Hey, this is Jhon. Remember to check out the blogs of the I Hear Your Voice Drama Club! This is JuneMarie’s. This is dapowerz’ blog. This is mine. i hear your voice ep 18 img 1 I Hear Your Voice's penultimate scene is more or less a monologue by Park Soo Ha describing all the things he's had to go through to become the person he is today. It's a telling moment as it suggests a potential reading of the series. In this reading, the story is a bildungsroman where the main character comes of age into the adult world. It's a very Park Soo Ha-centered reading of the action, as it more or less ignores the advances made by other characters - but it's undeniably there. Soo Ha is a character who started out as almost being too perfect, too adult, too everything. But the story then set about showing cracks in his persona. It showed us his petulance, his vulnerability; it even ended tearing down the idea that he was all that mature to begin with. As his final monologue illustrates, he has many people to thank for where he is today. In one of the series' most beautiful moments, he even acknowledges the role that Min Joon Gook has had in his life as well by showing him how he could've ended up. But I think it's his bond to Attorney Cha that is the most well-handled thing in that final monologue. Attorney Cha has acted as an antagonist and opponent to him for a lot of the series, sure, but ultimately what he ends up being is a role model. Soo Ha ends up recognizing in Attorney Cha a model for worthwhile masculinity, and he bases his feelings on what it means to be a man and an adult on him. It's not the kind of relationship I thought they'd be having, but it was very touching just the same. The idea of I Hear Your Voice being about Park Soo Ha's maturation and entrance into the adult world holds up, sure, but it's one of many threads. i hear your voice ep 18 img 2 Speaking of Attorney Cha, his role in I Hear Your Voice always seemed to be that of a foil. He was always too perfect, don't you think? He was more dedicated than anyone else, more honest, more mature, more everything. Of course, we saw that pitfalls of his worldview, but mostly I think he became a beacon of hope in a show that constantly showed us how the people who run the institution of law can fail. If there is someone like Attorney Cha there, always fighting, always trying, then surely things will turn out alright. Sadly, romantically, things didn't turn out great for him. He ended up inspiring Soo Ha so much to become a better adult that he ended up losing Hye Sung. No matter, the ending seemed to hint a little bit of a relationship between him and Do Yeon. I have a feeling that he's the kind of guy who will always land on his feet. He's the best character in the show to me. He inspires everyone else in the cast to be their best, and all his scenes were great. i hear your voice ep 18 img 4 I think I've already spoken at length regarding how I feel about Park Soo Ha and Jang Hye Sung's romantic relationship. It's awkward, strange, and a little weird to me. All their kissing scenes always struck me as feeling a little out of place, like the actors themselves weren't comfortable with them. It's such an odd fit, don't you think? But that's part of the series' charm. Ultimately, these two seemingly incompatible people managed to find each other. The dueling voice overs near the end seem to suggest that they each accept the other's eccentricities without question, and that they make things work. They're like pieces of a puzzle; individually, they make look weird, but together, they make it work. I don't think you will ever convince me that this relationship is based on "attraction," but, hell, it takes all kinds. I give this series points for being unpredictable and refreshing in the way that they developed this relationship, even if to me it will always be slightly askew. I remain disappointed that Park Soo Ha kept his ability. It seems to me that there will always be an imbalance there, but perhaps I'm making too big a deal of it. i hear your voice ep 18 img 5 Look at that smile. What does it represent? What has this character gone through to arrive at this smile? For me, this is the most significant question regarding I Hear Your Voice. Think of how Jang Hye Sung started in the show. She was cynically exploiting her position by not really defending her clients, and just drawing a paycheck. Then she met Park Soo Ha. And he challenged her. He called her on her crap and made her wake up. Thanks to him she tried, and tried hard. As the business with Ming Joon Gook kept heated up, she lost her mother - a devastating blow. This leads to an utter disdain for the practice of law and justice. Her love for Park Soo Ha leads her to see that she, too, can make a difference in this system, and then realize how at the end of the series, she is taking steps to become a better public defender. She has accepted her position and what it represents. What does this journey eventually mean? The closest point of comparison I can think of is the final smile at the end of the film Magnolia. It's a smile that's more enigmatic, but I think it represents a similar point of view. Every single character in this show has suffered greatly, but has managed to get to a better place. Hye Sung's smile, now stripped of its cynicism and replaced with an awareness of the imperfect nature of life, encompasses all the contradictions that the show has managed to bring up so far. It acknowledges that the justice system is imperfect, but also hints at the difference that people who care can make in the lives of their defendants. It sort of handily sums up the most beautiful and moving aspects of I Hear Your Voice, really. Wasn't it all worth it? Isn't this smile worth it? Quick Observations - It's been a pleasure recapping this drama with everyone else here. Maybe I'll have the privilege of doing it again some day. - I've really enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts every week. Thanks to dramafever for having me, and june and powerz for being awesome bloggers. - Uh, what's next? Heirs? Will it be as bad as Boys Over Flowers? Haha, I guess I'll leave you with that! 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