sung requested Do Yeon to take a DNA test. Instead of hearing Dae Suk dismiss Hye Sung's comments like a true father, Dae Suk was more interested in whether Do Yeon would take the DNA test.

I Hear Your Voice - Seo Do Yeon cries -2

Do Yeon promised to help Hye Sung by taking the DNA test, but on the conditions that her father, Dae Suk, would be protected. After hearing about the DNA results, Do Yeon looked at her computer screen in tears. Every scene of Do Yeon crying breaks my heart. Her world collapses during her identity crisis.

I Hear Your Voice - Hwang Dal Joong - To continue to live happily and to live beautifully

Even after knowing the truth, Do Yeon fiercely protects Dae Suk and remains a prosecutor for the Hwang Dal Joong case. If I were her, I would have dropped out of the case due to a conflict of interest. The topic is too painful to endure, but Do Yeon carried on in the court room. I can feel Do Yeon's pain with her every glance towards Dal Joong.

Although I believe it's debatable whether this case involves double jeopardy, it's clear to me that Dal Joong must win this case. The story would be so tragic if he had to spend his last days rotting in jail. He did injure his ex-wife, but she deserved it. Unfortunately, by law, he should have been punished since I don't buy the ghost-stabbing idea. His ex-wife wasn't simply scratched. She was in the hospital.

After Dal Joong took the stand, he interrupted Do Yeon to make a statement full of touching words for the record. Dal Joong thanked his daughter for taking the DNA test for him and hoped that his daughter will continue living happily and beautifully. I almost couldn't handle my emotions and Do Yeon's reaction.

I Hear Your Voice - Seo Do Yeon cries -4

During recess, Do Yeon rushed out of the courtroom and into the bathroom. Proving that she was not a machine and as cold-blooded as Hye Sung described Do Yeon, Do Yeon sobbed in defeat. It was Do Yeon's turn to ask Hye Sung for help since Do Yeon previously helped Hye Sung prosecute Joon Gook for Hye Sung's mother.

I Hear Your Voice - Seo Do Yeon - I'll apologize to you in his placeI Hear Your Voice - Hwang Dal Joong - My Ga Young

In another heartbreaking scene, Do Yeon actually visited Dal Joong before the trial to apologize on Dae Suk's behalf. In doing so, she gave away clues to her identity and Dal Joong caught on quickly.

I Hear Your Voice - Jang Hye Sung - What do you think the law stood for in the defendant's mindI Hear Your Voice - Prosecutor Doo - Just because the verdict was wrong one must not correct the verdict themselves

During the court battle, Hye Sung and Prosecutor Doo brought up excellent points. Hye Sung tried to get the jury to understand Dal Joong's mindset while Prosecutor Doo reminded the jury of the morality of Dal Joong's actions.

I Hear Your Voice - Park Soo Ha - 10

What I couldn't stand, however, was Soo Ha giving Hye Sung hints during the trial. Hye Sung was supposed to be self-sufficient, but she ended up relying on Soo Ha again. Her actions make me respect Do Yeon as a lawyer even more.

I Hear Your Voice - Seo Do Yeon - I'll take full responsibility for it

The jury unanimously voted for a not guilty verdict and the judges leaned towards a guilty verdict. To save Dal Joong, Do Yeon jeopardized her career by withdrawing the indictment. At least she did something directly to save her father.

I Hear Your Voice - The judges bowI Hear Your Voice - The judges bow -2

With a satisfying conclusion to the trial, I was touched by the judges actions when they bowed to Dal Joong.

I Hear Your Voice - Seo Do Yeon - I apologize for that

In another satisfying moment, Do Yeon finally apologized to Hye Sung from the heart for wrongfully accusing Hye Sung of injuring Do Yeon eleven years ago. Can they be friends now? Their fate is too strong.

I Hear Your Voice - Seo Do Yeon - FatherI Hear Your Voice - Hwang Dal Joong's wife

In the aftermath, Do Yeon made up with her father, but somehow left her real mother out of the picture. I guess Do Yeon couldn't forgive her. At least her other mother was understanding and supported Do Yeon by temporarily moving them out of the house. I'm not sure about what Dae Suk will do, but he doesn't seem to care.

Hwang Dal Joong - Wow It really doesI Hear Your Voice - Hwang Dal Joong - But I think you did the right thing by giving up on pursuing art and becoming a prosecutor

Unlike Hye Sung's mother, Dal Joong was rather frank with his child. I think Dal Joong and Do Yeon's relationship is blunt and comical. I am happy with the ending.

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