I Can Hear Your Voice Hello everyone! I hope all is well and you all enjoyed last week’s great recaps from the “I Hear Your Voice” drama club members! Also, check out Powerz’s recap! (Just in case you missed it!) The end is very near my friends and I admit I will definitely miss this drama once it’s over! But for now let’s enjoy the time we have now! The drama just keeps coming and this week’s episodes were not exempt from that! Now let’s get started shall we! Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 8.24.38 AM First off, I must say I was very happy about how focused it was over Do Yun. I can’t believe this was the same character that I despised in the beginning of the drama. Though I wonder why the writers took so long to actually develop her character! I just couldn’t imagine how I would feel if I was in Do Yun’s shoes. I love the scene with Do Yun and Dae Suk when she is telling him about Hye Sung telling her about the DNA test and Hwang Dal Joong. His expression and what he told her was a dead give-away and I think Do Yun had gotten her answer with that. I couldn’t help but cry along with Do Yun as she found out the truth. Another scene that really stood out to me was when Soo Ha had read Do Yun’s thoughts. I like that he could understand her because of the situation with his father. I also loved what he had said to Hye Sung right after. I felt like Hye Sung should have tried to understand how Do Yun was feeling because this is pretty big news and a person can’t really process something like that very quickly! Anytime Sung Bin and Choongki are in any scenes, I know it’s going to be great! I just love those characters so much, I think it was great having their scenes talking about the trial and then switch over to the trial. It was interesting to see how other characters thoughts over the trial were. I swear every time Dal Joong talks about his daughter it makes me cry and especially with his little message to her during the trial. It just breaks me heart so much and I just can help but feel so sad for this character. From that to Do Yun breaking down in the bathroom, this drama brings on the water works for sure. Poor Soo Ha, I feel like he never gets a break and really hope everything works out for him. I would say that so far these episodes are definitely some of my favorites so far. They kept me emotionally invested the whole way through. What did you all think of the trial? Also, just a random thought I always wondered why no one ever notices Hye Sung look at Soo Ha during the trial? Also, with Soo Ha’s dream, could it be just a dream or could it be possible foreshadowing? More I Hear Your Voice Drama Club Episodes 14-15: [ Part 1 ]  [ Part 2 ]  [ Part 3 ]  [ Part 4 ] Episodes 13-14: [ Part 1 ]  [ Part 2 ]  [ Part 3 ]  [ Part 4 ] Episodes 11-12: [ Part 1 ]  [ Part 2 ]  [ Part 3 ]  [ Part 4 ] Episodes 9-10:  [ Part 1 ]  [ Part 2 ]  [ Part 3 ]  [ Part 4 ] Episodes 7-8:     [ Part 1 ]  [ Part 2 ]  [ Part 3 ]  [ Part 4 ] Episodes 5-6:     [ Part 1 ]  [ Part 2 ]  [ Part 3 ]  [ Part 4 ] Episodes 3-4:     [ Part 1 ]  [ Part 2 ]  [ Part 3 ]  [ Part 4 ] Episodes 1-2:     [ Part 1 ]  [ Part 2 ]  [ Part 3 ]  [ Part 4 ]